Chapter 1027: Chaotic City

    Chapter 1027: Chaotic City

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    A horse charged over and the person on it only seemed to just realize that Ye Mo was in front of him. He quickly pulled on the ropes. The horse kept charging, but the rider fell on the ground.

    The person seemed desperate to crawl up, but his legs seemed injured and he wasn't able to do so.

    Ye Mo studied this man. He was a young man in his 20's and seemed quite sturdy. However, he was covered in blood and there was an arrow lodged in his shoulder.

    He hadn't cultivated before.

    The youth struggled and couldn't get up. He quickly yelled at Ye Mo, "Big brother, please help me back onto the horse..."

    But then, he suddenly stopped and said, "There's no time big brother, hurry up and run! The people chasing me are here."

    Ye Mo already saw 5 people on horses chasing over with his spirit sense. One was holding a bow and arrow.

    Seeing that Ye Mo didn't even move, the youth saw the five people chasing over and sighed, "Too late."

    The five people quickly arrived before Ye Mo and the youth. The bow man glared coldly at the youth and said, "Ye Wucai, keep running!"

    "Why even bother talking to him, kill him and take his head back. Kill the monk on the side as well."

    Ye Mo wanted to calm his mind and think about what to do next, but he was interrupted by these people - and they even wanted to kill him!

    Ye Mo didn't have the mood to bull** with them. Before the five could attack, he waved a wind blade over.

    The five couldn't even react and were sliced in half. Before their blood could spill, Ye Mo's fireball had already flown over as well.

    In the blink of an eye, those five people had disappeared without a trace. If the five horses weren't still there, the youth would've thought his eyes were blurry.

    "You're an immortal master?" the youth finally reacted and asked with a stutter.

    Ye Mo ignored the youth. He saw with his spirit sense tens of kilometers away that a city was under fire. It was a chaotic scene, people were running and crying everywhere. The troops were slaughtering and raping in the city.

    Ye Mo shook his head, no matter where it was, such things were unavoidable. The city was beautiful and surrounded by lakes.

    If even such a place couldn't avoid this calamity, what about the Luo Yue city he built?

    The youth was an ordinary person but he had heard about immortal masters. Others said that their city had no resources and thus there were no immortal masters, but now, during his escape, he actually met one.

    Just from the way this monk waved his hand and the five people disappeared, he knew this was no ordinary immortal master.

    Ye Mo didn't answer him and he didn't even dare to breath loudly.

    Ye Mo took back his spirit sense and looked at the youth on the floor. He fed him a pill and said, "Eat this and pull the arrow out."

    Without hesitation, the youth ate it and instantly felt as if his body was in a cold shower, and the injuries disappeared rapidly.

    "Immortal pill?" the youth called out in joy. He got up subconsciously and he found that in such a short time, all his injuries had recovered. His broken leg didn't seem to have any problem at all.

    Seeing this result, the youth quickly pulled out the arrow on his shoulder and knelt down, "Thank you for saving my life immortal master, please take me in as your disciple!"

    Ye Mo shook his head, he wasn't going to casually take someone in as his disciple. He was just passing by. "Your last name is also Ye? You escaped from the city tens of kilometers away?"

    The youth saw Ye Mo shake his head and became worried. He knew that such fortune was found only once in a lifetime. The South Peace State was boundless and there were a lot of immortal masters, but he was just an ordinary person. Where was he going to meet another one?

    "Yes immortal master, I'm Ye Wucai. The city ahead is called Dual River city. My ancestors have been living there for generations. My father is the city guard general. After my father died, I succeeded the position. However, the last city lord was killed for a crime and the new city lord that the empire sent over is a tyrant!" the youth said with fury.

    "The new city lord forcefully selected beauties from the city and killed any who resisted. Eventually, this led to the fury of the people. The city lord doesn't reflect on his mistakes but instead tries to purge those rebellions. I couldn't just watch it anymore and said something against him, so he wanted to kill me. I just led my troops to rebel, but I lost and was chased down. Those troops didn't just chase me, but also used this time to slaughter, plunder, and rape in the city..."

    Ye Mo waved his hand. "I'll go see with you."

    Ye Mo knew there were too many injustice in the world and he couldn't rectify all of them, but he saw this with his own eyes and couldn't help but feel angered.

    He was different from other cultivators, he had been living in an ordinary city and built his own city. He detested these troop disasters. Ordinary citizens had no way of resisting against it.

    Ye Wucai immediately became excited upon hearing this, he didn't understand what Ye Mo thought and thought Ye Mo was going to take him in as a disciple. He said excitedly, "Immortal master qian bei, Dual River city is a place abandoned by the immortals, but it's the most beautiful city. Because no immortal masters come, many people don't know the benefits of it. If immortal master qian bei is willing to stay there, you'll love that place."

    Hearing this, Ye Mo was moved. The spirit chi was arid here, but it was no problem for him. He cultivated in the golden page world and had a spirit range range there. He didn't need the outside spirit chi.

    If he wanted to hide from the lightning cloud sect, wasn't this place the best place? The only thing was that it was too distant. He wouldn't be able to get news as quickly.

    "Okay, I'll go to Dual River city," Ye Mo said and took Ye Wucai with him, bringing him to the city in just a moment.

    Ye Wucai looked at the chaotic city in a daze, but the voice that screamed in his heart wasn't that of the chaos here but, "I want to cultivate!"

    Ye Mo frowned seeing the plundering and slaughtering troops. He was furious. The women were stripped naked in the streets and raped. The shops on the streets were smashed up. If he didn't see the scene with his own eyes, he could've never thought there would be such a ruler. This city was his own, but he let his troops rape, plunder, and slaughter.

    The sounds of screams and fights were everywhere. Ye Mo didn't want to think anymore at all and threw out countless wind blades. Those troops that participated in these horrendous crimes were ripped to pieces.

    Instantly, all the troops in a few kilometer radius were all cleared.

    "Go gather your people, I'll deal with the problem here," Ye Mo said to Ye Wucai.

    "Yes, immortal master qian bei..." Ye Wucai was shaking with excitement and immediately turned to gather his troops.

    Ye Mo didn't hold back. He rained down windblades from above the city and the troops were all hacked in half.

    In a very short time, all the soldiers here knew that an immortal master had come and this immortal master specifically killed off those monstrous troops.

    Countless looting soldiers began to worry, they had a lot of people but they were just ordinary people. In the wake of the immortal master's magic, the only result was death.

    Flocks of troops fled outside the city wanting to escape. But since Ye Mo had established his killing intent, there was no mercy. Ye Mo saw with his own eyes how evil these troops were. He had no reason to let them go.

    Soon, the city quietened down. Ye Mo had killed all who needed to be killed.

    There was a rush of hooves and a bulky looking man with a beard rushed over at Ye Mo with his troops.

    He jumped off the horse and saluted with his fists. "Immortal master, why did you kill my troops? Our Han Liang empire also has an immortal master..."

    No wonder he wasn't scared, he also had an immortal master supporting him.

    Ye Mo said coldly, "The troops who were slaughtering and plundering belong to you? This means you're no good person either."

    The bearded man immediately said, "The city belongs to me now, what's wrong with my troops killing here? These evil citizens need to be slaughtered and terrified before we can build a new city."
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