Chapter 1072: Eerie Level Seven

    Chapter 1072: Eerie Level Seven

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    Putting away the Hollow Meridian pill, Jing Yingli suppressed the confusion and shock in her heart and didn't question Ye Mo. She knew that if a mysterious prodigy like Ye Mo was known by the Pill City, he would definitely become someone significant there. If Ye Mo rose up in status, the Lightning Cloud Sect and the Infinity Sect wouldn't continue a feud with such a prodigy over a mere core disciple.

    Her help towards Ye Mo was at the time when he needed it the most, this was countless times better than helping Ye Mo when he had already reached the top.

    "I suppose that after we search through Truth Fall Palace level seven, the Truth Fall Palace will close, but it's fine. The time is still early and we have no way of getting to level eight. After we go out, we can meet again in three month at the Pill City. This is a detailed map of the entire South Peace State. Pill City is there." Jing Yingli gave a jade slip to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo took the jade slip, he found that he already had such a jade slip, but not as accurate as Jing Yingli's.

    Jing Yingli didn't ask how Ye Mo became a pill king or formation great master. She was a smart woman. Since Ye Mo didn't say anything, she wouldn't ask about it.

    There was not a single person to be seen at the entrance to level seven. Clearly, there were few cultivators who could come to level six and even fewer who wanted to go to level seven.

    When Jing Yingli came here, she hesitated for a moment. Before, she had no attachments and had no problem with going to level seven. But now, she got the Hollow Meridian pill and began to hesitate. After all, she was young and could wait another 30 years before coming back here.

    Ye Mo's senses were extremely powerful after cultivating the Three Birth Chant and he noticed Jing Yingli's feelings. He smiled and said, "The Hollow Meridian pill only lets you reach hollow spirit state. For us cultivators, hollow spirit state is just the beginning."

    Jing Yingli smiled and clearly understood what Ye Mo meant. She looked back at Ye Mo and said, "Thank you, you're also a very meticulous and smart person. It's not that I'm afraid of death, I'm scared that if I happen to die here, I won't have another chance to come to level seven."

    Then, she paused and looked at Ye Mo. "I saw that you had too many attachments before, that's why you were willing to go to the Pill City. Is it your family?"

    Ye Mo wasn't willing to talk to Jing Yingli about this, but his heart lit on fire thinking about them.

    He sighed and said heavily, "Yes, I really miss them."

    Jing Yingli could see the heavy attachment in Ye Mo's eyes and said, "Cultivation is supposed to sever all emotional ties - don't you understand?"

    Ye Mo smiled indifferently. "The dao I'm cultivating is one that has emotions. If it was an emotionless dao, then I might as well not cultivate it."

    Jing Yingli suddenly felt at ease. She was ugly and people didn't like her. She had always been cultivating and cultivating, but she didn't feel any prejudice from Ye Mo. Hearing Ye Mo's reply, she smiled as well, "If your view is heard by the 8-star sect Heartless Valley, it'll be another conflict."

    Ye Mo didn't reply. He wasn't afraid of a 9-star sect, so how could he be afraid of an 8-star sect?

    Jing Yingli didn't talk anymore, she walked up to the stairs to level seven and said, "Walk next to me, we might not be able to talk later. Use your spirit sense cultivation method to sever the mental pressure and we'll charge up to level seven together."

    "Okay." Ye Mo walked onto the stairs at the same time.

    There were 777 stairs to level seven. The first two hundred stairs, Ye Mo and Jing Yingli could still deal with, but after that, the sudden pressure almost crushed Jing Yingli's back. Luckily she was prepared and used her cultivation essence to stop the pressure.

    It had only been 200 stairs and there was already such pressure. How were they going to pass the next 500 stairs? Jing Yingli had to use her spirit sense to defend, but she knew that even if they defended together, they wouldn't be able to reach level seven.

    At this moment, she began to get lost. She didn't know if her decision was right or wrong.

    She just wanted to look at Ye Mo, but suddenly she felt light. The mental pressure seemed to have been severed.

    She gazed at Ye Mo in surprise. She knew Ye Mo had spirit sense attacking means, but didn't expect it to be this powerful.

    Jing Yingli blushed thinking about how she said they could work together to get to level seven. Now, it seemed that regardless of whether Ye Mo could get to level seven, her help was minimal.

    "Hurry up." Ye Mo felt his purple eye soul sever had improved a lot, but the mental pressure from level seven stairs was much more powerful than level six, and this was only the beginning.

    Jing Yingli could also feel that Ye Mo was beginning to struggle, so she went faster. Soon, they reached about the 500 stairs point.

    Just when Jing Yingli thought they would be able to reach level seven if they walked a little faster, the mental pressure that was suppressed by Ye Mo drastically increased and Jing Yingli spat out many mouthfuls of blood. She began to feel despair.

    This wasn't a blood clot stuck in her chest, this was the brink of her being crushed mentally. She didn't need to look at Ye Mo to know that he wasn't much better off than her.

    Ye Mo was indeed not much better than Jing Yingli. The sudden increase in pressure made him spit blood too, he could almost feel that his sea of consciousness was beginning to crumble.

    Ye Mo was shook. If his sea of consciousness crumbled, he would be finished. He used all his spirit sense and used purple eye soul sever again.

    After using this, Ye Mo felt a light crack sound in his sea of consciousness and a feeling of comfort and ease rose up his chest. The sea of consciousness that was about to explode became clear.

    The mental pressure nearby reduced. Ye Mo knew that his purple eye soul sever had reached from level two to level three. Now, he could not only cut off the mental pressure, but also hack out with a spirit sense sword.

    If he fought with the Lightning Leopard now, he wouldn't need to trap it at the price of injury. He only needed to keep using his spirit sense sword.

    Ye Mo also felt the area around him clear up. He rejoiced - not only did his purple eye soul sever upgrade, but his spirit sense also increased by a level. He was sure that spirit sense had levels, but he didn't know what level his was at.

    Jing Yingli also felt some ease and looked gratefully at Ye Mo. "Thank you, your spirit sense cultivation method upgraded?"

    Ye Mo nodded, he didn't calm down yet. If his spirit sense didn't break through just then, he could only wait for death. Before, he thought he would be able to go into the Golden Page World when he couldn't take it anymore, but now it seemed he was too naïve.

    He could've done that on the stairs to level six, but here he could only spit blood.

    "I'll take back what I said before, I said you can't kill me, but that's just what I've been thinking," Jing Yingli mocked herself. Other than looks, she wouldn't say anyone was better than her in front of any prodigy in the South Peace State. But now, she was truly defeated by Ye Mo.

    The remaining stairs didn't trouble the two anymore and soon they came to Truth Fall Palace level seven.

    Ye Mo thought there would be better spirit chi here than level six, but when he came here, he found out he was very wrong. The spirit chi here was very chaotic and impure. It wasn't even as good as level five.

    "This is level seven?" Ye Mo looked around at the dull gray landscape and was dazed.

    Then, Ye Mo saw a cultivator up ahead. It was Duan Jiuyang, the hollow spirit state cultivator from the 9-star sect, God Wind Valley. He stood there still and clearly dead, but his expression was very eerie.
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