Chapter 968: Heading to Pei Hai

    Chapter 968: Heading to Pei Hai

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    "You're not a golden core state level two cultivator?" Jin Shi looked at Ye Mo with shock and concern as he gripped his spear tighter.

    Ye Mo raised his Zi Xu and said, "I've killed quite a few golden core state peak stage cultivators. Since you dare to look for trouble with me, why ask for my power level? This doesn't have much to do with you. Big Sister Lian, move aside. Thanks for helping, I will do the rest."

    Big Sister Lian woke up from her shock and showed a seductive smile, "Little Brother Mo, you really know how to act. Even I was tricked. You probably already knew Jin Shi came when I offered to help you."

    Ye Mo was getting goosebumps from her current voice and quickly said, "Those two guys are too weak, I didn't even use my full power and they were done for. I just hope this Jin fellow doesn't disappoint me."

    Then, Ye Mo turned to Jin Shi and said slowly, "I'll fulfill your wish to fight me now! As for the Crisp Green Vine, it's not that I won't give it to you, but even if I gave it you, you wouldn't be able to use it."

    But unexpectedly, Jin Shi heard this and saluted with his fists to Ye Mo, "Daofriend Mo, I didn't know you were at the golden core state peak stage. Please forgive me for my crossing the line. As compensation, I'm willing to give you a middle grade spirit artefact."

    Then he reached out, and a dark ruler-shaped magic artefact appeared in his hand. It was a fake universal ruler.

    He had a strong sense of threat after seeing Ye Mo instantly kill Sun Houchang. He wasn't necessarily scared of Ye Mo, but clearly Ye Mo was stronger than him. With Lian Yuzhi on the side, he would get injured for sure, if not die. He was about to form his nascent soul - how could he get injured now?

    As Ye Mo saw the universal ruler, he hesitated. In all honesty, he had been wanting to fight a golden core state peak stage opponent ever since he reached golden core state level two. He wanted to see how far he could fight a golden core state peak stage cultivator without formations or using Shadowless.

    But he knew today wasn't the best time for battle. He was caryring Su Jingwen after all. If he fought with a golden core state peak stage cultivator, he wasn't sure if he could protect her.

    Seeing Ye Mo's hesitation, Jin Shi suddenly said, "Daofriend Mo, although I offended you this time, if we actually fought, I might not necessarily lose. Furthermore, now is not a suitable time for you to fight either. Why not just have a truce?"

    Ye Mo glanced coldly at Jin Shi and knew that if he wanted to kill him, Jin Shi would fight with his life.

    Knowing that Ye Mo was still hesitating, Jin Shi threw the ruler at Ye Mo and said, "I'll be leaving."

    Then, he flew off.

    Ye Mo didn't chase him.

    "Brother Li, you can have this." Ye Mo gave the ruler to Li Jingwen and took Ming Yujiang's storage ring. He took out the Blue Moon Ore and Du Lan Chun Xiao and gave the rest to him too.

    Li Jingwen knew Ye Mo was wealthy, so he didn't reject.

    Seeing this, Big Sister Lian said unhappily, "Brother Mo, I helped you a lot. When I go back, that Jin Shi won't let me go..."

    How could Ye Mo not know what she wanted? He took out Sun Houchang's ring and checked the inside. He took out an extreme grade spirit stone and then threw the ring to her, "The things inside are enough to compensate you. Enjoy secretly laughing it off somewhere."

    Then, Ye Mo signaled Li Jingwen to leave. Soon, they were gone.

    Lian Yuzhi saw Ye Mo take out the extreme grade spirit stone and then throw everything to her, and she was a little unsatisfied. In her eyes, Sun Houchang's most valuable thing was the extreme grade spirit stone.

    But when she checked inside, she found a jade bottle. When she opened it, she saw it contained a soul forming pill. Her heart skipped rapidly. She didn't expect Sun Houchang to have such pills. This was too unexpected!

    Did that Mo fellow not find this? Rather than that, this was probably what he meant when he said she could laugh it off somewhere!

    A golden core state level two cultivator didn't even care about the soul forming pill? How wealthy was he? Ye Mo was definitely no ordinary person and had much more valuable pills on him, but she didn't want to think about that.

    She had obtained the blue wen pills and a soul forming pill. What she should be worried about now was finding a quiet place to form her soul.


    Ye Mo was planning to go separately to Pei Hai at first, but Jin Shi and Big Sister Lian knew that Li Jingwen was with him. Even if they couldn't find Ye Mo, they might find Li Jingwen and follow him to Pei Hai City.

    Ye Mo had also decided to study Su Jingwen's condition on the flying ship he bought. Someone needed to man the ship, and Li Jingwen was the best choice.

    This flying ship he bought from Jia Renjiu was countless times better than his flying pike.

    It was much bigger and had three rooms with a set of living facilities. Its speed was incomparable, and it flew in a much more comfortable way. Ye Mo spirit controlled the ship and named it the Flying Cloud Ship.

    The only bad point about it was that its defense was too weak. Ye Mo was no forgery master, but he excelled in formations. He inscribed a few formations on the ship, and it's defense was drastically improved.

    He let Li Jingwen control it after releasing it. He took Su Jingwen inside a room and settled her down before starting to investigate the Du Lan Chun Xiao.

    Li Jingwen chose to go to rather distant places as told by Ye Mo, and so they didn't face any obstructions on the way. Li Jingwen would use his spare time to cultivate, but he didn't disturb Ye Mo. He knew Ye Mo was trying to figure out how to use the Du Lan Chun Xiao in a pill.

    Ye Mo thought it would be much easier than when he used the Spirit Attraction Grass to make a pill, but Ye Mo was made to realize two days later that he had been too hopeful.

    Du Lan Chun Xiao could be added into a pill, but it would greatly decrease its effects of curing mental conditions. Ye Mo used up six Du Lan Chun Xiao and still didn't succeed.

    Ye Mo was thanking Ming Yujiang in his heart now. If he hadn't brought him ten more, Ye Mo would be really worried.

    The reason why the Du Lan Chun Xiao could even be added to a pill at all was thanks to the herb essence whirlpool Ye Mo had invented, but its potency was still greatly reduced.

    When he used the Spirit Attraction Grass, this didn't happen, so why did it happen with the Du Lan Chun Xiao?

    The potency of the herb couldn't be kept and would immediately start to dissipate. On the third day, Ye Mo used up a lot of spirit sense as he needed it to control the whirlpool. When he used the spirit recovery pill, he suddenly thought of the 10.000 year stalagmite marrow. It could be made into spirit recovery pills because it could absorb the potency of other herbs and form a new pill!

    The reason why the spirit recovery pill worked out was because of how the marrow could fuse the potency of multiple herbs together without any loss of potency.

    The more Ye Mo thought, the more he felt like he had a possible solution. It was just that the difference in level between the two items was so high that he didn't think of adding them together before.

    Just when Ye Mo was about to try out his new method, the warning card in his room lit up.

    This warning card was used between him and Li Jingwen.

    Now that this card lit up, it meant that Li Jingwen was in trouble. Ye Mo immediately put down his pills and closed the door. Then, he dashed to the head of the ship.
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