Chapter 902: Fighting to Connect

    Chapter 902: Fighting to Connect

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    As the number one of the pill concoction hall of fame, Ye Mo not only got the number one badge and three spots to go into the Herb Valley, he also got a jade card that could request Kong Ye-Qianbei to concoct a pill for him once.

    As soon as the award ceremony was over, Ye Mo was immediately surrounded with all sorts of people.

    "Brother Ye, I'm Heaven Forge Tower's Qiu Tong, I want to invite you-"

    "Pill Master Ye, I'm North Far Merchant Association's Li Yupu, may I have the honour of inviting you-"


    These people surrounded Ye Mo. All of them wanted to invite Ye Mo or connect with him.

    Ye Mo knew this was more due to the spirit weaving pill than having been chosen as the pill concoction hall of fame's number one.

    "Everyone! Due to the last rounds, I'm very tired. I need to rest, sorry." Ye Mo saluted with his fist those who stopped him.

    "Hahaha! Brother Ye, I knew you were no ordinary person! You're not someone those dimwits can compare with." Zhuang Man squeezed through the crowd and patted Ye Mo's shoulder hospitably. Then, he glared at Wan Guoping.

    Wan Guoping sneered and left.

    Ye Mo saw this and sneered too. Zhuang Man looked coarse, but he had helped him.However, Ye Mo could tell this guy was using him to strike Wan Guoping.

    He had not only done that, but he had also made Wan Guoping gain an extra enemy, Ye Mo himself.

    Perhaps in Zhuang Man's heart, he should be thanking him for helping him. He had really planned this out well.

    Ye Mo smiled. "Brother Zhuang did not end up poorly either. Number fifth in the hall of fame! If I hadn't happened to be lucky, I wouldn't have ranked as highly as Brother Zhuang."

    As soon as Wan Guoping turned around, he saw Ye Chenju. His eyes spun and he immediately saluted him with his fists. "Brother Chen, you were really unlucky this time. If Kong Ye-Qianbei hadn't cancelled the third round, I think you would have still been the first this time."

    "That's right! If there were to be a third round, it should be that the contestants concocted the best pill they can possibly make. I've never heard of anyone concoct a heaven level pill with chi fire. Brother Chen is someone who can make heaven grade pills!" another cultivator said.

    Ye Mo studied the cultivator. He identified the cultivator as Xi Qi, God Sword Sect's pill master. He had gotten 17.4 points and had ranked third. Ye Mo was confused. He hadn't offended this guy, why was he targeting him?

    "Hehehe, just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean it can't be made. I can only say your horizons are narrow. I've seen heaven grade pills made with chi fire," someone retaliated, clearly helping Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo checked out this pill master. It was Ghost Immortal Sect's Wenren Fu. He had ranked sixth this time. Ye Mo realized that these people had their own conflicts - they were just using someone else to attack each other. Ye Mo sneered, but he didn't answer.

    Ye Chenju walked up to Ye Mo nicely and saluted him with his fists. "Pill Master Ye created the spirit weaving pill, just by that you deserve the first place on pill concoction hall of fame. I admit my defeat. I'm Ye Chenju, if you have time, then I wish to visit you, Pill Master Ye."

    Ye Mo had a good impression of Ye Chenju. He was not young, but his face was genuine and he didn't seem to look down on him at all.

    Ye Mo immediately saluted him with his fist. "Okay, in that case, I'll be waiting for Brother Chen's honoured arrival. Everyone, see you later."

    Then, Ye Mo looked at Wan Guoping and said, "Sorry, I'm fully in the hall of fame now."

    Then he turned and left. He didn't want to be involved in these conflicts.

    The crowd couldn't imagine that only Ye Chenjun had succeeded in inviting Ye Mo.

    However then, they remembered Ye Chenju was a pill king who had ranked second. Hence, they immediately turned to him.

    Helplessly, he replied a few questions and squeezed out of the crowd.


    When Ye Mo went outside, he found that Mu Yiqing and the others were already gone. They were probably back in the hotel, so he went there straightaway.

    "Martial Brother Ye, you're back!" Mu Yiqing saw Ye Mo come back and immediately greeted him.

    Mu He and Lu Ming looked at Ye Mo with admiration. They came from a small sect, so they rarely even got to see the tournament - much less the number one on the pill concoction hall of fame.

    "Let's go inside and talk." Ye Mo only needed one of the three spots into the Herbal Valley. He was planning on giving the remaining two to Mu Yiqing. As for the jade card for asking Kong Ye to concoct pills, Ye Mo knew that it was pointless to give it to Mu Yiqing with his current power. If he needed pills, he might as well make them for him. He was planning on giving the jade card to Yan Zheng to pay back his help.

    Mu Yiqing smiled bitterly. "Brother Ye, that might not be possible. There are some people looking around for you. They're waiting for you in the guest room."

    Ye Mo was dazed. He had just came back,yet these people had gotten there before him. Judging by Mu Yiqing's face, none of these people were someone he could offend, so he had to be very careful.

    He patted Mu Ying's shoulder and said, "Brother Mu, go rest first. I will talk with you after I see these people."

    Before Ye Mo could go into the guest room himself, the hotel manager came to pick up Ye Mo. He was smiling so much! Clearly, many significant people had gone there and made his hotel rise in fame. He quickly bowed to Ye Mo. "Pill Master Ye, I'll take you to the guest room."

    Ye Mo followed the manager there and found that there were four people. He knew Yan Zheng, but not the other two men and the woman.

    All four of them got up when Ye Mo walked inside. Yan Zheng walked up to Ye Mo and said, "Brother Ye, let me introduce."

    He pointed at the bald man and said, "This is Pill Association's Wu Wucai, Manager Wu."

    Seeing Ye Mo salute him with his fists, the man did the same. "Pill Master Ye is young yet capable. You are indeed a dragon amongst men."

    Yan Zheng then pointed at the green-dressed pretty young woman and the middle-aged man next to her. "This is Pill Grind Hall's Vice Leader Qu Meiyan-Qianbei and the other is All Pill Tower's Elder Hong Xuan."

    Ye Mo greeted the two of them.

    Hearing the words 'All Pill Tower', Ye Mo looked at Yan Zheng in shock. Did he not know of their conflicts?

    Yan Zheng knew what Ye Mo was thinking and immediately said, "Manager Hong Xuan is only responsible for the All Pill Tower's HQ. He doesn't care about minor things."

    Seeing Hong Xuan look at Yan Zheng in shock, Ye Mo immediately realized that Yan Zheng meant to say that Hong Xuan probably didn't even know about their problems.

    "I'm grateful that you could all come here, please have a seat," Ye Mo said.

    When everyone sat down, Ye Mo sent off the waiter and smiled "I believe everyone is very busy. It's my honor that you were able to make time to come here."
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