2 Chapter 1: Prologue

    Under the twilight sky, a young man holding a white umbrella on his right-hand gazed with a furious look at the crowd. The crowd clothed in a green garment were the sect elders of the Endless Mountain, one of the four great immortal schools in the southern region.

    On the young man's face, tears mixed with blood dripped from his dark red eyes while he bit his lower lip. With blood dripping from his lip, he dropped his umbrella and dashed towards the young sect elder who was not only responsible for removing him from his Crown Prince's title but was also the murderer of Li Chao the sect master, from the Blazing Mountain.

    "You pathetic worm! Even after I killed your master, you dare go after me." Meng Peng said as he kicked the young man from Blazing Mountain sect.

    "Nevertheless, I will cripple your cultivation before I perish in your hands." The young man smirked and dashed for the second time towards Meng Peng, who was a transmigrator from a world without demonic beasts, immortals, gods, and demons.

    But before the young man named Wei Zhi could reach Meng Peng, he was stopped by the sect

    master from the Endless Mountain.

    "Stop embarrassing yourself and die quickly, just like everybody else in the Blazing Mountain sect. " Sect master said as he severed the right hand of Wei Zhi.

    Wei Zhi, the former Crown Prince of Wei, and the young disciple of Li Chao was now lying helpless on the ground, unable to achieve his revenge he cried so hard, scaring all the birds in the sky except one crane. The red crane with a golden crown flew to the Patriarch and plucked his right eye, preventing him from killing Wei Zhi.

    All the Endless Mountain sect elders except Meng Peng were in disbelief and talked with one another.

    "He's got a spirit beast? That's impossible, only someone at Spirit Formation can tame a spirit beast."

    "Isn't he a Qi Condensation cultivator? "

    "Perhaps the Patriarch of the Blazing Mountain is awakened."

    As the sect master from the Endless Mountain covered his eye socket, he heard the sect elders talk about the Patriarch and swallowed his saliva. Is this his end, would he die as a Nascent Soul in the hands of a Spirit Master. It was all because of Meng Peng, who persuaded him to exterminate the Blazing Mountain while the Patriarch was in a deep sleep. He regretted his decision and glared at Meng Peng. He flashed to him, grabbed him and vanished.

    Lying on the ground with a severed hand, Wei Zhi stared at the moon and was captivated by a dazzling beauty in the middle of the moon.

    The heavenly beauty that could make any man or woman fall in love with her had a golden circle above her head, her dark blue sleeves were in the shape of bird's feather, while her lower part of her dress was orange with red color in the shape of a bird's tail.

    At the brink of death, he stretched his hand towards the beauty. The beauty covered with blue, red and orange silk smiled at him and flew to him. She caressed his black hair and kissed him ignoring his blood.

    "Wei Zhi, I've been watching you die and reborn for more than a millennium. Every time I took your memories and time, but this time I'll give you a gift. Instead of taking your memories I will leave your memories, Instead of forcing you to be reborn as a baby I will transplant you in a young boy named Zheng Zhi. Remember, this is my lover, this is the last time we meet."

    The heavenly beauty kissed Wei Zhi one more time before she evaporated in a thin fog.

    Unknown to Wei Zhi, Meng Peng the transmigrator from a world called Earth closed his green eyes and was also reborn as a prince.

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