Chapter 965: I Want to See Just How You Will Kill Me!

    Chapter 965: I Want to See Just How You Will Kill Me!

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    Although a lot of people wanted this blood mobility technique, his price was too high. Not even nascent soul state cultivators could afford half-step extreme spirit artefacts, much less golden core state cultivators.

    This exchange failed, so the people afterwards started requesting reasonable bids. Despite this, most of the requests were still at a higher value than the item itself. Most cultivators habitually looked over at Ye Mo but after that first deal, Ye Mo hadn't made a sound.

    As the gathering progressed, all sorts of spirit level cultivation methods, top grade spirit artefacts, spirit herbs, ores, puppets and so on were taken out for exchange, but there were very little pills. For golden core state cultivators, pills were very precious.

    Ye Mo saw a few herbs and ores he liked too, but he didn't buy them. He wasn't there to make a scene. He had come for the Du Lan Chun Xiao. But halfway through the gathering, he still hadn't seen it yet.

    Just when Ye Mo was worried and wanted to ask Li Jingwen, he saw Sun Houchang walk up to an old man and whisper something in his ears.

    The old man was at golden core state level eight, and his face changed into surprise and joy after Sun Houchang's words, but he immediately suppressed that expression.

    Ye Mo's heart sunk. He had a bad feeling.

    At this moment, two more people made an exchange, and the next one was that golden core state level eight old man.

    The old man saluted with his fists and said, "I'm Ming Yujiang. I'll be trading two things today. First is a Blue Moon Ore, second is ten Du Lan Chuan Xiao."

    Ye Mo heard the words Du Lan Chun Xiao and became focused.

    Li Jingwen pushed him in reaction too. He couldn't let someone take it.

    But at this moment, Ming Yujiang said, "I want to trade for one Crisp Green Vine and one spirit crystal.

    Everyone was shook when the old man said this.

    The Blue Moon Ore was just an aesthetic item. It could be made into exquisite jewelry. It had a warm sky-blue light that calmed the mind, but it had no benefits for cultivation. All the people there were there to increase their power. Who would want such a decorational ore?

    As for the Du Lan Chun Xiao, it was even worse. It couldn't be added to a pill and was only a level three spirit herb. It was just rare and had some potency for mental conditions. Its help was limited though, since it couldn't be added to a pill.

    A Blue Moon Ore and ten Du Lan Chun Xiao - how dare he ask for the Crisp Green Vine?

    But that was the price, it was up to you if you wanted to trade it.

    Everyone looked at Ye Mo. Clearly, this old man was targeting Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo calmed down. He understood what was going on. Sun Houchang had guessed that the reason why he came to the gathering today was for the Du Lan Chun Xiao. After all, it was beneficial for mental conditions, and he knew that this old man had Du Lan Chun Xiao.

    So, he told Ming Yujiang to ask for the Crisp Green Vine seeing that Ye Mo seemed willing to give everything for Su Jingwen.

    Ye Mo didn't make a bid, though. He had to get the Du Lan Chun Xiao, but he wasn't impulsive. In fact, Ye Mo would be willing to trade all of his Crisp Green Vines for the Du Lan Chun Xiao without hesitation.

    But the key thing was, if he took out another Crisp Green Vine, he would be facing an extra round of hunting. If he could take out two, it meant he had a third.

    Everyone looked at Ye Mo, hoping he would take out another Crisp Green Vine.

    Ye Mo said coldly, "I don't have anymore Crisp Green Vines, but I believe you know I need the Du Lan Chun Xiao desperately, and that's why you asked for it. If you're willing, I have two other options. One is to give you the top grade flying spirit artefact. The second is to give you five blue wen pills and my last spirit crystal. Choose your option."

    Although everyone was disappointed to hear that Ye Mo had no more Crisp Green Vines, they realized how desperate Ye Mo was for the Du Lan Chun Xiao. But one thing was for sure - this cultivator didn't have anymore Crisp Green Vines. Even if he did, he wasn't willing to take one out.

    Ming Yujiang was shaking with excitement. He didn't think his items would trade for so many pills! Just when he wanted to answer, he was pushed by Sun Houchang.

    Ming Yujiang woke up from his excitement and knew that even if he asked for more, Ye Mo would still trade. Clearly, Sun Houchang hadn't tricked him. He said, "I just want Crisp Green Vines, but if you really don't have it, then you can combine your two options."

    Not just Ye Mo, but everyone else at the scene was cursing at Ming Yujiang's greed. Merely ten level three spirit herbs, and he dared ask for a top grade spirit artefact and five blue wen pills and a spirit crystal! Was he mad?

    Usually, ten Du Lan Chun Xiao wouldn't even be worth one blue wen pill, yet he was asking for such an exaggerated price.

    Ye Mo held back his anger. If it wasn't that they were in the middle of a gathering, he would want to kill Ming Yujiang right away.

    But in order to save Su Jingwen, he had to agree. Even the spirit recovery pill she had taken was far more expensive than this price.

    Just when Ye Mo wanted to agree, he heard a voice in his head, "Little Brother, I have Du Lan Chun Xiao but only eight. Is that enough? I don't have the Blue Moon Ore either. If you agree, I only need three blue wen pills."

    Ye Mo heard this and knew it was the Sister Lian who had helped him before speaking. He rejoiced and immediately answered her telepathically, "Okay, I'll take it. Eight is enough for me."

    He only had one Spirit Attraction Grass yet he had managed to add it to a pill at the tournament. Eight was more than enough for him to practice.

    "Okay in that case, after the gathering, I will wait for you in the Chang Park, 300 km to the east of the city," Big Sister Lian said with joy.

    Three blue wen pills would be enough for her to reach the golden core state peak stage.

    "Brother Mo, this price is too excessive, and the Du Lan Chun Xiao being able to help is just a theory we have. We don't know if it will work," Li Jingwen reminded Ye Mo, fearing that he would agree on impulse.

    Ye Mo smiled, "Brother Li is right, I'm too careless."

    Then Ye Mo said to Ming Yujiang, "Daofriend Ming's items are too expensive. I can't afford them, you should find someone who can."

    Hearing this, everyone breathed in a sigh. This was normal. Everyone subconsciously didn't want such an unfair trade to be made.

    "How can that be? Didn't you just say it's very important to you. How can you suddenly not proceed with the trade?" Ming Yujiang couldn't accept such a sudden loss and screamed out. In his desperation, he forgot that it was Sun Houchang who told him this.

    Ye Mo sneered, "Why not? I don't want to trade, do you want to force the trade?"

    Ming Yujiang just realized that Ye Mo really didn't want to trade, and he immediately began to worry.

    Everyone looked at Ming Yujiang and laughed. This guy was too greedy and caused the buyer to change his mind.

    "Let's do as you asked before then, five blue wen pills and one spirit crystal," Ming Yujiang quickly said.

    Ye Mo just shut his eyes and couldn't even be bothered to talk to this Ming Yujiang.

    Ming Yujiang became more and more desperate, "Do you want to break the rules of the gathering? A mere golden core state level two cultivator made a bid and now wants to go back on it. Do you think I won't kill you?"

    "Very well, I want to see just how you will kill me!" Ye Mo suddenly got up. His bleak killing intent spread over the entire hall. Even some golden core state peak stage cultivators felt cold and thought, 'This golden core state level two cultivator has such dense killing intent! How many beasts and people has he killed?' Ming Yujiang's temperament was nothing compared to Ye Mo.
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