1074 The Black Shadow at Level Seven

    "That wasn't true space collapse?" Jing Yingli immediately realized that someone had simulated space collapse. If she had tried to just run away, she would've been dead already. Ye Mo had seen through it quickly and released the octagonal cauldron to block it.

    "Thanks for saving me again." Jing Yingli didn't see what Ye Mo burned off, but it clearly wasn't something good.

    Ye Mo nodded, "You saved me before, don't sweat it. But I think this Truth Fall Palace level seven isn't simple. It seemed to have been taken over by something. It must've not been like this before."

    "I also feel this place isn't right, let's go quickly-" Jing Yingli shivered, but she stopped in the middle of her sentence. Where could they go? Go to level eight or back to level six?

    Ye Mo said, "We have nowhere to go now. We don't know the stairs to level eight, but even if we find it, can we go up? We can't go back down, so the only way is to wait until we get teleported out."

    "Ok." Jing Yingli calmed down and accepted that there was no other way than defending their current position.

    Jing Yingli immediately released her own round shield. She knew that Ye Mo would set up a formation, and she didn't need to remind him.

    As expected, Ye Mo used a few hand signs on the octagonal cauldron and started taking out formation flags.

    What they didn't expect was that even after Ye Mo finished setting up two defensive formations, there was still no movement around them.

    "Are we being too careful?" Jing Yingli asked Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo shook his head, "We're definitely not being too careful. My intuition is always right. It's best we stay here. This isn't far from the entrance to level seven, so it's not at the most dangerous place. Use these formation flags to guard the formation. If the formation weakens, throw out the formation flag according to the position."

    Then, Ye Mo gave a handful of formation flags to Jing Yingli.

    If he didn't have that many attachments, he would really want to go to that True God Chamber and check it out, but he knew something would happen to him if he went.

    "What about you?" Jing Yingli asked.

    "I need to make more formation flags. If you have any formation flag materials, give whatever you can to me." Then Ye Mo sat down inside the defensive formation and started forging formation flags.

    Jing Yingli didn't ask questions as she took out her materials, stockpiling them in front of Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo started making formation flags non-stop. He was no forging master, but he knew something about forgery through all the formation flags he had made. He was even thinking he might become a forging master through forging formation flags sooner or later.

    "Huh, grandmother?" Jing Yingli stared nervously outside and suddenly saw her grandmother. She had never seen her, but she was certain it was her.

    She subconsciously wanted to charge over but felt some coldness in her sea of consciousness. It was similar to the feeling of being crippled.

    Before she could react, the level five formation flashed a white light and flicked something out.

    Jing Yingli shivered and found that a big part of the level five formation was broken. If there was another attack, the first level five formation would completely cripple.

    She looked out, her grandmother was nowhere to be seen, "So close, it affected my sea of consciousness like a heart demon." She immediately threw her formation flags at the broken part of the formation.

    After the formation was repaired, Jing Yingli was still in a state of shock. She subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and said, "I think I know how Duan Jiuyang died."

    Ye Mo glanced at her, "I know already too, just be careful. Don't let the formation get broken, otherwise we'll die for sure. The only thing we can do now is to stall until the time is up."

    Jing Yingli nodded awkwardly. She felt her cleverness didn't work in front of Ye Mo. Compared to Ye Mo's composure and defense measures, she was getting startled too easily.

    Jing Yingli breathed out, however, thinking, 'Why think lowly of myself? How many Ye Mos are there in the world?'

    Ye Mo was forging formation flags faster and faster. More and more formation flags piled up in front of him.

    Their peace passed quickly as a faint shadow that Jing Yingli's spirit sense could see clearly began charging incessantly at their formation. The formation soon started shaking and even the space wind blades and chaos flows seemed to be growing.

    The formation light flickered as the attacker was blocked again and again by the formation. Jing Yingli could only keep throwing down formation flags and spirit stones. She still didn't know what was attacking them.

    Rumble rumble rumble.

    The formation seemed to be unable to take the huge attacks and Jing Yingli looked worriedly at Ye Mo, but Ye Mo just kept making formation flags and didn't seem to notice anything.

    Crack. Finally the first defensive formation was broken! Jing Yingli saw a dull face, but that face instantly disappeared.

    "Ye Mo?" Jing Yingli was very smart, but she couldn't help feeling worried in their current situation. If things went on like this, their next layer of defense would be broken soon.

    Crack. The second defense formation was loosening up.

    At this moment, Ye Mo got up and said to her, "Rest for a while, leave this to me."

    Then Ye Mo threw out formation flags like he were throwing out flower petals.

    "You're not going to repair the formation?" Jing Yingli found that the formation flags were meant to form a new formation.

    "That's right," Ye Mo said. He saw that level five defense formation wasn't going to make them last until the Truth Fall Palace opened, so since there were a lot of high level materials for him to use there, he started making level six defense formation flags.

    He was setting up a level six defense formation now.

    Jing Yingli didn't waste time and kept repairing the level five formations.

    Another four hours later, when the level five formation was about to break, Ye Mo threw out 4 extreme grade spirit stones and tens of spirit crystals.

    Jing Yingli felt the space around her shake and a new big defense formation appeared in front of her.

    "A level six defense formation?" Jing Yingli exclaimed in shock. She looked at Ye Mo with more complicated eyes. This Ye Mo was too genius! He could set up a level six formation under such conditions?

    Usually, a sect had to spend countless spirit stones to invite someone to set up a level six defensive formation for them. If Ye Mo's formation skills increased just one more level, he could go anywhere in the cultivation realm with his formation skills!

    She also picked up on the fact that Ye Mo had an astonishing amount of extreme grade spirit stones and spirit crystals-he was richer than her! Was he really an solo cultivator?

    Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief and said, "We just need to defend inside this formation now. Pity that we didn't get anything up here, and I wasted so many materials, spirit crystals, and extreme grade spirit stones."

    "What is this place?" Jing Yingli asked.

    Ye Mo fell silent for a while before saying, "I'm not very sure, but the shadow outside seems like a ghost cultivator. But it seems to have been controlled by someone."

    "It's probably not a ghost cultivator. That black shadow indeed had no will, yet it was able to invade the sea of consciousness," Jing Yingli said.

    Pausing for a moment, she subconsciously glanced at Ye Mo and saw him looking at her. There was a deep worry and heaviness in their eyes. Both of them guessed that the black shadows out there were being controlled.

    Clearly, they weren't controlled by some cultivator who just came up here. The only explanation was that the controller had been in level seven for a very long time.
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