Chapter 1035: Number One King of Nascent Soul State

    Chapter 1035: Number One King of Nascent Soul State

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    Thinking about this, Ye Mo sneered and turned to leave, ignoring Wu Yu. He knew that it was impossible to take away Dongfang Nana here, but he already knew she was at the 7-star Eternity Sea Sect. That was enough

    "You want to go? Leave an arm behind..." Wu Yu said coldly. His fan opened and swept about, directing a few sharp, bleak rays at Ye Mo's arm. He didn't just want to slice off Ye Mo's arm, he wanted to pulverize it.

    Ye Mo immediately felt a powerful cultivation essence wall seal him off.

    Wu Yu made it look easy, but Ye Mo knew it was just that he didn't want to cause a big commotion here. Even an ordinary nascent soul state level three wouldn't be able to stop this. If he was going to counter attack, it would cause a big commotion.

    But there was no way Ye Mo wanted to lose an arm. Without a thought, he released Zi Xu.

    But before he moved, a white sword ray slipped past Ye Mo and Wu Yu. That sword ray was like the scorching sun and easily dissipated the bleak sharp ray from Wu Yu. Even the cultivation essence wall blocking Ye Mo disappeared.

    Ye Mo immediately knew that someone helped him. His spirit sense scanned that the white ray turned into a flying sword and landed on a man's back upstairs.

    It was already strange that a flying sword had a sheath, but even more strangely, the man carried the sheath on his back.

    Wu Yu didn't expect that someone dared to intervene after he reported his sect, but he immediately recognized who the person who stopped him was. He said, "Xu Changji, what is the meaning of this? What does this have to do with you? You want to go against me for a solo cultivator?"

    That cultivator said lazily, "I like to mind other people's business, if you don't like it we can sort it out on the dao discussion stage."

    "You..." Wu Yu clearly knew that he was no match for this man. His face sunk and he said to Dongfang Nana, "Let's go!"

    He didn't even go up to the spirit rest tower. Dongfang Nana glanced at Ye Mo fearfully and followed closely.

    Wu Yu walked to the door and suddenly turned to Ye Mo. "You better hope you're this lucky in the future as well. Don't let me see you again, or it won't just be one arm."

    Ye Mo said expressionlessly, "This is what I want to say to you also, I hope you don't meet me again next time."

    Wu Yu's eyes flashed with contempt and he just walked out.

    After Wu Yu left, the cultivators in the tower laughed out loud.

    Ye Mo knew why they laughed, it was because his magic artifact looked like an ugly kitchen knife.

    Ye Mo put away Zi Xu like nothing happened and saluted with his fists to that cultivator, "Thanks for helping, friend."

    He felt this Xu Changji was a familiar name, but he couldn't remember from where. This man only looked middle aged, probably no older than 300 years. His power wasn't absurd though, only nascent soul state peak stage. Why was that Wu Yu so scared of him?

    Xu Changji laughed and waved to Ye Mo. "Brother, why don't you come up for a talk?"

    "Okay." Ye Mo didn't know why Xu Changji wanted to talk to him, but he felt Xu Changji had no nefarious intentions, so he went up.

    Ling Xiaoshuang glared at Ye Mo and said coldly, "This lecher has some luck. If it wasn't for Xu Changji, he wouldnt' be able to get away today. This Xu Changji rose to fame in a short time, but I heard he's quite a person. Why would he click with someone like Ning Xiaoma?"

    Ye Mo saw that when Xu Changji stopped Wu Yu, no one dared to discuss the matter anymore, as though they feared him. What shook him even more was that he heard Xu Changji was a solo cultivator.

    Xu Changji clearly had a top grade room in this tower as he could see the dao discussion stage outside.

    "Brother Xu, thank you." Ye Mo thanked Xu Changji again.

    Xu Changji waved his hand and poured a cup of spirit tea for Ye Mo before saying, "You're Ye Mo, you came from the North Far State right? Pei Hai City's Mo Yue also belongs to you."

    Ye Mo got up abruptly and looked at Xu Changji in shock. He had never seen this person before, how did he know so much about him?

    Xu Changji smiled and waved his hand to Ye Mo. "No need to worry, if I'm not wrong you probably took care of that Tian Aofeng, you only dared to do that because you didn't know who he was."

    Ye Mo felt his head buzzing, if this matter was leaked he would have to flee to the ends of the world.

    How did he know? Wait, he was just guessing. He wasn't too sure that Tian Aofeng was killed by him.

    He knew so much about him so clearly, he came from North Far State - but one had to be hollow spirit state to come from North Far State.

    How did he come then? Did he get referred by a disaster transformation state as well? Ye Mo suddenly remembered the name Xu Changji and blurted out, "I remember you, you're the number one of the 50 nascent soul state kings in North Far State, right?"

    North Far State didn't have a nascent soul state hall of fame, but there were 50 kings. Ye Mo heard the number one master was Xu Changji.

    Xu Changji smiled and nodded, "That's right, I'm that Xu Changji. I only needed to see your unique purple kitchen knife before recognizing that you were that Ye Mo that Wang Yue sect's Shan Di qian bei talked about. I was also recommended to come here, but by Ling Zhongtian qian bei."

    "North Sand's number one master?" Ye Mo knew Ling Zhongtian, he was the number one master of the North Far State and was also said to be a solo cultivator.

    Xu Changji nodded. "That's right, Ling qian bei is undoubtedly the number one person in North Far State, but the cultivation difference between North Far State and South Peace State is too great. Ling qian bei can't even be ranked amongst the top 100 in South Peace State."

    "Really?" Ye Mo asked in shock.

    "Yes, the South Peace State cultivation level is far from what we see superficially. Many truth realisation state cultivators don't show up in the world. They just want to ascend to the immortal realm. We never hear of them." Xu Changji nodded seriously.

    Ye Mo suddenly asked, "Brother Xu, since you were recommended by Ling Zhongtian qian bei, why didn't you join a sect?"

    Xu Changji shook his head. "My situation is rather complicated, it can't be solved by joining a sect. Plus, even if I join one, I won't be able to break through nascent soul state."

    "Why is that?" Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

    Disillusion flashed across Xu Changji's eyes. He said after a moment, "The cultivation method I'm cultivating is very special and high level, but it only has steps up to nascent soul state. There's nothing for any stages afterwards. 100 years ago, I was already in nascent soul state tertiary stage, now I'm still at this level. If I don't get a new cultivation method, I will remain a nascent soul state cultivator until I die."

    So this was it. Without a hollow spirit state cultivation method, a nascent soul state cultivator might explode if he forcefully tried to break through. Ye Mo didn't know why Xu Changji didn't change cultivation methods, but he didn't ask.

    Xu Changji continued, "Ling Zhongtian qian bei knew of my situation and he tried very hard to help me find the latter part of that cultivation method, but he still hasn't been able to find it up until now. He eventually used a recommendation spot to send me here so I can search for my fortune myself. I've been wandering around everywhere and made quite a name for myself, but I haven't gotten any news of it."

    Although Ye Mo could write a new cultivation method using the Three Birth Chant, he only just met Xu Changji and didn't know if he was trustworthy.

    The Three Birth Chant was too large a secret.
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