Chapter 1071: The Genius That was Shocked

    Chapter 1071: The Genius That was Shocked

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    Jing Yingli nodded. "Pill City is the only 10-star city on Luo Yue continent. To be exact, it's not a sect, it's just a city. But it's a grade higher than a 9-star sect. Although the Pill City never starts any trouble, no one dares to start trouble at the Pill City. If you were a pill master, with your talent you will eventually rise to the top at the Pill City. At that time, even if the Infinity Sect knew that you killed Yuan Guannan, they wouldn't dare to do anything to you."

    Pill City, Ye Mo didn't expect there to be a 10-star power in South Peace State. But then again, ever since he came to South Peace State, he had been cultivating in hiding. He didn't dare to appear in public places - how could he know about the Pill City?

    Seeing Ye Mo's strange expression, Jing Yingli immediately guessed that Ye Mo didn't even know about the Pill City, so she explained, "Long ago, the Pill City was an association formed for pill masters. Because it attracted large amounts of pill concoction masters, many powerful beings who couldn't break through would seek help from the pill kings at the Pill Association. Until eventually, all those who failed immortal ascension and those cultivators who couldn't reach truth realisation state would all go to the Pill City. Eventually, this place became a place where powerful beings gathered."

    Ye Mo realized that this place was like the North Far State Pill Association, but eventually turned into the Pill City.

    Jing Yingli continued, "A few centuries ago, a level nine pill king changed the place the Pill Association was at to Pill City. Almost all the powerful beings and pill kings at the time joined the Pill City. The Pill City became the most powerful place in South Peace State. Rarely anyone from the Pill City went out seeking trouble, they were all there for cultivation and pill concoction. Many cultivators who wanted to absorb the pill chi in the city all joined the Pill City."

    Ye Mo sighed. He thought the cities were the weakest as no matter how a city developed its power it couldn't match a sect, but now it seemed he was very wrong.

    He wanted to develop Mo Yue City into the most powerful city, but it seemed someone had done this long before him.

    "I heard that the best pill king in South Peace State was only level seven, how could there be a level nine pill king?" Ye Mo asked in confusion. He didn't believe old man Kong Ye would trick him.

    Jing Yingli smiled, "That's right, because usually pill kings above level seven don't stay in society. They are all focused on studying the immortal dao and trying to concoct immortal pills until they die of old age or reach immortal ascension. So, it's very hard even for truth realisation state cultivators to ask a pill king above level seven for pill concoction. Usually, even level seven pill king don't help people easily."

    Ye Mo was beginning to understand. If a level seven pill king did well, then he might occasionally concoct heaven grade level nine pills. Heaven grade level nine was already the highest level in the cultivation realm. It even had a pill spirit. Even truth realisation states might not need heaven grade level nine pills.

    "Are there are lot of pill kings at the Pill City?" Ye Mo asked.

    Jing Yingli shook her head. "There're about 30 to 50 pill kings at the Pill City. That isn't a lot, the sects in the entire South Peace State without pill kings and solo cultivators all go to Pill City to buy pills. This means that every pill king is very precious. There're even fewer pill kings above level four. There aren't more than 20 in South Peace State and no more than 10 in the Pill City. As for level seven pill kings, according to what I know, there are only two in the Pill City. I don't know how many pill kings there are above level seven."

    Ye Mo didn't expect his pill concoction skills to be able to rank into top 20 in the South Peace State. He hesitated before telling Jing Yingli.

    "Is there something you want to say? Say it, I won't betray you." Jing Yingli could tell by Ye Mo's expression that he had something to say.

    Ye Mo nodded, "Martial sister Jing, thanks for your words and your genuine help. I've decided to go to the Pill City. It's just as you said - I'm not afraid of death but I have too many attachments."

    Jing Yingli was very smart and provided the best analysis for his situation.

    Jing Yingli could just tell from a slight hint and stared at Ye Mo in shock, "Are you a pill master too?"

    Ye Mo nodded. "That's right, but I'm not a pill master - I'm a level four pill king..."


    Jing Yingli was struck by Ye Mo's words again. She stared at Ye Mo with uncertainty. If Ye Mo didn't show level five formation great master skills before, she would think Ye Mo was crazy.

    If a level five formation great master needed time to build up, then level four pill kings didn't just need time, they needed absurd talent and large amounts of time and resources as well as fortune.

    How old was Ye Mo? Just being a formation great master was enough to use up all the time he had spent. Now, he told her he was a pill king, a level four pill king - how could she believe it? But her instincts told her that Ye Mo wasn't lying.

    "You're really a level four pill king?" Jing Yingli asked in disbelief.

    "I'm indeed a level four pill king." Ye Mo was helpless.

    Jing Yingli took a deep breath as she processed this information.

    Ye Mo felt quite awkward being stared at by Jing Yingli. He coughed and said, "I want to ask how to get to the Pill City."

    Jing Yingli breathed slowly and calmed down before saying, "You're a level four pill king, you should be able to concoct the Hollow Meridian pill right?"

    The difference between level four and level three pill king was a yardstick, no matter how many materials a level three pill king wasted, he wouldn't be able to concoct a Hollow Meridian pill. Only a level four pill king could concoct it, so it was very precious. This was why there was such a huge ratio difference in nascent soul state and hollow spirit state cultivators in South Peace State.

    Ye Mo nodded, "That's right, I should be able to concoct it."

    "Okay." Jing Yingli took out tens of jade boxes and placed them in front of Ye Mo, saying, "These are the spirit herbs needed for the Hollow Meridian pill. I'll take you to the city and you can help me concoct a Hollow Meridian pill. I will also take you to the forgery master and even get you a spot in the Pill City's pill concoction tournament.

    Even the 9-star sect Abstruse Sound Sect didn't have a level four pill king, so Jing Yingli collected large amounts of spirit herbs since she couldn't find someone to concoct the pill for her. Perhaps she could ask for help from her sect, but to her that was the last thing she wanted to do. Plus, the sect leader was her father, the person she didn't want to see the most.

    If she hadn't met Ye Mo, she was planning to head to Pill City a year later, but since Ye Mo was a level four pill king, she wasn't going to pass up this opportunity.

    Ye Mo scanned the jade box with his spirit sense. A few contained the Hollow Seed Fruit they had collected. He said in surprise, "You have enough materials here to make three cauldrons of Hollow Meridian pills. If you just need one, you don't need to use this many materials."

    "I just need one pill, you can have the rest." Jing Yingli was very confident in her talent. One Hollow Meridian Pill and she could ascend to hollow spirit state.

    Ye Mo wasn't greedy, Jing Yingli was so generous and helped him with his plan - he was very grateful. The Hollow Meridian pill was very precious. Even if she didn't need it, she could sell it for large amounts of spirit stones.

    "I'll help you concoct it now. It will probably take me half a day for a cauldron, but I'll give you one cauldron. The rest can be my payment," Ye Mo said.


    Three hours later, Jing Yingli held the bottle of Hollow Meridian pills Ye Mo gave her and didn't have any doubts at all. She was even more shocked at Ye Mo's mysteriousness. Although Ye Mo didn't concoct the pills in front of her, she was sure that Ye Mo had concocted a cauldron of Hollow Meridian pills on the first try; they were special grade as well. Perhaps this guy could even concoct heaven grade level five pills.

    As a prodigy, Jing Yingli had to admit she was shocked and crushed. Compared to Ye Mo, what sort of genius was she?
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