1076 Close call

    The cultivators who just came out rustled about. The number one genius of the Infinity Sect, Yuan Guannan, had died at the Truth Fall Palace? He was nascent soul state level five already at only about 30 years old. He had a bright future ahead of him!

    And this was due to forceful suppression. If it wasn't to build a solid foundation, Yuan Guannan might be at the hollow spirit state already. Yet such a person didn't come out of the Truth Fall Palace? It was hard to believe.

    "Who could have dared to kill him?"

    "He probably didn't make it out of the forbidden grounds."

    "Yeah, Young Master Yuan is ranked 212 on the nascent soul state trial tablet, who can kill him?"

    Jing Yingli approved of Ye Mo's cautiousness. Although she thought that Yuan Guannan's death might startle a truth realization state cultivator and her hiding method might not work, but she just needed Ye Mo's help at the time. Whether or not Ye Mo would be caught didn't concern her.

    Now, it seemed Ye Mo's prudence had saved his life again.

    The truth realization state cultivator sneered and the discussion in the crowd stopped immediately. If you offended a truth realization state cultivator, there was nothing you could do even if he killed your whole family.

    "Caiyi, recount what happened before you came out." Another cauldron filling state cultivator walked up to people and said.

    Ye Mo glanced at that cauldron filling state cultivator. He was clearly from the Infinity sect too, but his face was very pale. Ye Mo wondered if Yuan Guannan was his disciple.

    Wen Caiyi walked out and bowed to the two truth realization state cultivators before saying to that cauldron filling state cultivator, "Elder Feng, I was with Martial Brother Yuan at level five when he said he had some business and told me to wait for him for 15 minutes. But I waited 5 hours and he still wasn't back. I knew then that something must've happened to him."

    The truth realization state cultivator heard this and said, "Those who reached Truth Fall Palace level five stay, the rest can go."

    Soon, 1000 or so people left the stage. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense and found only 500 remained.

    This was quite a powerful process of elimination.

    Those cultivators who weren't yet nascent soul state level three were also eliminated. Until eventually, there was only about 100 or so cultivators, and Ye Mo happened to be among them.

    Ye Mo had counted more than ten hollow spirit state cultivators, but he saw that only two had come out. That monk, Ku Xin, hadn't come out either.

    "What's your name?" The truth realization state cultivator suddenly glared at Ye Mo. Ye Mo wore a mask and had nascent soul state level four power, but his cultivation essence seemed very strong.

    Ye Mo cursed. There were about 100 or so people, and he was on the weaker side of the people there.

    Ye Mo waited and saw that Jing Yingli's face was indifferent, seemingly not caring about him at all. He could only say, "Wanbei is Abstruse Sound Sect's inner sect disciple Xi Pei. I was ordered by the sect leader to protect Miss Yingli."

    Hearing this, the truth realization state cultivator looked at Jing Yingli. Although he didn't say a word, Jing Yingli still went up and saluted saying in a very bland tone, "Yes, Qianbei."

    That cauldron filling state cultivator said next to the truth realization state cultivator, "That's the family business of the Abstruse Sound Sect."

    The truth realization state cultivator nodded and didn't keep interrogating Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo just realized something. If Jing Yingli had rushed to help him provide an alibi, it would have seemed bad instead. It seemed she didn't really like the guards she had before him.

    "Huh? Wait, Daofriend Lin." Another truth realization state cultivator seemed to have realized something.

    "What is it, Brother Wu?" The Infinity Sect's truth realization state cultivator looked at the cultivator who just spoke.

    That cultivator frowned. "Daofriend Lin, I'm sure that the culprit who killed Yuan Guannan isn't amongst these cultivators, because the soul mark isn't something that ordinary cultivators can remove, much less these cultivators as the highest level cultivator here is only at the hollow spirit state."

    The Infinity Sect cultivator sighed. How could he not know that? But Yuan Guanan's potential was huge, so he was unsatisfied that he had just died at the Truth Fall Palace like that.

