Chapter 993: Illusion Cloud 5th Strike

    Chapter 993: Illusion Cloud 5th Strike

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    When he took Ao Qilong's head, a beam of light darted into Mo Qianli's body. Mo Qianli saw it but he didn't care at all. Clearly, this wasn't the first time he had dealt with this.

    Illusion Cloud Exert Will strike, it was forming a communication with each sword ray through his will, but as the strands grew more and more, Ye Mo also began to struggle.

    He didn't even have time to eat a spirit recovery pill. He was soaked in sweat and blood seeped out of his mouth, his face was very pale. Clearly, his spirit sense was already injured.

    At last, Ye Mo just closed his eyes. He couldn't care about finishing the trap formation to trap Mo Qianli. This Mo Qianli was too strong, he had to think about how to escape the endless strands.

    Ye Mo seemed to have the same feeling as when he fought Ji Zhiyuan. He had to rely on his senses to feel the black strands and destroy them. As time went on, more and more blood seeped out of Ye Mo's mouth but he still closed his eyes to feel the black strands piercing over.

    Ye Mo wasn't the only one struggling, Mo Qianli's face was also pale. He didn't expect someone would be able to survive this long after being trapped by his black strands.

    Was this golden core state level five a monster? Mo Qianli couldn't stop now as well. He had to kill Ye Mo as the evil soul strands were taxing on the spirit sense as well. He would be hurt greatly if he forcibly stopped them before killing someone.

    It seemed like he had the upper hand but it was actually a stalemate. If he could hold on till the end, Ye Mo would lose. If he couldn't, then the soul strands being destroyed would heavily injure him and make his cultivation level drop.

    What shook Mo Qianli was that he had so many evil soul strands but none of them could hurt Ye Mo at all. No matter how fast they were, Ye Mo could always find it and destroy them.

    In the beginning, his evil soul strands were very close to Ye Mo, but now they were being pushed away. Only when he killed the other two and focused all his efforts on Ye Mo did the strands push towards Ye Mo again.

    The reason he was undefeated was that those who were pierced by his evil soul strands would die for sure. No one could escape.

    As time went on, Mo Qianli began to get scared. If this continued he would lose for sure, because Ye Mo was starting to push the evil soul strands back again. He even started to regret getting involved in this matter.

    Little did he know that there was shadowless under his feet.

    It wasn't that Ye Mo had forgotten about shadowless, but Ye Mo couldn't spare the energy to hint to shadowless to attack. Shadowless was strong, but its intelligence was still completely under Ye Mo's control. It couldn't attack on its own.

    But even if Ye Mo could order shadowless now, he wouldn't. He had gotten past the hardest moment. He was still bleeding from using too much spirit sense, but he was very happy.

    He finally felt the feel of the Illusion Cloud 5th strike. When he controlled the sword rays to form simple formations, they drastically decreased the threat of the black strands.

    Ye Mo kept trying these methods of control.

    After some time, Ye Mo suddenly felt comfortable. The pressure was gone and his spirit sense completely let loose. He opened his eyes and found that his purple sword rays had formed a sword ray formation that trapped the diminished black strands. With a mere thought, those black strands would be completely destroyed.

    Illusion Cloud Formation Kill Strike popped up into Ye Mo's mind. He knew that his Illusion Cloud 5th strike had formed.

    It was just a trap and kill formation now, but as his spirit sense increased and his control over the sword rays did as well, it would turn into more and more types of trap and kill formations, and even defense formations as well.

    Looking at the pale faced Mo Qianli, Ye Mo howled and waved Zi Xu making an arc before yelling, "Kill!"

    Suddenly, the black strands were enveloped by the purple sword rays.

    Seeing Ye Mo destroy all the black strands, Mo Qianli suddenly spat blood. His face was as pale as paper.

    He looked dazedly at the black strands that had disappeared and couldn't believe that the evil soul strands that had allowed him to dominate people and kill countless enemies for two hundred years were all destroyed.

    Although he had lost more than half of his black strands already, he had believed that if he killed Ye Mo, he would be able to get them back over time. But now, Ye Mo suddenly seemed to have found a way to deal with them and instantly killed all of them.

    Mo Qianli looked coldly at Ye Mo and wanted to eat him. Two hundred years of work was destroyed before he even reached nascent soul state. His heart was bleeding.

    He had never thought that there would be a golden core state level five as powerful as Ye Mo. If he reached golden core state peak stage, who could fight with him? There probably wouldn't be a more powerful golden core state cultivator in the entire North Far State.

    But he had to kill this man - not by himself however. He couldn't kill Ye Mo, but he only had to spread news that Ye Mo had killed Ao Qilong and this golden core state level five wouldn't live for long. Not everyone could hide like him.

    "You will regret it..." Mo Qianli glanced coldly at Ye Mo for a long time before saying.

    Ye Mo smiled, "Whether or not I regret, you won't live to see it."

    "You think you can trap me with an incomplete level three trap formation? Idiot," Mo Qianli said.

    Ye Mo didn't answer and ordered shadowless to attack while throwing out tens of formation flags.

    At the same time, Mo Qianli used his mobility technique. But as soon as he used it, he felt his meridians hurt. Immediately, he knew that he had been ambushed. He enveloped shadowless immediately.

    He was someone who was very patient, but this golden core state level five was more patient than him. He only used such a killing blow when he was about to run away. This person was too scary.

    Mo Qianli just wanted to get away as far as possible. He instantly decided to burn his essence blood and force out shadowless.

    The next moment, his figure had disappeared.

    Ye Mo applauded Mo Qianli for his decisiveness and the power of his cultivation essence and spirit sense. He had been fighting with him for so long but still forced shadowless out with just one mouthful of essence blood. This was also when shadowless was so much stronger than before.


    Mo Qianli was suddenly stopped a few kilometers away.

    He looked at Ye Mo in disbelief and pointed at him in horror. "You, you're a formation master as well..."

    Clearly, if Ye Mo wasn't a formation master, how could he finish and activate the trap formation so quickly?

    For the second time, Mo Qianli felt danger. The last time he felt this feeling was against a nascent soul state level one. At that time, he used his wits and damaged himself heavily before trapping the nascent soul state and killing him with evil soul stands.

    "You said you could run, I want to see how. Shadowless, go!" Ye Mo then gave Zi Xu a wave, bringing about another onslaught of purple sword rays.
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