3 Chapter 2: Reincarnation

    Somewhere in a small manor, Wei Zhi opened his eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling of a canopy bed. "I've really been reborn? I wasn't dreaming, it really happened.''

    The more he pondered about his death, the more questions he had. "Has the Blazing Mountain truly been destroyed by the Endless Mountain? No, it's impossible. The Patriarch is still alive, even if the Endless Mountain Patriarch joined the fight, It would be difficult to kill the Blazing Mountain Patriarch. Blazing Mountain Patriarch is not just your ordinary cultivator he was at the peak of Spirit Formation."

    And about that mysterious lady who floated gracefully in the sky, Wei Zhi could not remember her face or even what she was wearing. "How can I forget the person who gave me a second chance to avenge and destroy the Endless Mountain." Wei Zhi said as he grabbed his hair that was in a bun.

    Suddenly, Wei Zhi was interrupted by a stabbing pain that felt like a sharp, stinging, electric shock in the back of his head. Flashes of memories seemed to flood through his brain, making the pain unpleasant and unbearable for him.

    The body he took over was Zheng Zhi, the sixth prince of the Zheng State, a state ruled by powerful cultivators. In contrast to the Wei State, the real marionettes were the Emperor's wives. Each wife of the Emperor came from a long line of cultivators, and because of that, they could influence the weak emperor to do what they wanted.

    Zheng Zhi's mother came from the Chu clan, a small clan with only two cultivators at the Foundation Establishment stage. After Zheng Zhi was born, the Chu clan hoped for Zheng Zhi to be the crown prince of the Zheng State. But unfortunately, three years ago, Zheng Zhi was revealed to have no spirit vein. And so he was abandoned by his mother and his clan.

    After a few minutes, the flashing memories with the agonizing pain stopped, Wei Zhi got up from the bed and then scanned around the room. There was only one bed, a woven mat, a low table, and a mirror. He approached an oval mirror and saw a 15-year-old boy in traditional Zheng State underwear, made of wool fabric. On his index finger, he had a dull looking ring.

    Wei Zhi gazed carefully at the ring and realized that it was his own ring, a dimensional ring he received as a gift from his master. Wei Zhi eagerly touched his ring and sent his spiritual energy. It was truly his ring because inside were his personal belongings like the robe that he received when he was an outer disciple, and all the gold he gathered from extorting his enemies. There was also two of the three artifacts he discovered when the inner disciple threw him in a pit.

    After he examined his belongings for the second time, he kicked the oval mirror and screamed to himself. No! No! No! I wouldn't have acted so casually with my umbrella.

    Five years ago, when Wei Zhi was still an outer disciple, he angered a nobleman from the Wei state. Normally those pathetic nobles would go to great lengths in pleasing the crown prince, but sadly by the time Wei Zhi joined the Blazing Mountain he was a prince in hiding and because of that, nobles who knew about his true name picked daily on him by throwing him in a pit.

    On a cold winter night, in a pit called fell from grace, he discovered a small passage after he touched a symbol hidden behind a wall covered with moss. After he crawled for almost two hours, he arrived in a large underground chamber, where he found three artifacts. A paintbrush that can make people into living puppets, a talisman paper that grants the puppeteer sight and hearing of the puppet and a white umbrella that can transport the puppet or the puppeteer to each other.

    Suddenly, a bright light attacked his eyesight and temporarily blinded him, but after a while, he opened his eyes and saw a man clad in a black robe. This old man with a round face was Zheng Zhi servant.

    "Your Highness. Are you oke?" The servant said as he stared at the broken shards of glass on the ground.

    "Yes, I'm all right, just leave me for a while, and don't let anyone enter my chamber without my command, that means you too." Wei Zhi said as he glared at the old man.

    "Yes, your Highness.''

    After the servant left Wei Zhi sat cross-legged upon a woven mat and said."So let's see if my puppets are still alive." He then grabbed the talisman paper out of the dimensional ring and held the talisman paper on his forehead. A few seconds later, his eyes became white and a floating mirror appeared before him.

    He clenched his jaw and said. "Only one mirror, that means I lost two puppets. let's see which one." When he touched the mirror, he saw a man in a green garment screaming directly at him.

    "Liu Yang, why are you an unfilial child, instead of being like your elder brother, you conspired with Wei Zhi. Some even gossip about your sexual orientation, things that they talk about, can even make the gods fall from heaven. Oi oi oi, I should have seen the clues, when you were throwing Wei Zhi in pit named fell from grace, throwing and bullying a person 5 or 12 is normal but 300 times that is just abnormal."

    Still holding the talisman paper on his forehead, Wei Zhi said. "Liu Yang replied this. Father, you are right I have been acting like a spoiled child, I was always jealous of my elder brother, especially when he joined the Endless Mountain and while I was forced to join the Blazing Mountain. But now father I understand why you wanted me in the Blazing Mountain. I will get rid of my Blazing Mountain robe and join and the Endless Mountain."

    "Wonderful, my son, but why were you waiting for more than two days to tell me this? Oh, let the past be the past, I'm happy as long as you join me."

    And holding the talisman paper on his forehead, he said."Liu Yang, for now, I will set 3 goals for you, first become Foundation Establishment cultivator, second find reliable subordinates and finally act like someone from the Liu clan."

    Without warning, three eunuchs rushed into Wei Zhi's chamber, and a eunuch name Tong Zhongxian said to Wei Zhi, "Are you now using talisman paper, it won't work, once a cripple always cripples."

    Wei Zhi took the talisman paper from his forehead and said. "Tong Zhongxian, I have a gift for you, but I can only give it to you when there is no witness."

    The moment Tong Zhongxian heard the word gift his, eyes became big and told the other eunuchs to leave the chamber. "Zheng Zhi, you get wiser, as each winter pass. But don't be cheeky, I expect at least ten spirit stone from you. and also her Majesty commands you to reflect on your deeds."

    Wei Zhi understood what reflect on your deeds meant, he as Zheng Zhi would kneel on the ground facing the Empress Palace as punishment. If he refused, he would be jailed and thrown in a cold dungeon with thieves, rebels, and hoodlums as companions. He also understood Tong Zhongxian character, a fat eunuch that had access to the emperor and empress, he wouldn't just accept bribes, instead, he would report that bribe he received.

    Wei Zhi stood up and strolled across the room with his hands crossed behind his back."Tong Zhongxian, can you stop flapping like a bird and look at me when I talk. You see me as fool Tong Zhongxian, but I know that you nothing more than the empress bird, a bird that can easily be squashed by the right person.''

    Tong Zhongxian raised his hand and was about to hit Wei Zhi, but unexpectedly Wei Zhi dashed behind Tong Zhongxian and used a sealing technique.

    Wei Zhi pinned the cheek of Tong Zhongxian who could not move or scream and said. "Tong Zhongxian, don't  worry you will be my bird, instead of being caged by the empress, I will make you soar to great heights till you murder your emperor."

    At first, Wei Zhi wanted to make the emperor or the empress a living puppet, but after he realized that they were cultivators at the foundation establishment stage, he stopped and searched for other candidates. Until a fat eunuch at the Qi Condensation stage of rank eight rushed into his chamber, Wei Zhi was not only surprised by his high cultivation he also admired the fat eunuch hard work and wanted him as his living puppet.

    Wei Zhi took the paintbrush from his ring and painted a strange symbol on Tong Zhongxian's forehead.
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