Chapter 917: Ye Mos Tactic

    Chapter 917: Ye Mo's Tactic

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    Guang Wei and the golden core state level three cultivator were dumbfounded. Ye Mo was stopping the full-powered attack of a golden core state level four as a foundation establishment state cultivator! They even forgot to fight and just stared at Ye Mo's fight.

    Meanwhile, the golden core state level four cultivator was the most shocked. He could feel that Ye Mo wouldn't last long, but he still couldn't help feeling shocked. He had found the 'Wang' four swords in an ancient ruin and had beaten countless people with this sword ability, yet it was stopped by a small foundation establishment state cultivator.

    If he hadn't used this full-strength attack due to his rage, he would be the one on the lower hand of this battle by now.

    He didn't know who this foundation establishment state cultivator was, but his sword ray seemed to be alive, as if it would block every single one of his sword rays.

    If it wasn't that this foundation establishment state cultivator's cultivation essence was far weaker than his, his 'Wang' four swords wouldn't be able to suppress him.

    He had never seen a foundation establishment state cultivator this strong, nor had he heard of one. Compared to him, the foundation establishment state hall of fame number one was nothing. Ye Mo's power rendered him full of killing intent. He had to kill such an overpowered cultivator before he was strong or there would be endless trouble for him in the future.

    Thinking about this, the golden core state added more cultivation essence to his attack, and the sword rays shone even brighter.

    Ye Mo was already struggling to block the move, and now he finally couldn't help spitting two mouthfuls of blood. He sighed. It would seem he was being a bit too cocky still.

    He thought he could take on golden core state middle stage cultivators having reached the foundation establishment state peak stage and having created the Illusion Cloud Exert Will Strike. But now, it seemed there was still a huge difference.

    When Ye Mo saw the golden core state was about to take something out, he got even more desperate. He wanted to take out a few attack runes too, but he couldn't.

    Seeing Guang Wei watch on the side, Ye Mo was furious. He cursed, "Dumb girl, hurry up and kill the other dude and come help me!"

    Guang Wei was dazed. She didn't expect that Ye Mo would dare to insult her. If she could kill this golden core state level three, she would've long since killed him, right?

    But she saw that Ye Mo was about to lose and knew that that was their only way out. If she didn't kill the golden core state level three cultivator, she would be dying along with Ye Mo.

    Thinking about this, Guang Wei sent her flying sword out and attacked the golden core state level three.

    He was stronger than Guang Wei by a little, and the two fought a close battle.

    This time, Guang Wei was very desperate, she temporarily held the upper hand. After all, golden core state level one and three was both the same primary stage. Once Guang Wei exerted her cultivation essence, though, she would be defeated for sure.

    Thus, the golden core state level three just patiently held Guang Wei in place.

    Guang Wei sighed. She wasn't dumb, and she could tell there was no other way anymore. She attacked with her full might and didn't even bother with defense.

    The golden core state level three had a sneer of contempt on his face, and he knew his opportunity was near. This woman wasn't as good as the one who had been with her but, she was still pretty. She would make for some good fun in this place.

    Guang Wei saw the golden core state keep staring at her body and couldn't help but get angrier. She made up her mind that even if she was to die, she wouldn't let the two jerks do what they wanted.

    When Guang Wei sent her flying sword piercing at the golden core state's eyes like crazy, the golden core state suddenly seemed dazed. His eyes were then filled with disbelief, as he hadn't noticed Guang Wei's flying sword pierce his eyes at all.

    Guang Wei was also stunned. She didn't expect to actually succeed right when she was about to give up.

    Her golden core state level three opponent hadn't dodged at all and let her pierce him.

    Guang Wei was dazed for a moment, but quickly realized that this was a good opportunity. No matter what, she couldn't let this guy live.

    Immediately, her flying sword sliced off the man's head.

    Guang Wei was overcome with disbelief at being able to kill the man.

    As soon as the man fell down, Ye Mo spat more blood, and his purple sword ray became messier. The next moment, a few sword rays pierced his shoulders.

    Ye Mo ate a few more recovery pills. He knew he had succeeded halfway. The golden core state level four attacker in front of him was too strong. Even if he took out Shadowless, it would be of no use. He needed Guang Wei's help.

    So he used Shadowless to help Guang Wei kill the other guy. However, he got injured more due to splitting his spirit sense.

    Guang Wei was surprised, but when she saw what happened to Ye Mo, without thinking, she charged at the golden core state level four with her flying sword.

    At this moment, the golden core state took out a paper rune. Clearly, he was unhappy with having to fight Ye Mo for so long. It was already embarrassing that he had to use his killing blow to suppress Ye Mo and then runes to kill him, but he didn't care about what it would cost him at all anymore. He would only rest easy after this foundation establishment state died.

    But when he took out the rune, he saw Guang Wei kill his friend. Before he could check how that was possible, Guang Wei was already attacking him.

    Without a thought, he threw the rune at Guang Wei, even though he had been planning on using it against Ye Mo.

    He grew more careful once again, though. Did she too have some unknown means that she hadn't used before yet? Otherwise, how could she kill a cultivator two levels higher than her so quickly?

    The rune exploded in front of Guang Wei, and Guang Wei could only put up a cultivation essence barrier. But even with that, she was immediately burned by the rune. Her hair turned into a crisp, and she didn't have a single bit of clothes left on her.

    Meanwhile, Ye Mo used this chance to take out his own runes. They were his battle loot, but he threw them at the cultivator without hesitating. At the same time, he told Guang Wei to, "Hurry up and attack!"

    Rumble rumble-

    The runes Ye Mo threw out were fireball runes, huge boulder runes, and ice shard runes. They were all level four and five, so they were weak against golden core state cultivators, but their quantity could make up for that.

    While the golden core state was busy with that, Ye Mo controlled Shadowless to move below the golden core state.

    Guang Wei really wanted to change into a new pair of clothes, but she knew that this was a crucial moment and that she couldn't waste a single second. So Guang Wei chose the right moment and sent out her flying sword.

    With Guang Wei joining him, the pressure on Ye Mo was reduced greatly. Zi Xu's sword ray instantly broke through the sword ray lockdown, and the golden core state was cut many times over.

    Ye Mo then sent out a few hundred more sword rays, and the Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike.

    All he had needed was an opportunity and with Guang Wei there, he got it.

    The golden core state had thought that the purple sword ray was Ye Mo's strongest move, so when he say the spinning whirlpool sword rays, he was shocked once again.

    What sword ability was this?!

    He knew he had to run.

    If those two joined forces, he would be a dead man for sure.

    Just when he had such a thought, he felt a little pain in his meridians, as though something had crawled in. Before he could check it, the foundation establishment state cultivator's sword rays covered the heavens and earth as they charged straight at him.
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