Chapter 1041: Gathering of Geniuses

    Chapter 1041: Gathering of Geniuses

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    "This is not only heaven flame, but heaven flame that has reached red color, who has red heaven flame?" that first cultivator asked assertively.

    Heaven flames were hard to get and even harder to upgrade. Some people could get heaven flames but would remain unable to upgrade it their entire life. However, there were people who could upgrade earth flame to blue color.


    Ye Mo didn't know that people had guessed that he had heaven flame. The first thing he did when he got back was to spirit control the 9 Flavors. The Truth Fall Palace was about to open and after seeing that nascent soul state level seven, Ye Mo didn't dare to be careless. He was strong amongst nascent soul state cultivators, but there were too many prodigies in the world. Sometimes, it wasn't that he was weaker, but a sudden strange attack might be able to kill him if caught off guard.

    At the same time, Truth Fall City let out some news - the demonic cultivator Lu Jianqiang, ranked 219th on the nascent soul state trial tablet, had been killed outside the city not long ago.

    With this news, many people started guessing at who had killed Lu Jianqiang, because although he was cruel and merciless, he never fought people who were higher level than him and he really knew how to run away as well.

    But the news was that Lu Jianqiang was killed during a heated battle. This meant that Lu Jianqiang died to another nascent soul state cultivator, so the genius nascent soul state cultivators in the city were all targets of conjectures.


    "What? He actually killed Lu Jianqiang?" Wen Caiyi heard this news and didn't even dare to believe it. She guessed that the cultivator who chased out after Ye Mo was Lu Jianqiang, but she wasn't too sure. Now that Lu Jianqiang had been killed outside the city, it clearly the doing of that nascent soul state level three cultivator.

    Wen Caiyi came from a 9-star sect and was the core disciple as well as number one beauty of South Peace State. She had a narrow heart and a sense of superiority, but that didn't mean she was dumb. Instead, she knew how terrifying true genius disciples could be. There were many people stronger than her.

    But no matter how strong they were, they wouldn't be able to kill the nascent soul state level seven Lu Jianqiang with nascent soul state level three power. If it was just an ordinary level seven, it would've been easier for her to accept. But who Lu Jianqiang was, she knew very well. Even some nascent soul state peak stage cultivators didn't dare to face his Zero Life Demonic Mist.

    Even her martial brother Yuan Guannan wasn't able to kill nascent soul state level seven Lu Jianqiang as a nascent soul state level three. Just how overpowered was this cultivator who killed Lu Jianqiang at such a disadvantage?

    The sense of humiliation she felt from Ye Mo was gone. Instead, she felt deep concern. If she met this cultivator outside in the wilderness, he wouldn't have mercy on her at all. From how he led Lu Jianqiang outside and killed him without a sound, Wen Caiyi knew this guy was definitely an astute person.


    After Ye Mo spirit controlled the armor, he cultivated for a few days. He felt it was about time and thus he left Xu Changji's place and went to Sifan hotel. Little did he know that Ge Lian and You Shanping were very worried. Ye Mo had just given them a notice and left. They didn't know where he was staying at all.

    The Truth Fall Palace was about to open and Ye Mo was still nowhere to be seen. How could they not be worried?

    So as soon as he saw Ye Mo, You Shanping acted as if he had seen his family and immediately came up, asking Ye Mo if he was okay. He didn't even dare to ask where Ye Mo went.

    "Brother Ye, tomorrow you two will go on Green Pill sect's ship together. We're extra people, so try not to talk or even look around. There are usually big sect's geniuses on the ship, and if we offend someone, we can't deal with it," You Shanping said.

    "We're going on a ship?" Ye Mo asked in confusion. He thought it would be through a teleportation formation like the herb plain.

    Ge Lian nodded. "Yes, you need to go on a ship to get to Truth Fall Palace. Dao friend You's words are quite low profile, but it's the truth," Ge Lian said. He was afraid Ye Mo wouldn't be able to control his temper and would screw things up.

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "I know, don't worry brother Ge and brother You."

    Seeing Ye Mo agree, You Shanping breathed easy and said quietly in Ye Mo's ear, "Did you know that there are crouching tigers and hidden dragons in the city? A few days ago, a very powerful demonic cultivator Lu Jianqiang was killed silently outside the city. No one knows who killed him, but he was ranked 219 on the nascent soul state trial tablet. So, it's right to keep a low profile."

    Ye Mo was shaken, he knew the demonic cultivator was powerful but didn't expect him to be ranked 219th on the nascent soul state trial tablet.

    But now, Ye Mo had a vague idea of his power. If he went to try the nascent soul state trial tablet, he might be around 100 or so. Once he reached nascent soul state middle stage, he was confident in getting top ten. At nascent soul state tertiary stage, he was certain to get in the top 3.

    But Ye Mo wasn't interested in doing that at all. He knew now that even if he found Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue, so what? With their fame, it wasn't realistic to meet them.

    Perhaps the cultivators challenging him everyday would be too many.


    The second morning, Ge Lian and You Shanping took Ye Mo and that golden core state cultivator to gather at the Green Pill sect ground.

    The leader of the Green Pill sect was a body condensation state middle stage cultivator.

    The cultivator scanned Ye Mo and the golden core state cultivators. Seeing that their chi was very ordinary, there was a sliver of disappointment in his eyes, but he still nodded to Ge Lian. "You guys can go back, these two will come with us to the Truth Fall Palace."

    "Yes, Yang qian bei, wan bei will leave now." Ge Lian and You Shanping didn't even dare to talk much.

    Ye Mo glanced around casually, but found there were 16 people from the sect going to Truth Fall Palace. This meant that 8-star and 9-star sects would have even more.

    Looking around, Ye Mo saw someone familiar. It was that Qiu Xue from the herb plain, but she was now golden core state peak stage. She had reached golden core state peak stage in such a short time, it was probably due to the blue wen pill he gave her.

    However, now all the cultivators from the Green Pill Sect were gathered in front of Qiu Xue.

    When the group came to Truth Fall Square, many sects were already there. Even though this square was huge, it still seemed noisy.

    There was a huge ship parked at the square. This was probably the ship taking them to the Truth Fall Palace.

    He lowered his power to nascent soul state level one and even seemed a little unstable.

    Ye Mo's caution was correct. Soon, he felt a few spirit senses scan over his body. He even suspected that one of them belonged to You Shanping.

    As more people boarded the ship, the people in the square grew less. Ye Mo and Gu Wei were at the end of the Green Pill Sect's line.

    Although the Green Pill Sect gave two spots to them and had two extra rooms, they didn't give the rooms to Ye Mo and Gu Wei. Two hollow spirit state cultivators from their sect came instead.

    Ye Mo and Gu Wei couldn't even stay in Green Pill Sect's place, they could only live with people from the Solo Cultivator Alliance.

    There were very few solo cultivators going to the Truth Fall Palace. Many of them were recommended by the Solo Cultivator Alliance. However, the Solo Cultivator Alliance's status was far weaker here than in North Far State. This was because North Far State had Ling Zhongtian.

    But Ye Mo didn't mind, he didn't want to be found.

    When he came to the solo cultivator rooms, he found that there were almost 200 solo cultivators and they all stayed in this big hall. Everyone just had an area, not even their own room.

    For a cultivator, a private room was the most important, yet so many were squeezed here together.
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