Chapter 1064: Prodigies Will Die Too

    Chapter 1064: Prodigies Will Die Too

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    Seeing that Ye Mo broke his binding with just one strike, Yuan Guannan was shocked. Before he could use another move, the countless purple sword rays already swept over.

    *Thud thud thud*

    The octagonal cauldron above his head spun rapidly and dissipated the sword chi.

    Ye Mo felt a strong repulsive power and took a few steps back.

    What cauldron was this? Its defensive capabilities were so strong? This was the first time he had encountered a cauldron so powerful. He could tell that the ancient spear was a low grade cultivation artifact, but this cauldron - he couldn't even tell what level it was.

    Yuan Guannan was dazed at Ye Mo, in just a brief moment, he realized that Ye Mo was no ordinary nascent soul state level four. If it wasn't for his octagonal cauldron, he would've had the lower hand in that bout.

    "Which sect are you from?" Yuan Guannan's eyes turned cold. He wasn't as confident and relaxed as he had been before. He didn't believe that Ye Mo was just a solo cultivator. How could a solo cultivator have such offensive power?

    He underestimated that kitchen knife before, but now he no longer dared to.

    "If you want to fight then fight, you talk too much." Ye Mo didn't want to hear Yuan Guannan talk. This was the Truth Fall Palace level five, but there were still quite some cultivators here. If someone knew that he killed Yuan Guannan and he wans't able to kill that person, his situation would be disastrous.

    So Ye Mo hacked out with Zi Xu again.

    Illusion Cloud divison strike, Illusion Cloud formation kill strike.

    Yuan Guannan's cauldron's defensive power was too strong, if he didn't lock it down, it would be very hard for him to kill Yuan Guannan.

    Luckily, Yuan Guannan's spirit sense and cultivation essence weren't as powerful as his. He could only use the cauldron passively to defend and not attack. Otherwise, Ye Mo was sure that even if he was more powerful than Yuan Guannan, he wouldn't be able to kill him.

    That octagonal cauldron was good. Just as Yuan Guannan wanted his dimensional magic artifact, he also wanted the octagonal cauldron.

    Seeing Ye Mo attacking without saying anything, Yuan Guannan immediately knew that Ye Mo also had killing intent towards him. He couldn't care much now, the ancient spear made a buzzing sound and was released with strong killing intent. But this time, it wasn't to bind Ye Mo's cultivation essence but to kill him.

    This time, a rain dragon formed. It roared and descended from the heavens.

    "Die!" At this moment, the ancient spear smashed down like an ancient weapon of carnage with the roar of a dragon.

    The spear hacked open Zi Xu's sword ray, but before it landed, it swept down with terrifying pressure. The spirit chi on the spear created sonic explosions in the air. The earth around Ye Mo cracked under the immense pressure.

    Zi Xu and the spear clashed. The divided purple sword rays all shattered and dispersed.


    The explosion broke out between Ye Mo and Yuan Guannan. Yuan Guannan was sent flying by Ye Mo's powerful cultivation essence, but he didn't escape from Ye Mo's purple sword rays formation.

    Although the purple sword rays formation were weakened after that spear attack, they still locked the cauldron down temporarily.

    Yuan Guannan spat out a mouthful of blood and was very shocked. He had used his full power and was still at a disadvantage. He didn't think that a genius like him would lose to an unknown, minor figure. He really didn't want to accept this fact, but it was right in front of his eyes.

    Go - he had to go immediately! Who was this Ning Xiaoma? He was too powerful.

    Yuan Guannan wanted to kill Liu Manxiang who was trying to retreat, but he knew that losing face was the least important thing right now. Even if word of him losing got out, he had to run first.

    But how could Ye Mo let Yuan Guannan go? If Yuan Guannan kept fighting him, he might need more effort to kill him, but since he wanted to run, he was unlucky.

    Zi Xu flashed and Illusion Cloud whirlpool strike was used. Countless spinning eddy purple sword rays surrounded Yuan Guannan again. He was very shaken, but no matter how he used the cauldron, it was surrounded by countless seemingly alive sword rays and couldn't break free.

    "No way!" Yuan Guannan felt that even body condensation state cultivators couldn't control sword rays that hacked out so accurately. What sword technique was this?

    But Yuan Guannan knew now wasn't the time to be thinking about it. He took out a rune and it immediately turned into a huge black shield. Ye Mo's eddy sword ray hit the shield and dissipated, while the shield only became a little paler.

    Ye Mo frowned, it was a level seven defense iron rune. This Yuan Guannan had quite a lot of things.

    Liu Manxiang saw Yuan Guannan have the lower hand and knew that Yuan Guannan was no match for Ye Mo. She thought the two would need to fight longer to determining a winner, but it was decided so quickly. She retreated slowly, trying to slip away, but she only went 30 meters before she was killed by a sword ray that suddenly appeared.

    Even in her death she didn't believe that Ye Mo was this cruel. She offered to give her body to him, yet he was still willing to kill a woman as pretty as her.

    Yuan Guannan saw that Ye Mo could even spare the effort to kill Liu Manxiang while fighting with him and felt even more concerned. He turned to run immediately, giving up the octagonal cauldron. He regretted coming to find Ye Mo by himself.

    Just at this moment, he felt he was ambushed by something. Before he could figure it out, Ye Mo's purple sword rays came again.

    With a crack, the level seven defense rune broke.

    Ye Mo didn't want to waste too much time and he had to kill him with certainty, so he called Shadowless.


    After Ye Mo burned the bodies, he picked up the storage rings. The cow beast was nowhere to be seen, clearly he knew that he was no match for the cultivators here.

    Ye Mo picked up the Mist Zhi Lans and put the storage ring as well as the octagonal cauldron into the Golden Page World before leaving immediately. Even though he was 10,000 kilometers away, he still didn't dare to look at the storage ring he took from Yuan Guannan.

    This was too serious, he didn't want anyone to notice it; if they did, he would be done for.

    Although Ye Mo really didn't want to mess with these 9-star sect disciples, if they came up to him, he wasn't going to beg for mercy.


    Wen Caiyi frowned, looking at the direction Yuan Guannan left. When he left, he told her to wait for 15 minutes, but now it had been 6 hours and he still wasn't back. She was getting impatient and took out a messenger flying sword.

    But as soon as she released it, it burned up. Wen Caiyi was shaken. There were only two possible reasons for this: one was Yuan Guannan was too far and the messenger flying sword couldn't reach him, the other was that Yuan Guannan had died.

    Yuan Guannan had only been gone for 6 hours, he couldn't be too far away. The only possibility was that he had died.

    Thinking about this, Wen Caiyi began to worry. Yuan Guannan was the most prominent disciple in the young generation of Infinity Sect, he could quite possibly have become the future Infinity Sect leader. If he died here, the Infinity Sect would go crazy.

    The Truth Fall Palace was dangerous, but if Yuan Guannan lived through the forbidden grounds, how could he die here? Other than the few hollow spirit state cultivators, there was barely anyone who could kill Yuan Guannan. Plus, who would dare to kill him?
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