1078 Ning Xiaoma is Ye Mo

    After her initial shock, Ling Xiaoshuang's face went red. She had never been so embarrassed before. She just said she knew Ye Mo for a long time, but now she was immediately busted in front of everyone. Clearly, it was either that she was lying or she had a crush on Ye Mo.

    This made South Peace State number two beauty Ling Xiaoshuang extremely embarrassed. She couldn't even explain it.

    Her face was red as a tomato, but she was also feeling very awkward. She didn't expect Ning Xiaoma to have been Ye Mo. Why was the Soar Into Existence prodigy so lecherous? Thinking about this, Ling Xiaoshuang frowned.

    Wen Caiyi then looked at Gu Wei and asked, "According to what I know, although you and Ye Mo walked into the solo cultivator hall together, you've never even talked to him. How did he take care of you then?"

    Gu Wei's heart sunk, and he cursed himself for saying too much.

    Gu Wei knew that if Wen Caiyi wanted to kill him it would be as simple as crushing an insect.

    He gritted his teeth and saluted with his fists to Wen Caiyi, "Martial Sister Wen, Ye-Qianbei might have died dead, but before he died, he asked his friend Fu Rong Qianbei to give me some pills, so I'm very grateful to him."

    "Fu Rong?" Wen Caiyi murmured to herself. Then she asked with a frown, "So if he could ask someone to take things out, he didn't die suddenly?"

    "I don't dare to guess about that. But Fu Rong Qianbei said he was Ye-Qianbei's friend." Gu Wei also felt that this Wen Caiyi seemed to have some conflict with Ye-Qianbei and didn't dare to say much.

    Wen Caiyi sneered. "Where did that Fu Rong go?"

    She felt things couldn't be so coincidental. That Fu Rong happened to find the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds and became Ye Mo's friend. But she didn't know Fu Rong, so if she wanted to investigate Ye Mo, she had to investigate Fu Rong first.

    The reason why Ye Mo had said that he was Fu Rong was for Wen Caiyi to investigate who Fu Rong was. Fu Rong's origin was eerie, and Ye Mo was sure that he wouldn't spill his roots easily. Otherwise, he wouldn't need to look for the bitter bamboo. So if Wen Caiyi was to investigate Fu Rong, she wouldn't be able to much.

    Gu Wei said again, "Fu Rong Qianbei said he was going to level six. He wasn't sure if he would live or die. After I came out, I didn't see Fu Rong Qianbei."

    Wen Caiyi fell silent. She was thinking whether the two could have really been friends. Or was Fu Rong killed by Ye Mo or did Ye Mo get killed by Fu Rong?

    "Show me Fu Rong's face," Wen Caiyi asked after a moment.

    "Yes." Gu Wei soon drew an image of Fu Rong to Wen Caiyi.

    When Wen Caiyi saw this, she frowned even more, because Gu Wei indeed drew Fu Rong. Ye Mo had a stealth chi magic artefact and she knew about it. She also knew that the magic artefact could only change the chi but not the face. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to recognize Ye Mo at the rocky beach.

    Wen Caiyi didn't keep asking and turned around to Ling Xiaoshuang, smiling. "The Martial Brother Xiaoma you've known for a long time is dead. Martial Sister Ling Xiaoshuang, I'll be going now. You can keep asking."

    Ling Xiaoshuang had calmed down completely by then and ignored Wen Caiyi's words. She turned to Gu Wei and asked, "Where did Ye Mo come from?"

    "Ye-Qianbei came from Mo Yue City, and he asked Fu Rong Qianbei to deliver the message to me to look after Mo Yue City a little," Gu Wei answered.

    "Mo Yue City?" Ling Xiaoshuang asked.

    Gu Wei quickly explained, "Mo Yue City is a mortal city. There's not enough spirit chi there, but Ye Mo Qianbei is the city lord there."

    "He's the city lord of an ordinary mortal city?" Ling Xiaoshuang felt more suspicious. Were the two Ye Mos two different people? Even if they were different people, a nascent soul state level three cultivator shouldn't be a mortal city's city lord.

    'It was probably not the same person,' Ling Xiaoshuang told herself. He was only golden core state not long ago. How long had it been, yet he was supposedly a nascent soul state level three cultivator now? Even Yuan Guannan wouldn't be this fast.

    Was 'Ye Mo' Yuan Guannan then? Could Yuan Guannan have activated the jade tablet of Soar Into Existence?

    Ling Xiaoshuang was confused again.

    Suddenly, a figure dashed across her mind. When she went to the trial tablet, one cultivator said Ye Mo took out a purple magic artefact.

    That day at spirit rest tower, she saw Ning Xiaoma take out a purple kitchen knife. Was that the purple magic artefact?

    If this was no coincidence then Ning Xiaoma was Ye Mo for sure. If Ning Xiaoma was Ye Mo, why did he seem like two different characters? He seemed so lustful towards her and made the female cultivator with Wu Yu cry.

    She asked Qingyi and Qinghan repeatedly and made sure that Ye Mo didn't do anything to them and had indeed helped them. Did he have two personalities or was it really that he treated her differently from other women?

    Thinking about this, Ling Xiaoshuang blushed and shook her head. She felt that Ye Mo was purposely trying to flirt with her.

    Perhaps it was because she was pretty and he just wanted to flirt. But wait, Yi Pandie wasn't less beautiful than her. Had he already gotten her? He couldn't be that fast, right?

    But when Ye Mo saw Yi Pandie he didn't seem to want to flirt with her or look at her lustfully.

    Ling Xiaoshuang shook her head. She was going to ask Yi Pandie first. Why had she changed her views of Ning Xiaoma so drastically?

    She just walked one step when she stopped, however. She seemed to have grasped something. Ye Mo didn't try to harass her immediately when she saw him. She said he seemed familiar first and only then did he try to flirt with her.

    Why did she feel he was familiar? She was sure she hadn't seen Ning Xiaoma before.

    At the Trial Tablet Square?

    Ling Xiaoshuang's mind cleared up. She was sure that Ye Mo was Ning Xiaoma now! She remembered that familiar feeling. She felt Ye Mo's cultivation essence and chi on the trial tablet, and that's why he seemed familiar.

    So it really was him. Ling Xiaoshuang suddenly felt disappointed. After what her master told her, she thought that person would be a hero, yet he was a lewd guy. No wonder someone like him died in the Truth Fall Palace.

    "Thank you," Ling Xiaoshuang thanked and no longer had any interest in going to Mo Yue City.

    That Ning Xiaoma was a lecher, but he had some capabilities and even killed Tian Aofeng.

    Hold on!

    Ling Xiaoshuang slapped her head and smiled bitterly. She suddenly felt she was very dumb.

    Ye Mo clearly flirted with her once she said he seemed familiar. He was scared that she would recognize him and purposely got her angry.

    That night he left South Peace City secretly, meaning that he was indeed the killer of Tian Aofeng, and he didn't dare to let her guess about him.

    If she was right, Ye Mo probably came from the Heartless Sea and was the Mo Ying that the Lightning Cloud Sect was suspicious of.

    Such a smart guy! He disrupted her train of thought by flirting with her, making her go such a big circle and get so much news before she was able to think things through. In terms of wits, she was a far cry compared to Ye Mo.

    If this was said to Jing Yingli, she would understand everything in less than a minute.

    Realizing that Ning Xiaoma was Ye Mo, Ling Xiaoshuang didn't believe Ye Mo would die in the Truth Fall Palace, but she felt she needed to tell her master quickly. At the same time, she needed to go to Mo Yue City and ask that female cultivator from the Eternity Sea if she knew Ye Mo.
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