Chapter 1032: Prosperous City

    Chapter 1032: Prosperous City

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    Ye Mo sneered and raised his power even higher, but this time, it was all directed towards Qi Zaifang. Qi Zaifang was nascent soul state level five power, but he was only an ordinary nascent soul state level five - even elite nascent soul state level five cultivators might not be able to stop this.

    Qi Zaifang was forced back by Ye Mo's power and looked at Ye Mo in horror. Even Ge Lian and the others were startled. Ye Mo was only a mere nascent soul state level three but forced back Qi Zaifang with his temperament. Ye Mo was definitely a genius.

    The emperor spat blood and sat on the ground with a pale face. He didn't dare to look at Ye Mo again, but only he knew what he was thinking.

    Ge Lian felt good seeing that Qi Zaifang was scared. This Qi Zaifang came from the Qi family of the empire, and because he had a hollow spirit state family member, he wasn't very respectful to him.

    But Ge Lian knew that he musn't let the two fight. He quickly got up and said, "Everyone, that was just a big misunderstanding. I think we just need to explain it. How about this, the emperor can announce to the empire that Mo Yue City will have no connections with the Han Liang empire anymore. Mo Yue City just belongs to city lord Ye. City lord Ye doesn't need to fuss over such small matters either."

    Ye Mo was waiting for this and took back his aura. He then glared coldly at the emperor. The emperor quickly got up and said, "Okay, okay that's fine. I'll make this announcement immediately..."

    Qi Zaifang didn't say anything. If he fought with Ye Mo he should win, but if he lost then he would have no face to stay here anymore. He belonged to the Qi family, but the Qi family was only an ordinary cultivation family. They only had a hollow spirit state cultivator who was always in solitary cultivation.

    Seeing that the emperor agreed, Ye Mo nodded. "In that case, I'll be leaving."

    Then he turned and left.

    Seeing Ye Mo leave, Ge Lian and You Shanping quickly followed. Qi Zaifang felt ashamed and left as well. Rong Zheng comforted the emperor and left.

    When everyone left, the emperor waved his hand in anger and shooed away the dancers. He then said with a green face, "A bunch of untamed wolves! I feed you and you don't even do anything. You give up my city so easily. When my Long family qian bei comes out, it will be the time for all of you to pay. Ye, you think you deserve the city? One day you will pay for your stupidity!"


    Ye Mo didn't go very far before Ge Lian called out from behind, "City lord Ye, please wait a moment."

    Ye Mo stopped. When the two got close to him, Ye Mo saluted with his fists. "Brother Ge, brother You, I apologise for losing control at the hall."

    Ge Lian was a little contemptuous, a nascent soul state cultivator wasn't able to control his own emotions? Who would believe that? But he still smiled and saluted with his fists. "City lord Ye probably heard from dao friend You about the Green Pill sect, I'll thank you first here."

    Ye Mo nodded. "What are you talking about brother Ge, that's what you rightfully deserve."

    You Shanping intervened, "City lord Ye, dao friend Ge and I are here today firstly to thank you, but also to tell you that there are less than 5 month until the Truth Fall Palace opens. Before people go in, many cultivators gather at the Truth Fall City. 90% of the nascent soul state geniuses go there. During this time, there will be all sorts of cultivators discussing dao and battles between geniuses. There might be an lot of spirit herbs and materials that you won't usually see.

    Ge Lian nodded. "Dao friend You and I both want to go see this event. We have no right to discuss the dao with others, but it's beneficial for us to listen in. Plus, we can see the fights between the geniuses of the big sects. If city lord Ye isn't busy, we can go there together."

    Ye Mo was interested, just from hearing about the countless items being sold there. He always needed cultivation resources. He had an abundance of spirit stones now, if he could get more cultivation resources in Truth Fall City, why not go?

    So the three agreed to go there together.

    The golden core state cultivator came as well. The group was quite harmonious on the way. Ye Mo also learnt a lot of things he didn't know from Ge Lian and You Shanping.

    He knew about the death of Tian Aofeng, but on the golden core state trial tablet, Xiao Fei beat Fang Zhongshi for three days before he was beaten by Fang Zhongshi again.

    Other than that, Xiao Fei was put one spot down again by a woman. He became 13th and that woman became 12th.

    Ye Mo wasn't planning to ask, but he heard that woman was from the Black Ice sect so he asked about her. He found out that the woman was called Zhao Rong, a core disciple of the Black Ice sect.

    This wasn't the most exciting, the most exciting part was that three days later, another cultivator went on the trial tablet and kicked Fang Zhongshi down from 11th.

    "Who is it?" Ye Mo asked out of curiosity.

    "9-star sect God Wind Valley's core disciple Mo Zhitan. That guy is only 24 years old!" You Shanping exclaimed.

    Even Ye Mo felt that Mo Zhitan was overly powerful. He was only 24 but about to reach nascent soul state. Clearly, these people went to leave their names before breaking through to nascent soul state in preparation for the Truth Fall Palace.

    He also knew that two more powerful women got onto the trial tablet. One was Infinity Sect's Wen Caiyi. Another was Clear Dream Mosque's Ling Xiaoshuang. When she first got on the tablet, she was 23rd, but ten days later she had fallen to 33rd.

    From this, one could see how intense the competition was.


    When he arrived at Truth Fall City, Ye Mo realized what busy really meant.

    This city was like a market place, there were too many people. There were even a lot of golden core state and hollow spirit state cultivators. Occasionally, one could even see one or two body condensation state cultivators.

    "City lord Ye, we've arranged our accommodations. The Green Pill sect has prepared us four rooms. They're in Sifan hotel, should we go there first?" You Shanping asked.

    He paused before saying, "Brother Ge and I will be going to the dao discussion podium to hear the South Peace State geniuses discussing the dao. Let's go together."

    Ye Mo immediately said, "Brother Ge, you guys can go around first, I'll come back at night."

    Ge Lian nodded and the four split up at the city.

    Ye Mo had little time. His one minute cultivating was almost equivalent to two minutes. He wasn't going to stay with Ge Lian and them since he had to go to the market place to see if there were spirit herbs he needed. As for the dao discussion scene, Ye Mo felt that collecting resources was more important. He could check it out later.

    He had a lot of spirit stones now, but to Ye Mo, it was important to change them into what he needed. He still needed a new set of armor after the last one broke in the divine damnation.


    Ye Mo came to the market place and saw countless stalls. This was true prosperity!

    He hoped that Mo Yue City would have this sort of prosperity in the future.

    There were huge amounts of spirit herbs and materials, but few high level ones. Ye Mo bought what he needed and what the city would need too. In a short time, Ye Mo had spent a few hundred thousand top grade spirit stones.

    He didn't find anything especially good, but he bought in large quantities. Ye Mo walked into a rather large forgery shop. He wanted to see if there were good armors here.

    There were a lot of people here so he didn't get the service he had received at You Dao magic artifacts.

    Ye Mo didn't even go upstairs and was attracted by a material on the first floor. It wasn't a high level material, at most level four. It was a pale blue string.

    Ye Mo immediately thought of the blue moon ore in his storage ring. It would be perfect to use this to make a few necklaces for Luo Ying and the others.

    "Give me this, I'll take it."

    "Show me this..." a voice said the same time as Ye Mo.
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