Chapter 1050: Warmth of Friendship

    Chapter 1050: Warmth of Friendship

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    Wen Caiyi looked at Ye Mo in surprise and the contempt in her eyes grew. She didn't expect this guy to not only be small-hearted but to like to bully low level cultivators and also to be lecherous.

    Yi Pandie stared at Ye Mo coldly and suddenly, a dual ring magic artifact appeared. She said coldly to Ye Mo, "Give back martial sister Yu's things and apologize, or I will kill you."

    Pan Yidie was nascent soul state level two and the core disciple of an 8-star sect. Other than Wen Caiyi, no one believed she was unable to kill Ye Mo.

    Ling Xiaoshuang believed that Ye Mo wasn't even a match for her - how could he beat Pan Yidie who was stronger than her?

    But Ling Xiaoshuang told Yi Pandie telepathically, "Martial sister Pandie, he hid his power - he's actually nascent soul state level three."

    Yi Pandie nodded and looked at Ye Mo with even more contempt. "Being sneaky and lurking in the shadows - you won't accomplish much. If you don't do as I say, I will still kill you."

    Even though Ye Mo was nascent soul state level three, Yi Pandie was confident she could kill him.

    The South Peace State ten beauties had an abundance of fans everywhere. The cultivators around her already started to look at Ye Mo with unhappy eyes. Even the matter of this defense formation had been set aside for the moment.

    Ye Mo saw that he had enemies all around him and sneered. He knew that even if he fought them now, he wouldn't be able to beat so many cultivators. He still had important things to do, now wasn't the time to attack.

    "What, you still don't want to hand it over?" Yi Pandie saw that Ye Mo didn't speak and sneered. Her dual ring buzzed as she injected her cultivation essence into it.

    "Martial sister Pandie, let me deal with things like this. I'll make sure this guy begs on the ground!" another male cultivator next to her said.

    Ye Mo scanned this male cultivator. He was nascent soul state level four. Without a doubt, he was also a genius among geniuses to be able to reach nascent soul state level four within 100 years.

    Yi Pandie shook her head. "No need, I said I will make him spit it out and so I will do it."

    Ye Mo looked coldly at Yi Pandie and said, "Idiot, then tell me - what did I rob from that woman?"

    Yi Pandie turned around and asked martial sister Yu, "Martial sister Yu, what did he rob from you? Tell me and I will make him spit it out."

    Martial sister Yu seemed a little worried, but she soon calmed down and pointed at Ye Mo. "He robbed my crisp green vine..."

    Before martial sister Yu could say anything else, Yi Pandie glared at Ye Mo coldly. "Give it back."

    The crisp green vine wasn't something very precious to nascent soul state cultivators. A nascent soul state cultivator robbed a golden core state female cultivator's spirit herb, and it was only a mere level six spirit herb. Immediately, everyone looked at Ye Mo contemptuously.

    Ye Mo saw that this woman wanted to find trouble for herself and couldn't be bothered controlling his anger anymore. He raised his hand and a flying sword appeared in his hand. He stared coldly at Yi Pandie, "If you want to fight then fight, stop spewing bull**."

    When Yi Pandie saw that Ye Mo would rather fight her than give the crisp green vine, she also got angry. Her power levels rose.

    However, Ling Xiaoshuang frowned. Her sect's cultivation method was all about the heart and she felt that martial sister Yu hadn't told the truth.

    However, she didn't say anything. In her eyes, Ye Mo need to be taught a lesson.

    "Kill him! Kill him!"

    Cultivators around them started cheering for Yi Pandie. Almost everyone was saying to kill Ye Mo quickly.

    "Martial sister Pandie, leaving such a shameless cultivator in the world is a harm. Just kill him, don't worry, I'm sure he can't escape," Yuan Guannan suddenly said.

    Yi Pandie glanced at Yuan Guannan. She knew that he meant she could attack full on. If she was in danger or this Ning Xiaoma tried to run away, he would attack. However, she didn't reply.

