Chapter 1070: Pill City

    Chapter 1070: Pill City

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    Jing Yingli smiled awkwardly. She felt she was impolite, how could he tell his trump card of removing the soul mark to her?

    But Jing Yingli felt this Ye Mo was not ordinary. She had seen many prodigal cultivators and felt she herself was a prodigy amongst prodigies, but never had a cultivator given her a feeling of immeasurable depth like Ye Mo.

    Jing Yingli took Ye Mo back to a very distant place and Ye Mo saw a small Hollow Seed Fruit tree. Ye Mo could there was about 20 Hollow Seed Fruits.

    They were like golden specks decorating the tree, it was beautiful. Ye Mo knew that once the Hollow Seed Fruit matured, it was yellow on the outside and red on the inside. It was not only a level 7 spirit fruit, but it was also very delicious. Although Ye Mo never had it, it was clearly explained in the Thing.

    But if that person wasn't crazy, he wouldn't eat the Hollow Seed Fruit like a normal fruit. It was something that culdn't be bought even with tens of millions of spirit stones. Why would someone eat it extravagantly like a fruit?

    But Ye Mo really had this idea, he wanted to plant this tree inside his Golden Page World and use it as Yimo's snack fruit.

    "There're about 20 Hollow Seed Fruits, we'll take ten each, what do you think?" Jing Yingli wouldn't ask this before the battle, but now she needed to do so.

    Ye Mo nodded. "That's great, you pick first, I'll take the rest."

    "Okay." Jing Yingli quickly flew up and picked ten fruit.

    Ye Mo just wanted to pick his when his spirit sense noticed a cultivator flying over here rapidly. Ye Mo looked at the cultivator's expression and knew he wanted the Hollow Seed Fruit too.

    Ye Mo sneered and released his flying sword before pulling the entire fruit tree up from the roots.

    "Wait!" A voice reached Ye Mo and Jing Yingli's ears.

    Ye Mo acted as though he didn't hear it and put the tree into the Golden Page World. Why would he wait when he got such good things? Was this guy's head rusting?

    Jing Yingli heard the cultivator's words and didn't care about them at all. If the cultivator who just came wasn't hollow spirit state, then she and Ye Mo didn't need to worry at all. But she didn't expect Ye Mo to be this crazy, he dug the entire tree away! At least leave something for people in the future.

    "Martial sister Yingli..." the male cultivator's face didn't look good, but he still greeted Jing Yingli.

    Jing Yingli also recognized this person. She could only reply, "So it's martial brother Qilin from God Wind Valley, are you by yourself?"

    Qi Lin's face wasn't good, he scanned Ye Mo plainly before replying, "Yeah, I got separated from my martial sister but I saw a Hollow Seed Fruit tree here, but martial sister arrived a step before me."

    Ye Mo saw this Qi Lin was prettier than a woman, but he scorned him in his heart. This guy clearly knew that he had split the Hollow Seed Fruit with Jing Yingli and still brought it up. Did he want him to take them out? If he really did, then this guy was dreaming. Ye Mo also knew that Jing Yingli was reminding him that this guy came from 9-star sect God Wind Valley, and he shouldn't just do things casually.

    Jing Yingli also knew what Qi Lin was thinking, but she said politely to Qi Lin while mocking him inside, "Martial brother Qi, we'll be leaving."

    Qi Lin saw this and quickly asked, "Wait martial sister Yingli, who is this?"

    Jing Yingli quickly said, "This is our Abstruse Sound Sect's inner sect member... my father sent three inner sect members to protect me in the Truth Fall Palace, now he's the only one..."

    Then, Jing Yingli's face seemed sad. Even Ye Mo had to admit her expression seemed too real.

    Since Jing Yingli said this, Qi Lin couldn't bring up the Hollow Seed Fruit again. After all, they were from a 9-star sect too and they got the Hollow Spirit Fruit first. Why should they give it to him? If Ye Mo wasn't from the Abstruse Sound Sect, he might try to force them out of him.

