1 The Beginning

    On a open field numerous heads could be seen, these heads were of teenagers who seemingly belonged to same age group, they wore same set of cloths, a blue robe which had two purple swords carved on the back.

    They were facing in same direction and were looking at a middle aged man who wore white robe which had two purple swords carved on the back in the similar pattern, he looked gentle and easy going but if someone looked directly in his eyes they would find a sharpness, which had ability to see through everything.

    Currently he was looking at teenagers in front of him as a predeter looked at his prey, his razer sharp gaze caused uncomfort to these teenagers, but none of them dared to complained. After a long time the middle aged man slowly nodded and opened his mouth,

    "From today onwards you all are outer court disciples of Purple Sky Sect",

    After saying this he swept his gaze over them, there was no change in there facial expression, as if seeing what he wanted, he smiled and with the softened tone continued,

    "Good, as you all have now broken through 7th stage of Body Tempering Realm, your previous status as a servant is removed",

    Despite what is supposed to be good news and one they were after from the moment they came here, these teenagers didn't show have any elated expression on there faces.

    But a heroic spirit ignited inside all of these teenagers, among them a particular teenager who was standing in the last row had fire in his eyes, this fire was not because he became the outer court disciple of Purple Sky Sect, but because he had successfully  crossed his first hurdle in his long road of becoming strongest. This teenager was none other then Li Xuan, if we talk about his looks, then we will not find any outstanding features which will make unique, Li Xuan had pretty ordinary face, the one which will be forgotten if looked in between the mob.

    Li Xuan was now sixteen years old, he came to Purple Sky Sect when he was thirteen, at that time he wasn't able to cultivate, but after coming to the Sect he was allowed to learn how to cultivate and three years of constant efforts he was finally able to breakthrough to 7th stage of Body Tempering Realm.

    In this world cultivators cultivated with the help of Spirit Qi, After one starts to sense Spirit Qi they use this Qi to temper their bodies, the different stages of Body Tempering Realm focusses on different parts of the body. After Body Tempering Realm comes the Spirit Gathering Realm, in this Spirit Qi is slowly gathered until 9th stage of Spirit Gathering Realm, after which Martial Spirit Awakens, this phenomenon is important for each and every cultivator as this signifies how talented is he. Martial Spirit are ranked from Rank 1 to Rank 9 and to they further classified as high, middle and low grade.

    This is knowledge which he gained through studying and staying in Sect for three years, As he was not recruited as a disciple but as a servant for the Sect. Li Xuan background was also very simple yet somewhat complicated, his father was a shopkeeper of Herb Selling Shop in Green Mountain City and mother was a housewife who also helped in managing the shop, but the shop which he owned was not his own, it was the property of Li Clan of Green Mountain city, his family has generations looking after the shop so for their contribution, they were bestowed with the surname Li. Green Mountain City was situated in  Clear Jade County which came under the jurisdiction of Azure Wood Kingdom.

    Li Xuan who was able to join one of the Best Sects in Azure Wood Kingdom, was already considered a enormous and great luck, one had to know Sects only took those who had any chance of Awakening there Martial Spirit, even if they are selected for being a servant. Secondly, his father was only 9th stage of Body Tempering Realm and according to him he had very little chance of Breaking through.

    Although it is only one stage but cultivation was never easy specially for commoner like Li Xuan and his father. It is already a fortune that he is able to reach last stage of Body Tempering Realm, in this fortune their is significant part of the Shop which they ran.

    In this world almost everyone can sense Spirit Qi, but only one in those ten can gather Spirit Qi in their bodies so project it onto weapons or other materials and even then the who could Awaken there Martial Spirit will only be one in those fifty. But this only applies to the case of commoners this world, other then them, the rest of people who either have status or power their descendants have high chance of by passing these cases.

    So for Li Xuan to come this far is already considered very huge and according to him it is just a beginning.

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