Chapter 973: Hidden Spirit Root

    Chapter 973: Hidden Spirit Root

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    Su Jingwen saw Ye Mo's worried look and quickly said, "Don't worry, Yimo should be fine. When the four of us came to the small world, we asked around for you. Many people knew you and due to you, no one dared to be rude to us. However, everyone guessed that you went to Xin Jia Mountain's teleportation formation so we went there too and were brought here."

    Seeing Ye Mo calm down, Su Jingwen took a deep breath and continued, "I was a little scared on the teleportation formation and was worried about Yimo, so I held her hand. But when the teleportation formation stopped, we found that we didn't end up at the same place as sister Yuehua and Wanqing. We had been split up."

    Ye Mo nodded, he expected this.

    "How's Yimo?" Ye Mo asked worriedy.

    "We were teleported to an ordinary town about 600 km from Jiang Chuan city. We went to that town and Yimo's storage ring had a lot of things, so we didn't need to worry about living."

    "We were planning to spend some time until I reached chi gathering middle stage and then go look for you and sister Yuehua, but I was stuck around level two. One day, we were cultivating outside when Yimo cultivated out lightning sparks. Just when we were happy, a cultivator saw us two."

    "What happened?" Ye Mo began to worry. Yimo was only in chi gathering. They had no means of resistance against an ill willed cultivator.

    Su Jingwen grabbed Ye Mo's hand and said, "That cultivator stopped and said, 'She has lightning spirit root, great, great...' then he asked if Yimo wanted to be his disciple. Yimo didn't want to of course, and she said she wanted to find her dad, her dad was stronger than everyone. That man saw this and didn't force her, he raised his hand and sent his palm towards a distance mountain peak. That mountain was about a few kilometers away from us, but it was completely pulverized by him. Then, that person asked, 'Is your dad as strong as me?' "

    "How did Yimo reply?" Ye Mo knew that someone that could do that was at least body condensation state or above. It was far from something he could compare to.

    Su Jingwen moved closer to Ye Mo and said, "We were both very shocked, he was like an immortal. Although Yimo admitted that person was strong she still said her dad was stronger. That person smiled and didn't argue. He said that you can't find your dad now. Although you have a lightning spirit root, you don't have a lightning cultivation method. Even if you cultivate for a hundred years, you won't be able to achieve anything.

    Then, he said that the North Far State we were in was billions of kilometers long. Even if we reached his level, we might not be able to find an individual, much less now. If Yimo wanted to find you, she had to become his disciple and improve her power."

    Ye Mo knew Yimo had agreed of course, but he still asked, "Did Yimo agree?"

    Su Jingwen nodded. "She thought about it and agreed, but Yimo said that I had to go as well. I was very happy thinking that I might be able to cultivate if I had a master. That person tested Yimo's spirit root and was very happy.

    "But he looked at me and sighed after a long while. He told me that I had no spirit root and would never be able to cultivate. He told me that I should never let someone test my spirit root or I would die."

    Su Jingwen said, "Although Yimo asked me to go with her, that person said she could only come out at least ten years later. Yimo didn't agree but that person said if she didn't become his disciple, she wouldn't be able to find you in 100 years. Yimo could only agree but I didn't want to stay there alone for ten years so I came out to test my luck and see if I could find you..."

    Su Jingwen said shakily, "After that person took Yimo away, I learned to masquerade and left the town. I roamed around and half a year later, I came to Fu Mo city, but I didn't stay there for long and the city was destroyed by two powerful cultivators. I followed the asylum seekers to Jiang Chuan city and my bracelet was taken on the way. Now that I think about it, I should thank that person, or I might never have seen you again."

    Su Jingwen couldn't help but start crying again.

    Ye Mo grabbed her hand tightly knowing that she needed to vent out her emotions.

    Su Jingwen continued after a while, "Later I knew that cultivators had longer lifespans than ordinary people, and I was getting lost. After I came to Jiang Chuan city, I didn't dare to go work for a house, fearing that they would see through my disguise, so I could only roam the streets. That day, there was a lot of snow and I thought I would have no future. I just wanted to walk around in the city and find a peaceful place to leave the world, but the heavens pitied me and let me meet you..."

    Ye Mo looked at her and knew Yimo didn't give the storage ring to her, she probably hadn't thought about it since she was just a child.

    Although Ye Mo was still a little worried, he could breath easy that Yimo was taken away by a qian bei who approved of her talent.

    "Can I really cultivate?" Su Jingwen asked again worriedy.

    Ye Mo nodded. "Of course, don't worry."

    Suddenly, Ye Mo thought of something and looked at her, "Wait, you said you've been at chi gathering level two, but how come I don't sense any cultivation chi on you?"

    Su Jingwen said dejectedly, "At the start, I was cultivating even faster than Wanqing, but after stage 2 chi gathering, I wasn't about to progress. Yimo's master said I had no talent and I wouldn't be able to cultivate no matter how hard I worked. In my despair, I gave up cultivation and my cultivation chi gradually dissipated.

    Thinking about what Yimo's master said, he took out a spirit root testing machine and said, "Put your hand inside, I'll test for you."

    He found that none of the beads lit up indeed. She really didn't have a spirit root, but Su Jingwen said, "Yimo's master tested for me last time too, but he had one white bead that lit up and dimmed down repeatedly."

    "Are you a hidden spirit root?" Ye Mo blurted out. His testing machine was too low quality and couldn't test it out.

    People who had hidden spirit roots like her would have their cultivation chi dissipate if they didn't cultivate for a while.

    This was a leaking body, also called leaking spirit root. If she was really a hidden spirit root, it was rather amazing she could reach chi gathering level two.

    But if the hidden spirit root could be activated, it would be the fastest spirit root. Yimo's master said she had no spirit root because he knew that hidden spirit roots couldn't be activated at all.

    It needed the 9 coloured lotus to activate, and that was something of the legends. Who would have it? Even if they did, they would use it to refine their own spirit root and not use it to activate a hidden spirit root.

    Ye Mo was sure there was another way to activate it, and that was possession. That was why he told her not to let other people test her spirit root.

    At this moment, Ye Mo finally felt safe about Yimo. The hidden spirit root was the easiest spirit root to possess. Once it was possessed, it would be activated immediately. But Yimo's master didn't say this and warned her instead, meaning that he was indeed a respectable qian bei.

    Ye Mo didn't have the 9 colour lotus, but he knew that there was another way to do it.

    It was to make the rainbow spirit pill with a lotus with more than 5 colors and the 10000 year stalagmite marrow.

    He just happened to have it and two 5 colour lotuses.

    She was a hidden spirit root and the white bead lit up. This meant that after activation, she might be a mutant ice spirit root, a pure one too. A pure ice spirit root activated with hidden spirit root would be the best spirit root Ye Mo had ever seen.

    "Jingwen, come to my room. I'll help you concoct the rainbow spirit pill. Your talent might be the best amongst us." Even Ye Mo was desperate to know how fast she could cultivate once activated.
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