    When the two were about to fight, a few more flying swords headed over.

    "Martial brother Xiaoma, I knew you would be fine! Thank god...."

    "Martial brother Xiaoma, you're alright! This is great!"

    "Xiaoma brother..."

    Ye Mo heard this and immediately knew Qingyi and the others were here. He felt some warmth, but didn't except Xia Youshan to call him 'Xiaoma brother'.

    Four women had arrived. Everyone knew where they came from - they were sect members of the Clear Dream Mosque, three of them were nuns.

    Everyone was shocked to find that the nuns of the Clear Dream Mosque were with this shameless and lewd cultivator. Yi Pandie even forgot to attack and was confused with what was going on. Clear Dream Mosque had strict rules, how could their sects be associated with this Ning Xiaoma, and be so intimate as well?

    The nuns of the Clear Dream Mosque who were already here also looked at Qingyi and the others in shock. Ling Xiaoshuang was even more confused. Her martial sisters greeted Ning Xiaoma before greeting her.

    Suddenly, she thought of the female cultivator she met at Truth Fall City. After Ning Xiaoma got to her, she would rather cry and help Ning Xiaoma than...

    Ling Xiaoshuang didn't dare to keep thinking. She didn't believe that in such a short time, Ning Xiaoma had the means to get all of her martial sisters.

    Ling Xiaoshuang suddenly felt cold. If this really was the case, then Ning Xiaoma was too good with dealing with women. Seeing Ye Mo chatting with her four martial sisters, she immediately called out, "Qingyi, what are you guys doing there? Hurry up and come here!"

    Qingyi also noticed something was wrong, she looked around and saw Clear Dream Mosque's Moon Dual Rings as well as Ye Mo's flying sword and understood something.

    She looked at Yi Pandie and asked, "Martial sister Pandie, is there some misunderstanding between you and martial brother Xiaoma?"

    Martial brother Xiaoma? Yi Pandie looked at Qinghan in confusion and asked, "Were you tricked by this hypocrite? He's lecherous and likes to abuse low level cultivators. He's not a good person, why are you calling him martial brother Xiaoma?"

    Yi Pandie didn't know how to speak and had already offended Qinghan and them.

    Hearing this, Qinghan's soft voice turned cold. Yi Pandie, what do you mean? You not only frame martial brother Xiaoma and you do that to us as well! Is the Heaven Star Sect very great? You can speak without being responsible for your words?"

    Ye Mo saved them by risking his life and they had been with Ye Mo for more than a few days. The four were very grateful to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo was always respectful to them, he was nothing close to lecherous, but now Yi Pandie framed Ye Mo like this. Plus, Yi Pandie's words meant that they were staying with a lecherous person, didn't that imply they were lecherous too?

    Yi Pandie also realized her words were inappropriate. Qinghan was from a 9-star sect, while she was only from an 8-star sect and at most had the title of South Peace State ten beauties.

    Just when Yi Pandie didn't know what to say, Ling Xiaoshuang said, "Martial sister QInghan, you guys must've been tricked by that Ning Xiaoma. He's good at pretending. Hurry up and come back, stop speaking for him."

    Qinghan was dazed. She didn't expect Ling Xiaoshuang to say that of Ning Xiaoma too. She was very disappointed. She knew very well what sort of a person Ning Xiaoma was, martial sister Qingshuang clearly thought of Ye Mo like this because of other people's words.

    Qingyi was a kind hearted girl. She heard Ling Xiaoshuang's words and began to tear up. "Martial sister Qingshuang, martial brother Xiaoma is really a good person. Don't wrong him. If someone is to start trouble with him, I will be the first to help him."

    "I will help brother Xiaoma as well," Xia Youshan immediately got up and said.

    Qingyue who never spoke just stood behind Ye Mo and Qinghan released her flying sword.

    Ye Mo suddenly felt touched. He just helped them casually, yet they were so thankful to him. This made him feel the warmth of friendship.
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