4 Chapter 3: Zhang Qinqin

Every living puppet needs three goals to become a fully functioning person, without it they would be a puppet in a semi-conscious state, unable to think for themselves or control their motor functions. To control a living puppet, the puppeteer must have Qi Condensation rank 3, and for two living puppets, they must have rank 6. And for three living puppets, the puppeteer must be at the peak of Qi Condensation.

In a dark room with only one bed, a woven mat, a low table, and a mirror. Wei Zhi stared at eunuch and murmured. "Tong Zhongxian, you can rise. I have three goals for you. First, tell me everything that happens in the imperial court, second recruit simple-minded subordinates and finally I want you to plant poison in the empress manor."

Tong Zhongxian, who was now under control, whispered softly."Master, I already have twenty subordinates under my wings, and I also have a fire snake tail hidden in the empress manor. Should I poison the empress? "

After few minutes talking with Tong Zhongxian, Wei Zhi learned about the hidden plot against him, invading barbarians and tragic past of Tong Zhongxian.

Tong Zhongxian wasn't always a cold-hearted, calculated eunuch who poisoned pregnant concubines or murder innocent maids. A long time ago, almost a fifty years ago Tong Zhongxian was a kind and lovely father of three who owned a small business in a port town next to the Zhu clan, the empress clan. Sadly, on a hot summer night, the barbarian in the east of the Zheng state invaded the once quiet port town and turned it into a ghost town. Only Tong Zhongxian and his youngest child survived the carnage brought by the barbarian. Homeless and hungry Tong Zhongxian joined the imperial eunuchs. Tong Zhongxian only lost his three preciouses instead of the most important one, his only surviving child, his son. Every time Tong Zhongxian rose in the ranks or found a traitor he was giving 100 spirit stone by the imperial court, with that, he could pay for his son's cultivation.

With one spirit stone, you could buy necessities like a potato or a cup of rice, with ten spirit stones you could buy clothes or books and with 100 spirit stones you could buy a cultivator 's manual.

The two eunuchs who were waiting outside the door kicked the door and screamed, "Chief, are you okay. Chief, have you been hurt by the prince."

No, the prince didn't hurt me, he and I came to an understanding. Let's leave this dump and join the empress manor."

After the two eunuchs and Tong Zhongxian walked out of the manor, a servant limped into the chamber and asked, "Your Highness, miss Zhang Qinqin has arrived, so should I let her in."

In his mind, Wei Zhi searched Zhang Qinqin and recalled that Zhang Qinqin was the fiance of Zheng Zhi. Zhang Qinqin came from a wealthy and influential mining family in the south of Zheng state.

Wei Zhi waved his hand and said, " Invite them in."

As soon as the door of the manor was open, a young girl shouted at Wei Zhi, "You lazy bum, why are you still in your undergarments. "

Wei Zhi stared at the white hair girl wearing a yellow dress and said with pestering tone, "Is that how you talk to your soon to be husband after you kicked him from a bridge, and don't say it was an accident."

"Zheng Zhi, I already told you that it was an accident, but anyhow I just became sixteen. I have now the right to cancel our engagement. Please agree and stop being a child.''

Wei Zhi laughed quietly, a short puff of air came out his nose that was barely noticeable to the human eyes. The first thing that Wei Zhi didn't want was to be locked in marriage and especially not with a child. What he wanted was to be free to travel to the Endless Mountain, where he could then work as a destructive force within their ranks.

Wei Zhi glanced with a fierce look and spoke with a cold voice, "Zhang Qinqin, I the prince of Zheng state accept your proposal, for now on you and I are strangers to each other. Don't utter my name in vanity and don't visit me anymore."

Zhang Qinqin stared with a wrinkled nose at Zheng Zhi as she touched her gleaming white hair that was reflecting the piercing yellow sunlight onto the ground. "Is this Zheng Zhi? Why is he acting like this, shouldn't he already kneel on the ground and beg me not to cancel our engagement."

Wei Zhi's emerald green eyes penetrated the glimmering brown eyes of Zhang Qinqin and said in a cold tone. "Why are you still here? Do you need my signature, if so I will deliver it in writing. Now leave my chamber!"

"How dare you Zheng Zhi, how dare you to talk to me like that. I am the one who should break the engagement in writing."

Wei Zhi strolled to a window and stared at the octagonal pagoda hovering in the sky. The pagoda above the imperial court was the most important building, after the emperor's palace, it was the imperial library. It was a place where cultivators across the Zheng state, could find or buy manuals.

"Zheng Zhi, how dare you to turn you back at me, are you still the same person who stalked me day and night.''

Wei Zhi turned his head and stared with a crooked smile at Zhang Qinqin who was clenching her fist. "Zhang Qinqin, I don't have the time or the energy. If you wanted you can be the first person to cancel the engagement in formal writing. So please leave my manor. "

As Zhang Qinqin glared furiously at Wei Zhi, she raised her right hand and cursed numerous time at Zheng Zhi. After few minutes she left the chamber with a smile on her face.
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