2 Time Will Tell

    Back in the field the middle aged man was still not finished as he continued,

    "But don't think that now that you all are outer court disciples, you can act all powerful and mighty, there many geniuses in outer court and some of them already powerful then me",

    Hearing this the teenagers who previously had calm and exited atmosphere around them, became unstable and heroic spirit which was ignited inside them, seemed to lose its light. Li Xuan, at this time also had a dejected expression on his face, although he knew it was inevitable, but still it was hard for him to accept. If nothing goes wrong then according to talent what he had, the best will be breakthrough to Spirit Awakening Realm and that too will be very hard and might take half of his life.

    Cultivators below Spirit Awakening Realm are not considered as true cultivators, as they can not learn any Martial Skill, during the period of Body Tempering Realm, Cultivator attack with the force of there bodies and with brute force, however while in Spirit Gathering Realm anyone can attack with Spirit Qi which they gather, in this Realm there are some Skills as well and techniques which work only for outer parts of Body. After breaking through the Spirit Awakening Realm and Awakening there Martial Spirit, they can learn Martial Skills and techniques, which is related to there nature of and elements.

    "Alright get your belongings from servant quarters and come back here, after one hour",

    Said the middle aged man, pulling Li Xuan back from his thoughts, after he heard this he looked him and thought again, " This, Elder Gu looks more powerful then my father and outer elder of Li Clan yet, still he said there are more powerful people then him in Outer court..... Damm it!, just how strong are these guys in Outer court..... Could it there Spirit Awakening Realm disciples in there! ",

    Thinking up to here his confidence got some more down, After Elder Gu finished his words, he ignored the standing teenagers and walked towards exist of field, although his this movement might seem simple but Li Xuan could not see his legs moving, instead it seemed like he was floating air.

    Li Xuan just shook his head stopped looking at him and thought, " Sigh....that's way out of my league... "

    As Elder Gu disappeared from there view, the teenagers who previously tried there best to display calmness, finally showed there true colors, with some laughing out loud, some raising there hands shouting, and some even had tears in their eyes, Seeing all of this Li Xuan was little speechless,

    "We have not won a war, we just got promoted..."

    " Haha...Brother Li you don't look too happy...cheer up we got promoted.. "

    Hearing this ugly laugh and words, Li Xuan slightly turned around, only to see a chubby baby faced teenager who was looking him with large grin on his face, this was Luo Leng one of best friends he made while staying three years in Servent quarters, he was assigned to look after herbs in Herbs Garden, while Luo Leng was in charge of food supplied to Servants.

    Luo Leng was his name but hardly anyone called him that, he had a very popular nickname, "Young Master Fatty" or some also called him "Basterd Fatty" behind his back. Originally Luo Leng was fat at all, it was his babyface which made him look like fat person, there was another reason why he was called fatty, it was because he had a habit of storing breads or other eating items under his rope, which looked very natural and made it look like it was his own flesh.

    "You look existed to go over Outer court, didn't you always said that competition was very hard in there, "

    said Li Xuan returning his grin with a small smile.

    Hearing Li Xuan, Luo Leng grinning expression faded and was replaced by a depressed expression,

    "What do you know, I send a letter to my Old Man asking permission to come back home, but he said if I dared to come, he will beat me until I will never be able to walk...So cruel, I mean how could he say this to his own son.....Sigh.. " Fatty said with sad tone and with dejected expression which looked funny on his babyface.

    Li Xuan hearing Fatty also sighed as well, with all honesty he also wanted to go back, for a average talented..No it would be better to say low talented person like him didn't belong here, although he wanted to become strong, he still knew his limits and to where he could go in his life, A place like Purple Sky Sect where geniuses who could be founded everywhere living, was tough place to live. But still he didn't want to go to his home as a failure, so he also stayed here for sake of survival in this cruel world.

    "Yeah I can understand that.." said Li Xuan with bitter smile on his face.

    "Haa...", sighed Fatty with a similar bitter expression, Suddenly his expression turned red and with bright eyes he continued, "Worry not Brother.., As long this Young Master is here nothing will go wrong...., Hehe I heard there many beauties in Outer court and there many beautiful Elders too...Humph unlike that Old Bastard Gu..., "

    Looking at Fatty who was indulged in his own fantasies, Li Xuan had an urge to punch into his face and send him flying, Li Xuan just shook his head and towards the other side of field where other teenagers were making there way towards Servant quarters with exited expression on there faces, he relaxed and,

    "Yes I am not talented and have chance to become a Hero of my story, but still I should try because a story is not all about a Hero...Right?, "

    With this thought he a chuckled and walked to pick up his belongings from his quarter, with a same heroic spirit and a Ambitious fire in his eyes.

    Fatty still in his fantasy, jolted and seeing Li Xuan walk he said, "Wait! "

    Li Xuan started running after heard the shout from behind, Fatty seeing his action also started to run after him.

    One had to wonder, will these two teenagers remain the same, in this world of hatred, greed, mayhem, schemes....well time will tell.
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