Chapter 1026: Annihilation Divine Damnation

    Chapter 1026: Annihilation Divine Damnation

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    The colorful rainbow clouds mixed with the spirit chi whirlpool and landed above Ye Mo and his nascent soul's heads. Ye Mo felt his injuries instantly disappear. At the same time, his power increased even more.

    He broke through nascent soul state level one the instant he formed his nascent soul. With his foundation, his power still didn't stop even after reaching nascent soul state level two. Only after reaching the peak of nascent soul state level two did it stop increasing.

    Two hours later, Ye Mo finished digesting the bolts stored in the storage formation and got up joyfully. He had never heard of someone reaching nascent soul state level two as soon as they broke through to nascent soul state, but he was nascent soul state level two peak now and his power was very stable. His foundations weren't lacking at all.

    The divine damnation was terrifying and almost took his life, but the benefits it brought were unexpected.

    Ye Mo viewed his nascent soul and rejoiced. His nascent soul state sat in his purple estate and ran the Three Birth Chant.

    This meant that even when he wasn't cultivating, his power would be constantly growing.

    To become a nascent soul state cultivator, this was indeed a yardstick. Ye Mo sighed before he packed up his formation and took out a new set of clothes before leaving quickly.

    This place was deserted, but his nascent soul state divine damnation caused such a huge commotion that Ye Mo wasn't sure if it would go unnoticed.

    After flying out a few thousand kilometers, he found a lake to wash himself in and changed into a clean pair of clothes. He then cut off his burnt hair before completely relaxing.


    Less than half an hour after Ye Mo left, two cultivators came to where he had his divine damnation.

    "Someone seemed to have had a divine damnation here, there's even a rainbow spirit cloud! Is it the genius of some sect?" one asked.

    The other shook his head, "If it was the genius sect member of a sect, the sect would never let him have his divine damnation here, it seems it's a talented solo cultivator."

    "Pity, such a genius cultivator is a solo cultivator. If he was in some big sect, he would be able to reach body condensation state without trouble." Then, the two flew off on their spirit artifacts.


    A few millions kilometers from where Ye Mo had his divine damnation, two women were talking. Both looked like nuns, the younger nun wore a white dress and the slightly older one wore a pale blue dress, but her extreme beauty was on par with that of the younger nun.

    The older nun had a look of shock on her face.

    "Xiaoshuang, are you sure it's the Sore into Existence tablet?" after a long while, the older nun gasped and asked in disbelief.

    "Yes master, I'm certain it's exactly as you told me. I suspect that Tian Aofeng's death also has something to do with that Ye Mo. If it wasn't for Lightning Cloud sect sealing off South Peace city, I would've been long back," the younger nun replied respectfully. She was Ling Xiaoshuang, and the older nun was her master Shan Bingfeng.

    Hearing her disciple's words, Shan Bingfeng fell into silence, but her heart was undergoing a tidal wave of emotion. She wasn't sure if she was the only one who knew about Soar Into Existence, but when this event really happened, she didn't know what to do.

    She knew that if Soar Into Existence was really related to the great change, then that Ye Mo musn't die, at least not now.

    Suddenly, Shan Bingfeng got up and stared dazedly into the sky. Her face was full of horror.

    "What? Master?" Ling Xiaoshuang quickly held her master's hand and asked.

    Shann Bingfeng murmured, "Annihilation divine damnation.... such a divine damnation really exists!"

    Ling Xiaoshuang looked at her master in confusion. "Master, what is annihilation divine damnation?"

    Shan Bingfeng calmed down and looked at Ling Xiaoshuang suddenly. "Is that Ye Mo golden core state peak stage power?"

    Shan Bingfeng sunk into her seat helplessly and shook her head, "Okay, we don't need to worry about that big change. The annihilation divine damnation appeared at this time, it's that Soar Into Existence cultivator for sure."

    Seeing Ling Xiaoshuang's confusion, Shan Bingfeng sighed. "Ling Xiaoshuang, I was planning to go see that Ye Mo personally, but now there's no need. He's dead for sure..."

    "The legendary annihilation divine damnation is a divine damnation of certain death. I heard that it's not the first time it has appeared since the ancient times, but no one has been able to survive it. The annihilation divine damnation means a divine damnation of a higher level. If that cultivator was Ye Mo, although he was only breaking through to nascent soul state, the divine damnation the same as the nascent soul state to hollow spirit state divine damnation. Countless cultivators die even under ordinary divine damnation, much less a divine damnation that's a level higher."

    "Huh..." Ling Xiaoshuang was also dazed. She didn't expect there to be divine damnation of this sort. Even a god wouldn't be able to pass that.

    Suddenly, Ling Xiaoshuang thought of a question and asked, "Master, what if that cultivator is extremely powerful, what if he can pass a divine damnation of a higher level?"

    Shan Bingfeng shook her head. "Xiaoshuang, you don't understand. The higher level doesn't simply mean for a higher level of cultivation. He didn't just take the divine damnation for an ordinary nascent soul state to hollow spirit state, he just took the divine damnation for his nascent soul state to hollow spirit state. The stronger he is in the future, the more powerful his annihilation divine damnation is now."

    "Then doesn't that mean when he's breaking through to hollow spirit state, he would still go through annihilation divine damnation. He would be facing the divine damnation for hollow spirit state to body condensation state?" Ling Xiaoshuang asked subconsciously.

    Shan Bingfeng shook her head and said, "He won't have a future. Annihilation divine damnation is a certain death divine damnation. There has never been a cultivator who was able to survive it. There wasn't one before and I don't think there will ever be one. Even if he had an extreme grade dao artifact or even immortal armor, he will still die for sure."

    Ling Xiaoshuang fell silent. She didn't know Ye Mo, but she felt pity that such a prodigy had died. Then, she asked her master, "Master, how do you know about Soar Into Existence? If even the trial tablet would protect the person, then why would there be annihilation divine damnation?"

    Shan Bingfeng got up and didn't answer. The annihilation divine damnation meant that the heaven dao wanted to annihilate him. No matter how the trial tablet protected him, it was useless.


    "Annihilation divine damnation?"

    "Annihilation divine damnation...."

    "There really is annihilation divine damnation!"

    All the powerful beings of South Peace State looked at the place Ye Mo had his divine damnation. They were very shocked. There was actually annihilation divine damnation in the South Peace State? Who would be overpowered enough to bring out the annihilation divine damnation?

    Countless people looked at Ye Mo's place and thought he was dead for sure. They were still shocked that such an event occurred.


    Ye Mo had just organized himself when he felt a few cultivation essence waves fly past, all towards where he had his divine damnation.

    That wasn't good, his divine damnation caused too much commotion. Even in this distant place, those ancient beings were startled. He had to go.

    Ye Mo quickly got on his flying ship and chose a direction to fly.

    As he went, he thought about his divine damnation. He felt something wasn't right. It was just a golden core state breaking through to nascent soul state, so how could there be 9 9 divine damnation?

    Two days later, Ye Mo stopped on a grassy plain. The spirit chi here wasn't abundant, but Ye Mo liked the view here. It was green everywhere and there were some unknown flowers mixed within the field. The aroma blew into Ye Mo's nose and made him enjoy the sensation of nature.

    His mind has been very tense as he always fought for survival and had little time to relax like this. Now, he didn't even want to leave as he completely relaxed his mind.

    Suddenly, there was the noise of rushing hooves.
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