Chapter 1034: It’s Actually Her

    Chapter 1034: It's Actually Her

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    Ye Mo had heard of this Wen Caiyi many times, she was ranked as the first ranked beauty in South Peace State along with Susu.

    You Shanping said, "I heard that this Dong Wuya likes Wen Caiyi, but she isn't interested in him at all. Wen Caiyi only likes her martial brother, the number one genius of the Infinity Sect, Yuan Guannan."

    Ye Mo hadn't seen Wen Caiyi before, but she definitely was an extreme beauty to be able be ranked first with Susu. A beauty like her did match the number one genius of Infinity Sect.

    You Shanping smiled and said quietly, "However, although that Yuan Guannan likes Wen Caiyi, he likes Luo Susu even more. Luo Susu is also the number one beauty of the South Peace State. I heard that because of this, Wen Caiyi is going to challenge Luo Susu..."

    Hearing this, Ye Mo's eyes turned cold. What sort of thing was Yuan Guannan? How dare he plan on chasing Susu? That Wen Caiyi clearly wasn't a good person either. Would Susu even bother talking to a trash like Yuan Guannan? What right did she have to challenge Susu?

    You Shanping didn't see Ye Mo's face change and kept talking. "That Luo Susu is no simple woman. When Wen Caiyi said she there could only be one number one beauty, she said contemptuously that she never cared about the South Peace State ten beauties. Wen Caiyi could take first if she wants. Wen Caiyi just told her to stay away from Yuan Guannan. But Luo Susu replied in contempt that she had a husband and other than her husband, even if Wen Caiyi took all the men in the world, she wouldn't care. It could be said that in the first battle between the number one beauties, Wen Caiyi was utterly defeated."

    Ye Mo heard this and knew that You Shanping was telling the truth. Susu indeed had this character. Knowing that Susu still thought about him, Ye Mo wanted to go to Black Ice sect immediately, but he knew this was just a dream for him. He hoped that Susu would go to the Truth Fall Palace.

    "Heaven Star Sect's Yi Shuanghu went up. He's golden core state trial tablet 16th. Only one rank difference with Dong Wuya. This is interesting."


    Ye Mo saw another nascent soul state level one cultivator fly up the stage. Clearly, he had just reached nascent soul state not long ago.

    Everyone's attention was caught by the two geniuses.

    Dong Wuya and Yi Shuanhu clearly knew each other and greeted each other before taking out their magic artifacts.

    Ye Mo knew Dong Wuya's magic artifact, a stamp, but he didn't expect Yi Shuanghu's weapon to also be a stamp. The two stamps clashed together with immense force in the air.

    Cultivation essence rattled, and although there was a powerful restriction around the stage, it still shook. The two were really evenly matched.

    The body condensation state judge nodded. Clearly, he was very happy with the two's power.

    Ye Mo could tell that the two were indeed very close and it would take a long time to settle the score.

    He thought of when Dong Wuya was golden core state peak stage, he was only golden core state level one. Now, he was nascent soul state level one at the same time as Dong Wuya. He couldn't help to sigh about the wonders of life.

    Even though Ye Mo knew that he was able to progress faster than Dong Wuya because he got the heaven glory pill and a spirit range and countless pills, Ye Mo still felt quite satisfied. To be able to surpass a genius disciple in such a short time was a satisfying thing. Plus, Dong Wuya's resources were also quite good. A 9-star sect's core disciple would definitely not lack resources.

    With Ye Mo's power, he was no longer interested in the fight between the two, but he saw that You Shanping and Ge Lian were enjoying it quite a lot.

    Ye Mo moved his eyes away and saw a pretty back that followed a nascent soul state cultivator into a spirit rest tower outside the stage. Tea towers were like bars and leisure centers on earth. They provided a place for cultivators to rest as well as all sorts of spirit wine and tea.

    The figure was definitely someone he knew.

    He couldn't even tell You Shanping and Ge Lian and quickly went into that spirit rest tower.

    Ling Xiaoshuang and her martial sister had walked around the market for half a day and just walked into the spirit rest tower. She saw Ye Mo follow in as well and immediately her eyes flashed with a sliver of disgust. She said coldly, "This Ning Xiaoma is really shameless..."

    "Xiaoshuang who are you calling shameless?" the nun next to her heard this and asked. But before Ling Xiaoshuang could reply, she also saw Ye Mo walk in here, seemingly desperate.

    "That guy is shameless indeed, he actually followed us here," the nun next to Ling Xiaoshuang said in contempt.

    Ye Mo didn't see Ling Xiaoshuang, but even if he had, he would have to make sure if her figure was the figure he had seen.

    At this moment, the pretty figure turned back and saw the desperate Ye Mo, but she didn't mind.

    Is it really her? Ye Mo's head buzzed. He didn't think he would meet Dongfang Nana here.

    He destroyed her dan tian and was about to kill her, but because Ye Zifeng was so crazy about her, he let her go. Then, the two left Luo Ying and Ye Mo didn't know where they went.

    Many years later, he saw her in a city in South Peace State without Ye Zifeng? Dongfang Nana was already golden core state level one power and her dan tian somehow recovered. Her cultivation talent was also really good.

    Ye Mo was desperate. Without hesitation he rushed up to her and grabbed her shoulder. "I have some business with you, come with me."

    "Shameless thing!" Ling Xiaoshuang saw this scene and couldn't take it anymore. She released her flying sword and was about to kill Ye Mo. She realized now that Ye Mo didn't come in here for her. He probably knew that she wasn't easy to mess with, so now he was harassing another girl.

    She had to kill such a person. Although it was quite some trouble to kill in this city, she knew it was fine for her. No one would offend her sect for an irrelevant cultivator.

    But before Ling Xiaoshuang made a move, the nascent soul state cultivator next to the girl already attacked Ye Mo. He released a foldable fan and the fan covered Ye Mo with a bleak chi.

    Ye Mo used his cultivation essence to dissipate the bleak killing intent.

    At this moment, Dongfang Nana just came to her senses and hurriedly ran behind the nascent soul state cultivator. She looked at Ye Mo with horror. She didn't know why Ye Mo suddenly attacked her, she had never seen this person before.

    "How dare you act up in front of me, Wu Yu? Seeing that you blocked my casual attack, break your arm you used to grab her and piss off!" the nascent soul state cultivator glared coldly at Ye Mo.

    "Huh, he's the 7-star sect Eternity Sea's genius, Wu Yu."

    "You mean the guy who's nascent soul state level seven when he's not even 100 years old, ranked 267 on the nascent soul state trial tablet?"

    "Of course it's him!"

    "The cultivator who offended him is gone for sure, but young master Wu doesn't seem to want to kill."

    Ye Mo glared coldly at Wu Yu. Dongfang Nana was in front of him, he had to take her away no matter what and ask where Ye Zifeng was.

    Feeling Ye Mo suddenly increasing his power, Wu Yu was dazed. A mere nascent soul state level three dared to do this in front of him, did he think he was Yuan Guannan?

    Wu Yu just wanted to speak up when Dongfang Nana suddenly pulled him and said, "Big brother Wu, never mind, let's go in..."

    She saw the familiar anger in Ye Mo's eyes and began to worry.

    "Why go? I must take his arm! This trash should be thankful I'm not killing him," Wu Yu said.

    Ye Mo calmed down, he knew that if he used all his means he would be able to beat Wu Yu, but this was Truth Fall City. He wouldn't be able to kill Wu Yu without people noticing him.

    He was too impulsive just now.
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