    Qi Lin could only watch as Ye Mo and Jing Yingli left, but he still looked at Ye Mo with bad intent. In his view, even though Ye Mo was Jing Yingli's follower, he was a 9-star sect's core disciple. Ye Mo should give him a few Hollow Seed Fruit.


    After a long while, Ye Mo asked, "Martial sister Jing, did your sect really send a few people to protect you and they all died?"

    Jing Yingli said with dejectedness, "Yes, my father sent those inner sect members, but ever since they went in the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds, they never came out... I've been wanting to tell you that if you don't have an identity when you go out, you can use one of their identities and I will vouch for you."

    Ye Mo could tell that she wasn't very sad that her three followers died, but more that it was because they were sent by her father.

    Ye Mo shook his head, he felt that there was too much drama in these big sects. But he still thanked Jing Yingli for giving him an identity.

    "From now on, your name is Xi Pei. After you go out, you can leave by yourself and change names. I will go back and say that you didn't listen to me and I killed you," Jing Yingli said indifferently.

    Hearing this, Ye Mo realized that those three guards weren't just here to protect her. He nodded and didn't ask why. It had nothing to do with him.

    After a long silence, Jing Yingli said, "That Qi Lin is the core disciple of God Wind Valley, nascent soul state level nine and ranked 17th on the nascent soul state trial tablet. You need to be careful."

    Ye Mo nodded, he probably was no match for the 17th ranked on the trial tablet yet. Cultivators weren't like spirit beasts, the Lightning Leopard was level seven but it wasn't intelligent. If it had intelligence, then even hollow spirit state primary stage cultivators were no match for it. So usually, ordinary cauldron filling state cultivators couldn't beat level nine spirit beasts, since spirit beasts who were level nine usually had intelligence and some even began to morph into humans.

    "After you leave the Truth Fall Palace, what do you plan to do?" Because of Ye Mo's show of power, Jing Yingli didn't want to just use him, she even wanted to help him as perhaps he might pay her back in the future.

    With how smart Jing Yingli was, she could see the huge potential in Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo fell silent for a moment. He planned to go back to Mo Yue City and then entrust it to Xu Changjie to look after. Then, he would find a forgery great master to make the Lightning Leopard skin into an armor and prepare for breaking through to hollow spirit state.

    "I want to find a forgery great master and make the Lightning Leopard skin into an armor." Ye Mo didn't tell her about Mo Yue City as she wasn't a friend yet.

    Jing Yingli fell silent and said, "I know a forgery grand master, I will tell you his location and you can go see him. Another thing is..."

    She hesitated before continuing, "Although news of you killing Yuan Guannan and Tian Aofeng hasn't been spilled, I suggest you find some support. 9-star sects like the Lightning Cloud Sect and the Infinity Sect have too much power, one slight thing might bring them to investigate you. So, you need to prepare yourself."

    How could Ye Mo not know this? But they were both 9 star sects while he was only a nascent soul state level four - how was he going to fight against them?

    As though knowing what Ye Mo was thinking, Jing Yingli said, "All Formation Sect is only an 8-star sect, but it's very powerful. Even ordinary 9-star sects don't dare to mess with them. You're a level five formation great master, a talent the All Formation Sect needs. If you join them, then even the 9-star sects need to consider before attacking you..."

    Ye Mo could tell from her tone that they just needed to think before attacking. So, they would still attack if necessary.

    Jing Yingli shook her head, she knew that the All Formation Sect was powerful, but not enough to protect Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo suddenly smiled and said to Jing Yingli, "Martial sister Jing, thanks for your help. So what if the 9-star sect comes to me? We cultivators pursue the Dao, what is there to fear in death?"

    Jing Yingli smiled, "I know you're not scared to die, but from your tone I know you have too many attachments. If you really didn't have that many attachments, I wouldn't be helping you come up with ideas."

    She paused before sighing, "If only you were a pill master, you could join the Pill City..."

    "Pill City?" Ye Mo immediately asked.
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