Chapter 958: Worried

    Chapter 958: Worried

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    The reason why Ye Mo was taking so long was partly due to taking alternate routes, but more so because he was studying the Heaven Ascension Pill. He didn't dare take it, but if he could make it himself, he of course would dare eat that.

    Even if he spent one year to study it and half a year to raise his level, he felt it would be worth it because without it, he would need at least a few years to reach golden core state peak stage with other resources.

    If he didn't have pills or any special resources, he wouldn't be able to reach the golden core state peak stage even after five or six decades!

    Luckily, Ye Mo didn't waste the past three months. Although he hadn't decoded the pill yet, he found something and knew at least two ingredients.

    What made Ye Mo especially happy was that his spirit sense attack had formed a basic model. He had named his spirit sense attack Purple Eye Soul Sever.

    Ye Mo divided it into seven levels. The first level allowed Ye Mo's spirit sense to attack someone else's spirit sense by forming a spirit sense pike. The instant of the attack would render a piercing pain to the opponent's spirit sense, making them dizzy for a brief moment. But there was a condition for the attach, which was that the opponent had to send out their spirit sense first.

    The second level could actually sever the part of spirit sense the opponent was sending out, thereby injuring their soul! The third level could form a spirit sense sword. From this level onward it was no longer a matter of just making the opponent be stunned for a brief moment. It could attack the opponent's sea of consciousness. If their sea of consciousness wasn't strong enough, it could get broken by the spirit sense sword. Even if the opponent didn't send out their spirit sense, the attack would still be effective.

    If Ye Mo could reach level seven, he would be able to use the spirit sense attack to crush his enemy's sea of consciousness and turn them into an idiot.

    It was very hard to defend against the Purple Eye Soul Sever unless the opponent had a spirit sense defensive magic artefact.

    However, the attack also had a fatal weakness to it. It also injured the attacker's spirit sense, and it had a huge requirement on the power of the attacker's spirit sense.

    Even Ye Mo would only be able to use level one twice right now. If he continued to use it after that, he would be the one to faint first.

    The greater the power, the greater the side-effects, but Ye Mo believed that as his spirit sense kept getting stronger, one day he would be able to ignore such injuries.

    Ye Mo had also gone from the golden core state level two primary stage to the middle stage. This was thanks to a bottle of green condense pills and was quite a lot.

    Coming to the city Ye Mo was currently in, he was in no rush to cultivate. He found a hotel and was prepared to stay a day before going. Ye Mo had a habit of carefully scouting the area to see if there were wanted signs for him each time he came to a new place.

    If he found any signs, he would immediately change directions. He wasn't afraid of wasting time, but he was very afraid of bringing along any enemies to Pei Hai City.

    He hadn't seen any wanted signs for him on the way yet, but he was still very careful.

    As soon as Ye Mo came, he noticed there were no high level cultivators. The highest leveled cultivator was only at the foundation establishment state. The first thing Ye Mo did after coming to the hotel was to send out his spirit sense to cover the entire city.

    Despite knowing there were no golden core state cultivators around, he didn't cockily cover the entire heavens with his spirit sense.

    Compared to Earth, Ye Mo felt that he should be more careful with his current power on Luo Yue Continent.

    As Ye Mo sent out his spirit sense, he felt a sense of familiarity. Ye Mo immediately looked over and saw a young girl wearing a bracelet. The girl looked cute and wasn't ugly in any way.

    What shook him, though, was the bracelet. It was a bracelet he had made! A magic artefact that could attack and defend.

    Ye Mo liked to leave his spirit sense mark on magic artefacts he made. Clearly, someone he knew had lost it.

    Ye Mo no longer had the mood to keep watching patiently, so he went to the young girl's room and grabbed her wrist, taking the bracelet!

    The girl was enjoying reading in her room when a man suddenly appeared from the sky and menacingly took her bracelet, so she immediately screamed.

    Clearly, her family was well off and had some power as this was a private manor. After her scream, two maids immediately came, and one of them wasn't too bad in terms of power.

    Ye Mo didn't care, however. The moment he took the bracelet, he knew who it belonged to. It was the one he told Ning Qingxue to bring to Su Jingwen.

    Clearly, Su Jingwen had also come here but didn't seem to be doing well. Ye Mo knew that had Yimo stayed with Su Jingwen.

    "Who are you? Why did you come to my room, taking my thing?" The girl calmed down quickly. She could tell that this man only cared about the bracelet and didn't even stop her from screaming.

    "Miss, what happened?" The two maids immediately positioned themselves in front of the girl.

    Ye Mo asked the girl coldly, "Where did you get this bracelet?"

    "Why should I tell you?" The girl's tone wasn't nice as hearing the footsteps in the yard, she knew the guards were already there, and she felt confident.

    Immediately, a few strong guards appeared by the door.

    One man came up and heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the Young Miss was fine, and he quickly asked, "Miss, what is going on? Did this man hurt you? Should we capture him?"

    Before the girl could talk, Ye Mo waved his hand, and the guards were all swept away like leaves falling into the yard.

    The girl opened her mouth in shock and before she could scream again, Ye Mo raised his hand, and the makeup desk in front of her turned into dust!

    Then she heard Ye Mo's even colder voice, "I'll give you three seconds. If you don't speak, then you don't need to speak ever again."

    This involved Su Jingwen's life, so Ye Mo had zero patience.

    The maid reacted first. She immediately realized that this person was some legendary immortal master. She began to shake as these immortal masters didn't need a reason to kill. They did whatever they wanted. This immortal master was even furious and clearly had little patience at that.

    She resisted the fear and quickly shook the girl.

    The girl reacted and called out in excitement, "You're an immortal master?"

    "One. Two," Ye Mo counted bleakly.

    The girl just realized now wasn't the time to admire Ye Mo, and she quickly answered, "I saw this bracelet at the Precious Jewelry Tower. It was very pretty, so I bought it-"

    After saying that, she was going to keep talking, but she found that the man had already disappeared.

    "I saw an immortal master today! And a very powerful one!" The girl was still immersed in the experience.

    "Miss, quiet, those immortal masters have strange tempers and kill on a whim," the maid reminded.


    A moment later, Ye Mo appeared before the Precious Jewelry Tower.

    "Hello Sir, are you here to buy jewelry? Please go up the stairs." A waiter immediately came up.

    Ye Mo had no mood to waste time with him and said, "Tell your manager to come here, I have business with him."

    The attendant could tell that Ye Mo was probably not there to buy jewelry but to start trouble.

    His tone was no longer as polite as before, and he said calmly, "The manager isn't here. Sir, if you're not here to buy jewelry, please leave."
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