Chapter 36: Come on, Baby

    Chapter 36: Come on, Baby

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    Using the memory of the paths of the fighting club, Zhang Tie took the key and entered the dressing room. As he was somewhat lost when he was here last time, he didn't clearly see the size of the fighting club. This time, he realized that the fighting club was really huge.

    The sixth floor of the fighting club was more than 200m in length, and more than half of this floor was reserved for LV 1 guests. The sixth floor was mostly occupied by a public training field, which included various equipment and instruments that Zhang Tie had never seen before, as well as two standard speed testing tracks. Aside from the resting areas and the dressing rooms, the public training field was the only place where workers could stay. What Captain Kerlin had said was not out of reason. If Zhang Tie could train here when he was free, he could definitely improve his strength and physique greatly. Compared to this training field, the training field at school was like a rural field being used to dry fresh millets. Seeing those training equipment for the first time, Zhang Tie almost began to drool. Those training equipment could definitely strengthen each and every one of his muscles. In truth, given enough time, Zhang Tie was fully confident that they could make him as masculine as a sculpture and strengthen his physical traits greatly.

    Aside from the public training field, there were also some independent training rooms. Director Beck had said those training rooms were matched with more advanced training equipment and were only available to guests, causing Zhang Tie to be extremely curious about the special equipment.

    Zhang Tie could only use the independent staff staircases and paths from the first floor to the sixth floor, while the guests and VIPs were qualified to take the elevators, something which Zhang Tie had never seen before. Although there was no electricity in this age, that traffic tool invented by humans before the Catastrophe was still preserved. However, the driving force of elevators became steam engines and turbines that were built within the building. Additionally, each elevator was matched with a professional looking worker who wore a uniform.

    From the first floor to the sixth, although sound-insulation partitions were installed, Zhang Tie could still hear the loud crashes and cries from the rooms on each floor. Some of the sounds seemed to have originated from underground, giving off a feeling that was akin to rolling thunder to those above ground. As a result, the entire staircase hummed...

    The sixth floor was for LV 1 guests, the fifth floor was for LV 2 guests, and the fourth floor was for LV 3 guests. Previously, Zhang Tie didn't understand why they were arranged in this manner. When he went upstairs, he suddenly realized that the higher the level of the guests, the more powerful and destructive the training would be; therefore, they had to arrange the high-level guests on the lower floors in order to reduce the damage to the building. The training fields for guests above LV 5 were on the ground; however, Zhang Tie was not qualified to know what was installed inside those training fields.

    Zhang Tie went to his locker, locker No. 613. The dressing room was linked to the bathroom, which was one of the benefits of the Fighting Club. At the very least, Zhang Tie could take a bath in the luxurious bathroom. This place would be very nice if he wasn't here solely to be beaten.

    Entering the dressing room, Zhang Tie found no one else but a muscular man sitting on the bench. The muscular man was trying to apply something to the obvious wounds on his back. Feeling that this man seemed somewhat familiar, Zhang Tie recalled that it was the man who had woken him up when he had passed out last time.

    Seeing Zhang Tie, the manly guy grinned and smiled simply. Raising a brown vial, he said, "Hey boy, so it's you. Come help me out!"

    Zhang Tie walked over and took the vial from the man's hand; it smelt like a medicinal liquor. He didn't know what it was made of, but he knew that it was used to speed up the healing of wounds, thus Zhang Tie rubbed his hands for a while and put some of the medicinal liquor on one palm. He then evenly applied it onto the wounds.

    "I almost forgot, you woke up me up last time. Really, thank you!" Zhang Tie said as he applied the medicinal liquor onto the man's back.

    "It's no problem! I'm Anuo, what's your name?"

    "Zhang Tie!"

    "Chinese clan?"


    "You people from the Chinese clan aren't physically strong. I've rarely seen a Chinese training partner here!"

    "That's bullsh*t. I will keep getting stronger!" Zhang Tie replied stubbornly.

    "What a tough boy!" the manly guy muttered.

    After he finished applying the medicinal liquor, Zhang Tie covered the vial and gave it back to the manly guy. The man took the vial, stood up, and prepared to wear clothes. All of a sudden, he shot out a powerful punch toward Zhang Tie. Before Zhang Tie was able to respond, the fist had already arrived in front of Zhang Tie's face. The fine hair on his face could even feel a strong gust. The moment Zhang Tie thought that his head would be broken like a watermelon, the fist stopped 1 cm away from his face. Zhang Tie's face turned pale.

