Chapter 905: Martial Brother, Please Have some Tea

    Chapter 905: Martial Brother, Please Have some Tea

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    Kong Ye saw Ye Mo's face was a little stiff and smiled. "Don't worry. The reason I can tell you have a Rare Fire Seed, heaven kind, is not because my power level strong. It's for some other reason."

    But this shook Ye Mo even more. Was Kong Ye a true immortal? He could tell it was heaven fire?

    Seeing that Ye Mo didn't talk, Kong Ye took out a dark red ore and said, "This is Flame Lotus Heart."

    Ye Mo immediately felt his dan tian jump, as though his mist lotus heart fire had moved. It had slightly moved and it stayed still afterwards. However, it was still slowly shaking - almost unnoticeably.

    Ye Mo suddenly realized something. He guessed that Kong Ye-Qianbei had his own fire too. He could even tell his fire was the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.

    Realizing this, Ye Mo calmed down instead. Since Kong Ye already knew, there was no point in resisting if Kong Ye wanted his flame. Although Kong Ye was someone he respected, he didn't like this feeling, yet there was nothing he could do.

    Ye Mo sighed. He wanted to go to the Herbal Valley even more. He had been there for less than a year and he was at foundation establishment state tertiary stage. But without the adequate resources, no matter how powerful his Three Birth Chant was, cultivation wasn't so easy.

    Seeing Ye Mo calm down, Kong Ye nodded. "I only realized you had the Mist Lotus Heart Fire on the stage."

    Ye Mo nodded. It was so indeed.

    "The Flame Lotus Heart can make the Mist Lotus Heart Fire ascend a level. So, I felt something from the Flame Lotus Heart when I was at some distance from you. However, it was so weak that I didn't think you would've felt it with your power."

    Kong Ye's tone suddenly grew serious. "I was scared that you would be eager to show yourself, not think before doing things and took out the Mist Lotus Heart Fire. If you had taken it out, no one would have been able to protect you."

    Ye Mo now realized that the old man was protecting him. He immediately bowed to Kong Ye and said, "Thank you, Kong Ye-Qianbei, I'm really grateful."

    Ye Mo wasn't going to take out the Mist Lotus Heart Fire regardless, but Kong Ye's protective attitude made him feel very grateful.

    Kong Ye nodded. "The Mist Lotus Heart Fire is very powerful. It ranked third among all of the flames in the cultivation realm. You must not reveal you have it without enough power. I don't know how you go it, but since you could get it, it's your luck. I also got the Flame Lotus Heart accidentally. Now it's yours."

    Ye Mo was dazed by Kong Ye's last words. The Flame Lotus Heart can make a Heaven Flame ascend a level. It was clearly a rare item in the world. It was unbelievably hard for Rare Flames to ascend, much less a Heaven Flame. Yet, Kong Ye was giving something like that to him.

    After a long while, Ye Mo reacted. He finally understood what Mu Yiqing had felt before and quickly said, "Kong Ye-Qianbei, this is too precious. I can't take it."

    Kong Ye smiled. "You're very good, you have a heart. You were very worried when you realized I knew you had the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, but when I take out the Flame Lotus Heart, you say it's too precious. However, it's only precious when considering the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, it's not that precious to me. When I announced you first, I was planning on giving you a Fire Seed. Yet since you have the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, it's perfect to give you this Flame Lotus Heart."

    Hearing these words, Ye Mo realized how wealthy Kong Ye-Qianbei was. He was going to casually give a Rare Flame away. Ye Mo stood up, took the Flame Lotus Heart and thanked Kong Ye again.

    Seeing this, Kong Ye said, "If your flame is orange, then you can't let the Mist Lotus Heart Fire devour the Flame Lotus Heart yet. You must wait until you're at golden core state."

    "I believe you came to the tournament mostly for the Desert Herb Valley. There are no nascent soul state cultivators there, but there are many golden core state masters. There's a lot more than 500 cultivators going in. Although the North Far State can only choose 500 cultivators to go in, it's not only open to the North Far State. You need to be careful."

    Ye Mo had even higher hopes now. It meant that there were better things in it since people from other states wanted to go.

    "You know that Luo Yue Continent has four states and a sea, right?" Kong Ye asked.

    Ye Mo nodded. Kong Ye wasn't too surprised that Ye Mo knew.

    "The valley is open to every state, but each state has limited spots for going in. However, it's very big. Usually, even when the place is about to close, 90% of the people won't have met someone else. But if you meet cultivators from the South Peace State you need to be careful. They are very decisive in killing. Those who can go inside are all powerful."

    Seeing Ye Mo understood this, Kong Ye nodded and said, "I was planning on passing on my pill concoction heritage to you, but after seeing you concoct the spirit weaving pill, I know you will be a great master and your accomplishments will exceed mine by far. If I teach you my things, it would affect you negatively instead. The spirit weaving pill brought you fame, but also put you in a dangerous predicament. You need to deal with it yourself."

    Ye Mo realized that Kong Ye had asked him to come so he could give him the Flame Lotus Heart, but he also wanted to protect him.

    Ye Mo was more grateful to Kong Ye now. He noticed that Kong Ye had closed his eyes and knew that Kong Ye had said all that he wanted to say.

    Ye Mo bowed at the end and said, "Wanbei will remember Qianbei's teachings. Wanbei will leave now."

    When Ye Mo got to the door, Kong Ye suddenly opened his eyes and said, "If you're still alive in 100 years, you can find me at Dang Lin."


    The Immortal Herb Valley's residence was much more grandiose than Kong Ye's residence. Even the carpet was emitting spirit chi, which would make it very comfortable to step on. As soon as Ye Mo got there, there were two pretty-looking young girls who led Ye Mo to Ming Xin's room.

    Ye Mo was surprised because usually someone with a sect leader status wouldn't let him come to his own room. At most it would be in the regular guest room.

    Ye Mo found that there was also another beautiful young girl in her room. She was very quiet and stood by Ming Xin's side. She was Qin Muxin.

    Ming Xin was very happy to see Ye Mo come in. She told Ye Mo to sit down with a smile and then said to Qin Muxin, "Muxin, make some tea for Mr Ye."

    Qin Muxin carried a tea cup to Ye Mo with a blushed face and said quietly, "Elder Martial Brother Ye, please have some tea."

    Ye Mo was dazed. She was at golden core state and he was at foundation establishment state, why had she called him 'Elder Martial Brother'?
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