    "Also, did you see that 11 hollow spirit state cultivators went in? How come only two came out? Even hollow spirit state cultivators could die, much less nascent soul state cultivators. This time, the Truth Fall Palace is open to the entire Luo Yue Continent. Who knows if there are some prodigies from other places participating?" Brother Wu said.

    "That is true indeed." The Infinity Sect truth realization state cultivator finally saw the situation clearly.

    That Brother Wu said to the cultivators, "Everyone who reached Truth Fall Palace level six, stand out."

    Ye Mo saw that there were only about 40 cultivators now including him and Jing Yingli.

    "Okay, is there anyone who went up to level seven?" Brother Wu asked again.

    No cultivator stepped forward. Ye Mo wasn't going to come out, and he believed Jing Yingli wasn't going to stand out either.

    The two truth realization state cultivators glanced at each other and saw the worry in each other's eyes. The Infinity Sect truth realization state cultivator waved his hand, "You may all leave."

    Then, he said to the cultivator next to him "Brother Wu, I feel that the Truth Fall Palace is different from usual. The forbidden grounds suddenly appeared, and so many prodigies died inside. This isn't normal."

    Ye Mo didn't care what they were talking about. He just wanted to leave as soon as possible.


    The ship taking them back was already waiting on the side. Ye Mo didn't say anything and just followed behind Jing Yingli.

    His room was next to Jing Yingli's and when he entered, Jing Yingli sent a sound transmission to him, "You can't disclose the flame or the bead or you'll be dead for sure."

    Even without her reminder, Ye Mo wouldn't' be dumb enough to tell everyone he had such things. He was more afraid Jing Yingli would spill something, but since she had said this, she clearly wasn't going to spill the beans either.

    She said this not to remind him but rather to promise him that she wouldn't tell anyone.

    A few days went by quickly and although there were less and less people on the boat, Ye Mo never went out. He felt that Jing Yingli came once but just stood at the door for a few moments and left.

    After they came to the Truth Fall Palace Square, Ye Mo still followed Jing Yingli closely. Suddenly, Jing Yingli released a flying sword and said to Ye Mo coldly, "Xi, if you still dare to follow me, don't blame me for killing you. I don't need you, a mere nascent soul state level four inner sect disciple, following me. You can't protect me."

    Then Jing Yingli turned and left without even glancing at Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo was grateful. Ye Mo knew this was Jing Yingli giving him a chance to leave and mind his own business but also reminding him to go to the Pill City to meet up there.

    Ye Mo seemed to look helplessly at Jing Yingli as she left and suddenly turned away. He quickly hid all his chi, because he saw Jing Yingmeng walk towards him.

    He didn't want to meet her. He had to get back to Mo Yue City and ask Xu Changji to look after it.

    Jing Yingmeng frowned seeing Ye Mo disappear immediately. Since when did the person father sent out become so strong?

    Ye Mo found a discrete place to change his chi and wear a new set of clothes, before he put on 9 Transformations before heading back to the square.

    He saw You Shanping and Ge Lian surround Gu Wei. They didn't expect Ye Mo to die but Gu Wei to come out.

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense around and soon saw Li Qianping with a face of disappointment at a stall.

    Ye Mo walked over and saw there were only a few level four spirit herbs and some low grade spirit artefacts. She clearly didn't have her mind on doing business.

    "I want this spirit herb." Ye Mo picked it up and gave a box with a restriction on it to Li Qianping, saying, "This is the payment."

    Then Ye Mo left without giving her a chance to talk.

    Li Qianping scanned inside the box and joy appeared on her face. Without hesitation she put the box in her storage ring. When she scanned out her spirit sense again, she found Ye Mo was already gone.

    "You're indeed a trustworthy person and have brought Fu Rong's head," Li QIanping murmured as she packed up her stall and disappeared.
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