Chapter 898: Shocking The Scene

    Chapter 898: Shocking The Scene

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    Not all judges neglected Ye Mo. The sect leader of the Immortal Herb Valley, Ming Xin, recognized Ye Mo for his spirit weaving pill with the nine herbs.

    Three of the 12 herbs had been supplied by Tong Wusheng - and only because they had been supplied were they added to the test.

    Even Ming Xin only knew two of the three, and that had been thanks to a special occasion. They were very uncommon.

    Ye Mo has managed to recognize nine, he had just missed the three supplied by Tong Wusheng. In Ming Xin's eyes, Ye Mo's knowledge was already very rich.

    The main thing was that she was very interested in the spirit weaving pill Ye Mo had created. She believed that someone who could create something like this was definitely a genius.

    Hence, she had been watching Ye Mo. She sighed when she saw Zhuang Man try to connect with Ye Mo. Two disciples from her sect had passed to the first round, but both of them, Qin Muxin and Guang Wei, had been chatting with Ye Chengjun and ignored Ye Mo.

    She felt that although Cheng Yejun was the pill concoction hall of fame's number one and a level 1 pill king, he wasn't important to their sect. He was near the end of his lifespan and if he couldn't break through, being a level 1 pill king would be his limit. Moreover, she was a level 2 pill king herself.

    When she saw Ye Mo use chi fire, she was disappointed. However, she didn't move her attention.

    Ye Mo didn't disappoint her - she had checked Ye Mo's refinement level immediately.

    She found that all nine herbs had been refined more than 93%. She took a breath in and couldn't help to compliment him to herself, 'Such skill! Refining herbs more than 93% with an ordinary foundation establishment state chi fire is impressive!'

    When she saw Ye Mo start pill concoction without stopping at all, she almost stood up in shock. 'He's really starting to make the spirit weaving pill.'


    Ye Mo was using his spirit sense to make the herbal liquid spin inside the cauldron. He weaved pill signs one by one. He didn't care if it wasn't being recorded at all. He knew that that they could only record his hand signs, but the pill signs wouldn't be recorded.

    Ye Mo no longer cared if he could make the spirit weaving pill. He just wanted to do his best within his capabilities. Even if he failed, he would get a good mark.

    The herbal liquid kept taking form and getting separated by his pill signs.

    After 15 minutes, the herbal liquid in the cauldron had spiritual attributes. Ye Mo then used the Illusion Cloud's Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike spirit chi technique into the pill. Ye Mo knew that this was the most crucial step, which would determine if his spirit weaving pill could succeed. If he failed, it wasn't likely that he could reach the top ten.

    Ye Mo knew that he would eventually be able to succeed if he had a pile of herbs to practice with, but he only had one chance in this tournament.

    When Sect Leader Ming Xin saw Ye Mo really form spirit chi whirlpools in the cauldron and control them to direct the spirit attraction grass's herbal attributes into the whirlpool, she was shook. She didn't dare to believe this was real, but it was more real than ever.

    She looked at the surveillance formation dazily and kept asking herself how could that cultivator do it. How could he control the spirit chi whirlpool and form multiple ones in the cauldron while using his spirit sense to lead the herbal attribute into it?

    Had he concocted pills like that one before? Otherwise, he would have never been able to do it. Little did she know that Ye Mo had only used such technique while fighting, Ye Mo was probably the first guy to use a sword technique in pill concoction.

    Ye Mo was sweating a lot. He had enough cultivation essence, but his spirit sense was getting exhausted.

    Ye Mo wanted to form nine spirit chi whirlpools but when he started controlling the fifth, his sea of consciousness hurt as though needles were stabbing it. It was too difficult.

    Ye Mo yelled. Not good. Usually, he would've given up already. Using his spirit sense so much was hurting his sea of consciousness, but he knew that he couldn't give up now.

    Ye Mo took a spirit recovery pill without thinking.

    With the pill, the nine spirit chi whirlpools got formed. Ye Mo rejoiced. If he stabilized the eddies and pulled the pill out, everything would end up well.

    Ye Mo had wanted to form a spirit chi whirlpool for every pill but now, he had changed his mind. He decided to use three whirlpools per pill. There were nine in total, so he would concoct three spirit weaving pills.

    Ye Mo was aware that when he was more familiar with this pill concoction method, he would be able to concoct nine pills per cauldron, each pill having one whirlpool.

    Pulling a pill out was easy, but spirit weaving pill was a completely different story. If he handled it just slightly incorrectly, the spirit weaving pill would become a useless pill.

    When the first liquid was pulled out, Ye Mo felt his spirit shake. Crack- Ye Mo cursed. One of the three pills had turned into dust.

    Ye Mo didn't dare to hesitate. He charged at it again with a few pill signs and separated them with his two hand. Two spirit weaving pill flew out of the cauldron into the jade bottles Ye Mo had prepared.

    Ye Mo wiped his sweat. Strictly speaking, his cauldron of pills had failed. However, he had the spirit recovery pill, the strong pill pulling technique and excellent pill signs, thanks to which he finally succeeded in concocting two pills.

    Ye Mo wasn't too happy however. The spirit attraction grass had lost a part of it's herbal qualities when he was refining it. Also, it had lost some more when he had been inundating the pill with spirit whirlpool.

    However, Ming Xin was full of shock at that moment. She hadn't expected Ye Mo to actually be able to concoct the spirit weaving pill.

    Not only that, he had made it but with an ordinary cauldron and an ordinary chi fire. This meant that if he had a better pill fire and a better cauldron, with a bit more practice, he could make it easily.

    "Genius," Ming Xin murmured. "Do such geniuses really exist?" She really wanted to approach Ye Mo and look at his spirit weaving pill. Could it really recover spirit sense?
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