    The manly guy didn't care for Zhang Tie's response. He simply shook his head and made three movements in front of Zhang Tie. "As a training partner, you should remember three basic movements. Firstly, when you lower your head, you should protect your head with your arms. Never expose your head to your opponent. You should respond to it unconsciously..." The manly guy demonstrated the movement twice.

    "Secondly, although it is not allowed in the fighting club, if your opponent attacked your lower body, you should lift your right leg..." The manly guy patted his strong right leg. "You should never put the center of gravity of your body under your feet. That would make you react slowly; instead, you should do this..." The tough guy quickly raised his right leg and leaned to his side. "This way, your opponent's instinctive attacks will land on the muscles of your thigh and butt, which can afford to take a hit!"

    "Thirdly..." The tough guy bent his body. "Make your back naturally bent to tighten the muscles. A bent back and tightened muscles can form a natural arch which can let your back stand powerful attack. This will protect your bones and guts. If you cannot avoid your opponent's attack, you should use the places on your body that can take a beating to absorb the opponent's attack. For example, your shoulders, back, chest... Am I clear, boy?"

    Zhang Tie was shocked by Anuo's patience. He nodded and was slightly moved. He didn't know what to say while Anuo simply smiled. He patted Zhang Tie's shoulders. "I'm expecting you to become powerful!" He then put on his clothes and left.

    Zhang Tie repeated those movements several times alone in the dressing room and slightly nodded. Then he opened his locker. There were two sets of uniforms, a clean towel, and a pair of clean socks. He instantly removed his clothes and brought the towel into the bathroom to take a comfortable hot water bath. The moment he wore his uniform and his socks, a worker came in to inform him to make preparations to serve the guest in Room No.4.

    Near the dressing room was a professional equipment room. The moment Zhang Tie entered, two workers helped him put on a set of protective equipment.

    "Boy, don't get knocked out this time; otherwise, we'd have to carry you back!" the man said with a smile of contempt as he helped Zhang Tie put on the complex equipment. After he finished, he patted Zhang Tie's back twice, implying that Zhang Tie could leave.

    "Do you think he'll be knocked out this time?"

    "I bet he will pass out within 10 minutes for 20 copper coins!"

    "I bet he will pass out within 5 minutes!"

    "Ok, that's the deal!"

    Hearing the two bastards sneering at him, Zhang Tie gritted his teeth and decided to not pass out this time.

    Entering Room No.4 like last time, Zhang Tie waited there for less than 3 minutes before the door was pushed open. Entering together with an arrogant 12-year-old kid was Mary. Seeing the cold smile on Mary's face, Zhang Tie cried out inwardly. How could she be so narrow-minded!?

    The kid arrogantly glared at Zhang Tie. "Mary, is he the scumbag you told me about?"

    "That's him!" The goddamned Mary nodded.

    "If I knock him out, you will?" saying this, the arrogant kid gazed at Mary's plump breasts and swallowed saliva with difficulty.

    Mary said nothing. She simply bent her body and showed a lecherous smile. Stretching out her tongue, she licked one of the kid's ear and murmured something as the kid began to laugh in high spirits.

    Zhang Tie coldly stared at the two. Within the depths of his heart, an uncomfortable appeared when he saw Mary's lecherous smile and the arrogant kid. He didn't know if it was because of fury or desire.

    "I am Zhang Tie. It's my pleasure to serve you!" Zhang Tie clasped his fist and greeted the kid monotonously in accordance to Director Beck's instructions. Meanwhile, he coldly glanced at Mary, who was staring at him pleasantly on the side.

    Under the thick head protector, others could only see the pair of black eyes and the row of holes for breathing. Seeing Zhang Tie turning back as he stared at her, Mary felt savageness and a coldness that was akin to ice through that head protector. Her heart started to pound and her smile instantly froze.

    "If you are smart enough, you should kneel down in front of Mary, apologize to her, and slam your face ten times. If you do that, I will let you go. I won't beat you up too fiercely!" pretending to be a man, the kid shouted.

    F*ck! How could these rich kids be so disgusting!? Zhang Tie said nothing. He only bent one finger towards this kid in contempt as if he was calling a puppy or a pet. "Come on, baby!"

    "I will kill you!" In a split second, the kid charged toward Zhang Tie and launched an extremely sharp kick toward Zhang Tie's stomach...
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