Chapter 903: Free

    Chapter 903: Free

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    Ye Mo just wanted to say, "Hurry up and get this over with! If you want the spirit weaving pill then please go.'

    However, Ye Mo knew he couldn't say it out loud that straightforwardly. Any the power figures present could easily annihilate him. Although he felt harassed, he still had to answer their requests.

    Wu Wucai heard this and immediately nodded. "Pill Master Ye's future is very promising."

    Ye Mo was speechless.

    Wu Wucai then said, "Actually, I'm representing the Pill Association to discuss something with Pill Master Ye."

    "Please say it, Manager Wu," Ye Mo said.

    The other people seemed to be held back by Wu Wucai's identity and therefore, they just smiled on the side and didn't talk.

    Wu Wucai coughed and said, "Pill Master Ye created the spirit weaving pill. It's indeed huge good news for us cultivators, even Kong Ye-Qianbei praised it greatly."

    Ye Mo sneered. They had come for the spirit weaving pill indeed. However, he still smiled at Wu Wucai.

    "I was wondering if Pill Master Ye could give the recipe to the Pill Association, in order to benefit a larger number of cultivators."

    No matter where on Luo Yue Continent, if someone created a pill recipe, then the recipe belonged to that person. If someone else wanted to use it, they needed the consent of the creator or it would be considered stealing.

    It wasn't something that happened frequently, however. Almost 99% of the pill recipes belonged to everyone. It was very rare that a pill recipe belonged to one specific individual.

    Yet, Ye Mo's spirit weaving pill was different. He had created it during the tournament and everyone knew it belonged to him.

    Wu Wucai had come personally to get Ye Mo's consent. After all, a big organization like theirs needed their face.

    Everyone felt it was a normal request coming from Wu Wucai. The pill recipe had already been made public.

    Wu Wucai had come, which meant that the pill association would give Ye Mo some compensation. Still, it just depended on how much Ye Mo wanted.

    Ye Mo was contemptuous. The Pill Association had just sent a golden core state manager, just to casually take his recipe. Even if he wanted some compensation, it would at most be a few spirit stones. It also showed that he wasn't very important to the Pill Association, despite having gotten the first spot on the hall of fame.

    Ye Mo smiled and saluted with his fist. However, he said, "Manager Wu, the recipe I created out of luck isn't for my personal gain. Hence, I won't just be giving this pill recipe to the Pill Association."

    Everyone was dazed - was Ye Mo dumb? They were just asking to be polite. Did he think that other people couldn't make the pill?

    Yan Zheng quickly made a sign Ye Mo. He was really worried for Ye Mo. No matter how good his pill recipe was, it wasn't smart to offend the Pill Association for it.

    Wu Wucai heard this and his expression sunk. "If Pill Master Ye gives us the spirit weaving pill, I believe it'll easy for you to become an elder too. Of course, if you're not willing, the Pill Association won't force you."

    Ye Mo sneered. He didn't care about becoming an elder.

    Qu Meiyan smiled and broke the awkward atmosphere. "I believe Manager Wu misheard Pill Master Ye's words. He said he won't just be giving it just to the Pill Association. I believe he has more to say."

    Everyone realized it too. Ye Mo had indeed said that.

    Ye Mo saw everyone look at him in confusion, so he got up and saluted with his fist. "As a cultivator, it's my honor that I can help everyone. Although I created the spirit weaving pill, I might not even be able to concoct another batch. Just as Manager Wu said, the spirit weaving pill is good news for the wide community of cultivators. Hence, I've decided to give the recipe to everyone. Anyone can make it."

    Ye Mo then looked at Wu Wucai. "Manager Wu, since everyone can use it, the pill association can use it too. "

    Ye Mo's words shook everyone.

    Wu Wucai was representing the Pill Association to give Ye Mo some compensation. However, he hadn't expected that Ye Mo wouldn't want it and he just give it away to everyone for free.

    Qu Meiyan and Hong Xuan immediately rejoiced. If Ye Mo hadn't given them the right to do so, then they could have only made it in secret. Yet now, they could openly concoct it to earn money.

    Wu Wucai was dazed. In that case, the Pill Association wouldn't get any advantages. Everyone could sell it, so the Pill Association wouldn't be able to use it to earn profit.

    Realizing this, Wu Wucai quickly said, "Pill Master Ye, the recipe is the result of your hard work. How can you give it to everyone so casually?"

    Ye Mo looked at Wu Wucai cluelessly and said after a while, "Manager Wu just said that the appearance of the spirit weaving pill is good news for the entire community of cultivators. The Pill Association's purpose is also to benefit a greater number of cultivators. I deeply resonate with this and thus, I'm very happy because I'm a pill master that's useful to people now."

    "..." Wu Wucai opened his mouth speechlessly, but he couldn't say anything. What could he say? 'You should only sell it to the pill association and get spirit stones for it?''Don't let other people make it for free?'

    Ye Mo wasn't that dumb. He wasn't that noble neither. He knew that only he could make the spirit weaving pill, so what if other people got the pill recipe?

    If he actually sold it to the Pill Association and they didn't manage to concoct the pill, they would go look him again. He might as well be more generous, give it to everyone and let Wu Wucai bite the dust.

    The spirit weaving pill wasn't perfect in Ye Mo's heart. He planned to swap some ingredients when he had time.

    After a long while, Qu Meiyan saluted with her fist and said, "Pill Master Ye is magnanimous! You just gave this money-making machine away."

    Ye Mo waved his hand. "Hahaha! The recipe isn't complete. I might not even be able to make the second cauldron. Perhaps someone else might perfect it for me."

    Qu Meiyan smiled. "I came here for the same reason as Manager Wu. Yet since pill Master Ye said this, I'll come to visit pill Master Ye in the future."

    "I came here for the same reason. Please don't forget about the All Pill Tower!" Hong Xuan got up too.

    Wu Wucai could only get up and also say goodbye.

    "Brother Ye." Seeing the three men go, Yan Zheng got up with a face full of guilt.
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