Chapter 1048: Minding Other’s Business

    Chapter 1048: Minding Other's Business

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    Qingyi and the nuns were gone, Ye Mo had no concerns now and released Zi Xu. Illusion Cloud Division Sword brought out a cascade of sword rays.

    The nascent soul state who was setting up the formation found that Ye Mo wasn't trapped in his formation at all. He was very surprised, but countless purple sword rays had already swept towards him.

    When he released his own magic artifact, it only managed to block a few purple sword rays before being pulverized by the countless others.

    Seeing that Ye Mo had instantly killed a nascent soul state level three cultivator on his side, the nascent soul state level five immediately realized that he had been hiding his power. He immediately yelled to other cultivators, "Attack with full power, this person is at least nascent soul state tertiary stage!"

    Before he finished, Ye Mo hacked Zi Xu over at him. At the same time, Ye Mo let out Shadowless.

    Ye Mo's cultivation essence and spirit sense was already stronger than that nascent soul state level five. With Shadowless ambushing him, the nascent soul state level five could only block one strike from Ye Mo before he had his nascent soul enveloped by Shadowless. The next moment, he felt his spirit sense hurt and was killed by Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo wanted to finish the battle as quickly as possible, so of course he would attack with full power. The remaining nascent soul state level three saw that Ye Mo had instantly killed two of his friends who were stronger than him and was scared witless. He didn't dare to fight Ye Mo at all and released his magic artifact, turning to flee.

    However, there was no way was Ye Mo going to let him escape. He didn't even take back Zi Xu and used Illusion Cloud Whirlpool strike.

    That nascent soul state level three immediately knew things weren't good. The next moment, he was dismembered.

    Ye Mo put away Zi Xu and Shadowless and quickly picked up three storage rings. He quickly dug out the Season Wheat and immediately disappeared.


    "Martial sister, will martial brother Xiaoma be okay? Why hasn't he met up with us yet?" The nuns had already run for ten thousand miles and Qingyi couldn't help asking this question.

    Qinghan fell silent for a moment and said, "He has a small transmission rune, technically he should be able to get away even if he can't beat them."

    Even though she said this, Qinghan felt guilty. She knew that when they left, those people were already setting up a trap formation. As for whether or not a small transmission rune could get out of a level three trap formation, she wasn't too sure. She could only meet her martial sisters and ask.

    If she was by herself, she wouldn't definitely wouldn't have left, but she still had three younger martial sisters with her. She was told by the big martial sister and her master that she needed to take care of the younger martial sisters. She was very grateful to that Ning Xiaoma that they wouldn't be raped.

    The group fell into silence.


    At this moment, at an ordinary location next to the Truth Fall Palace, Ye Mo went into the Golden Page World. He took out the three nascent soul state cultivator's storage rings.

    There weren't a lot of spirit stones in there, the three combined only had less than 5 million, but there were quite a few spirit herbs. Most were level four and level five with a few above that.

    Ye Mo immediately found the Season Wheat amongst them. He took the two plants out and put them together before carefully planting them inside his Golden Page World.

    The three's storage rings didn't disappoint Ye Mo. He found three copies of the same map. It mapped Truth Fall Palace from level one to level six, but there was nothing above that. The map was also very precise.

    He found that there was an ordinary stony beach on level three that looked exactly like the map the female cultivator gave him.

    Ye Mo suppressed his excitement. This ordinary place was just the kind of place Yu Baisheng qian bei liked to set up his stealth formation.

    He put away the map and wanted to go level three immediately.

    As for the rest of the things, he just casually organized them. There were two extreme grade spirit artifacts, a few sect jade cards. The jade cards had the name of a sect from the West Mass State. Ye Mo couldn't even be bothered looking at it and destroyed them. The three had a good plan to rob others, but were unlucky and ultimately lost their lives to Ye Mo.

    After knowing the location of the bitter bamboo, Ye Mo left the Golden Page World and found his direction heading towards level three.

    There were 333 stairs from level two to level three. Ye Mo came a little early and there were only a few people. But Ye Mo didn't care, he wanted the bitter bamboo and quickly rushed up the stairs.

    Before the people on level two could react, Ye Mo had already disappeared from the stairway.

    He was only one person and he went up as soon as he came. The people watching this glanced at each other and also went to climb the stairs.

    They believed that since the cultivator was desperate to go to level three, there must be something good there.

    Soon, there were no more cultivators at the entrance to level three. Those who could come here were elite sect members, so 333 stairs weren't hard for them.

    Ye Mo didn't go far and he noticed some fighting cultivation essence waves. Ye Mo didn't want to go look and just scanned the area casually.

    When he saw that it was one man and woman fighting, he immediately changed directions and headed to the battleground.

    There were two cultivators watching from the side. The male cultivator who was golden core state level nine had the lower hand. The two male cultivators watching were probably on the side of the female cultivator. They were watching and pointing fingers at the golden core state level nine in contempt.

    The reason Ye Mo rushed over was because he knew the male cultivator. It was Guo Qifan, who he met at the desert herb plain. He and his martial sister led the way for Ye Mo and Ye Mo had given them a few pills. Guo Qifan was golden core state level nine now clearly due to the pills he had given them.

    Ye Mo was nascent soul state power and showed it to be nascent soul state level one. As soon as he came, everyone noticed.

    They stopped fighting and Guo Qifan saluted with his fists, showing his respect for a nascent soul state qian bei.

    Guo Qifan immediately ate a pill as he was injured.

    The female cultivator and her two friends didn't show much respect to Ye Mo and just retreated a little, clearly waiting for Ye Mo to go away first before they could continue attacking Guo Qifan.

    But what they didn't expect was that this nascent soul state didn't plan to leave.

    Ye Mo asked coldly, "Why are you guys fighting?"

    The golden core state peak stage female cultivator and her friends were dazed, not expecting there to be a nascent soul state who didn't mind his own business.

    Guo Qifan also looked at Ye Mo in surprise, but he realized Ye Mo seemed to lean towards his side.

    "Qian bei, we have some conflict with this person..." The female cultivator finally showed some respect for Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo didn't seem to hear this and looked at Guo Qifan, "Why are you guys fighting?"

    Guo Qifan was much more respectful than them. He said, "My two friends and I found two crisp green vines here. They came here later and saw them too. There was a level six red back wolf guarding it, so we decided to attack it together and split half the crisp green vines.

    However this red back wolf was very strong and killed my two sect members. They've lost someone too, but we eventually killed the wolf together.

    Guo Qifan pointed at the female cultivator and said, "She said her friend died to the wolf so they want both of the crisp green vines. Are my sect members not dead too? I tried to reason with them but she attacked me without hesitation."

    Ye Mo just noticed that the female cultivator and her two friends had a star symbol on their clothes.

    Seeing Ye Mo looked at it, Guo Qifan said, "They're from Heaven Star Sect. So people from the 8-star sect can rob whoever they like?"

    "Heaven Star Sect?" Ye Mo suddenly asked. "Yi Pandie from the ten beauties is from your sect?"
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