3 Entering The Outer Cour

    After picking up his belongings from his quarter, Li Xuan got as fast as he can, towards the practice field where they were gathered few moments ago, When he got there there were already some disciples, after waiting for twenty or some minutes he finally saw, Fatty who was carrying a bag bigger then himself, and had a satisfied expression on his face.

    Li Xuan eyebrows involuntary twitched and he tried his best to control himself,

    "Fatty!!... How many things are you taking to Outer Court, we are going to practice there, not for a vacation..."

    said Li Xuan trying his best not to show any funny expression,

    "Humph...This Young Master is carrying three years of hard work in this bag.... These are my treasures collected with my blood and sweat.." ,

    Snorted Fatty with proud look,

    Just as Li Xuan was about to argue about what Fatty said, there below a sharp wind in the field and Elder Gu appeared at the place where he previously was,

    "So everyone is here, so let's go!"

    While Li Xuan was busy was finding fault in Fatty, all other disciples had already reached the field with there belonging. Without checking whether everyone is here or not, Elder Gu waved his hand and Li Xuan felt that he had lost some weight as it seemed he was slowly picked up from ground, it was not only him but everyone in field who just promoted to Outer court disciple were feeling the same, Li Xuan felt shock as well as excitement towards the world that was about to open to him.

    Li Xuan in the past had seen many Li Clan elders to fly, but he never imagined that one day he will be able to do as well, when anyone reaches Spirit Awakening Realm they will be able to further utilize there Qi to  surround there bodies and lift them up in air, Normally it happens only after someone reaches 7th stage of Spirit Awakening Realm or one has a Wind Element related Martial Spirit.

    Elder Gu was currently having a very satisfied mood and seeing astonished gazes which also had a mixture of worship, his eyes were constantly flashing with pride in them, then he  himself rose slowly in air and after reaching a optimum height, he flies towards the North side, which was a general direction of a Large Mountain.

    Li Xuan currently having a mixed feeling as he wondering when he himself will be reaching the stage where he can fly, then looked towards North to the Large Mountain, he knew that they were flowing towards Outer court and Main Purple Sky Sect, this mountain was known as Purple Sky Peak, strictly speaking the Servants quarter was not a place, it had three different areas, first where he stayed for three years is for newcomers and those who are given chance to reach 7th stage of Body Tempering Realm and to enter Sect formally after three years, then there was Second area where those Servants live who are unable to reach the required stage of cultivation in there starting three years, lastly third area for those who had no way of breakthrough any further, most of them were at 9th stage of Body Tempering Realm, just like Li Xuan's father Li Zhang.

    Dispelling his thoughts, Li Xuan looked towards the scenery that was in front of him, on top of Purple Sky Peak, there were seemingly large structures and numerous courtyards as well roadways, not only this in center of all of this there was huge building with, Ancient and Mythical Symbols carved on it and it seems like a Tower. Not only this, in the sky of this Peak numerous floating structures could be seen,

    "Oh my God!!!.... A Floating Spirit Tool!!..", shouted one of the Li Xuan colleague's, with his shout Li Xuan also remembered that this was Floating Spirit Tool, Spirit Tools were those mysterious objects which were made by experts of ancient times, these Tools were the medium through which various processes were done to give convince to the cultivators. The two which were common and Li Xuan was aware of, were Spatial Ring and now this Floating Spirit Tool.This place looked like a big city yet too quiet.

    All of them landed safely in front of Giant Gate which was the only entrance in the Outer court and this gate were entrance from equally Giant Wall, which gave an oppressive aura. Li Xuan others went forward to Gate, As it was open Li Xuan could people coming out and all of them gave bone shaking pressure to him, it was group of youngsters who looked only little older then them, he looked for a while and the turned away as it was too uncomfortable for him see them with that pressure, the group also didn't glance at them, and all of them simply walked by.

    After entering through gate they met few disciples who were supposed to guard the Gate, when Li Xuan and his group passed by they just bowed to Elder Gu and they also didn't gave them any heed, Li Xuan knew reason for that as well, he and others wore Blue robes with sword imprint on back which automatically told there status as Servants, in Outer court there was no specific dress or uniforms and that's why previously seen disciples wore different type of Robes, and this was same for these disciples.

    After passing through some other structures they finally entered a large hall, where there already some disciples standing or talking to each other, Elder Gu passed through them and went to a Old Man sitting in the end of hall, with what seemed like ball which was emitting a white light,

    "Elder Han, I am here to report about the Three yearly servant promotion", said Elder Gu with respectful tone.

    Elder Han just nodded and looked towards, Li Xuan and his group then said in low and hoarse voice, "Come here and place your hand over here",

    What he was pointing at was shining ball, Li Xuan and others wasted no time and went over, and one after other placed there hand, After one of them finished placed there hand on it, nothing particular happened but still Elder Han nodded and pointed that another direction and said, "After putting your hand on it, go on there to receive your room numbers" , with this he closed his eyes and ignored them, still Li Xuan's group did what was told to do.

    While Li Xuan was confused at to what was this for, Fatty came beside him and said, "That's a Spirit Treasure which records every information about anyone who touches it,.....yeah it only works for people below Spirit Awakening Realm....,"

    After Li Xuan finished all the things which were told to by that Old Elder, he got a token which will help him finding his room and this was also his identity as a Outer Court disciple of Purple Sky Sect.
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