Chapter 177: Assassination

    Chapter 177: Assassination

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    The entire playground became quiet. Everybody cast their eyes onto Zhang Tie. They could only hear his calm footsteps and the friction between that terrifying battle sword and the cement ground.

    Zhang Tie's strike convinced all the onlookers. At the sight of his huge strength and skills, all the soldiers of Third Platoon, Fifth Company of the Iron-Blood Camp shrunk their necks. With such a powerful man as their platoon leader, nobody would have any different opinions about it. At this time, when they recalled that Zhang Tie had sworn to protect them on the battlefield the first time he saw them, many people felt a warm flow in their hearts.

    Although Zhang Tie sincerely said it in the past, those guys didn't believe in those words because none had sensed Zhang Tie's real strength. However, now, when they had all witnessed his real capabilities, they started to feel warm about his sincerity.

    Zhang Tie's strike against Sodor shocked the soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp more than when he had taken up the 'Man's Certification' by one hand in the morning. The latter simply indicated Zhang Tie's huge strength while the formed revealed his ability to be depended on and trusted in a battlefield. They were very different from each other!

    At this moment, Sodor was miserably lying on the ground, the part between his thumbs and index fingers bleeding, torn open, wrists and forearms broken and twisted. Sodor looked as white as a piece of paper, spitting fresh blood out of his mouth.

    Although clear-minded, he had completely lost his ability to move. Widely opening his empty and frightened eyes, he looked at Zhang Tie who was dragging that terrifying sword of death towards him.

    Lifting his sword with one hand, Zhang Tie put the blade onto Sodor's neck. At this moment, if he loosened his grip, without even having to use his strength, he could cut off Sodor's head with this 'Man's Certification'.

    "Do you know why I killed Zuhair?" Zhang Tie asked Sodor.

    "I know!" After being silent for two seconds, Sodor replied in a hoarse and quivering voice.

    "If you were me and someone wanted to kill you in that way, when you could kill him, would you kill him?"

    "Yes, I would!" Sodor squeezed out hard. "But Zuhair is my younger brother..."

    "If you had said no and wanted to reason this out with me by using your small tricks, I would have cut off your head right away. But as you said yes, I will not kill you today!"

    When Zhang Tie declared that, everybody was stunned. Even Sodor who was lying on the ground didn't believe that, his eyes widening even more than before.

    Zhang Tie immediately took away his sword from Sodor's neck and hefted it onto his shoulder.

    "The reason I killed Zuhair was that there was an animosity between us, while you seek revenge because you're Zuhair's elder brother. As your younger brother was killed by me, no matter for what reason, you have to take revenge for him, otherwise you'll have no face to stay in Blackhot City anymore. Nor would you have the face to see your family members, relatives, and friends.

    "Everyone would then regard you as a loser and a wimp. You would not raise your head up in public anymore.

    "As you're committed to take revenge for your younger brother through this duel, I agree and respect your choice to seek for a duel with me as I have an elder brother too. Now that the result of this duel has come out, and you've tried your best stand stand behind your choice, everything will be over then."

    "You... really won't kill me?" Sodor stammered out.

    "You should feel lucky that as a person who grew up in Blackhot City, I don't want for the first person I kill in this military uniform to be one who is also from Blackhot City like me. Therefore, I won't kill you today. However, you have to remember that you only have one chance to survive. If you dare to seek revenge again or will try to do harm to me for Zuhair's death in the future, once I hear of it, I'll kill you without any hesitation!" Zhang Tie explained to Sodor in an icy tone.

    Looking at Zhang Tie's icy eyes, Sodor quivered all over. He lowered his gaze, not daring to meet that freezing look of the other anymore.

    Zhang Tie then walked off the platform, leaving Sodor lying there alone. After exchanging glances with each other, Zerom and Kerlin both saw a shadow of gratification in the other's eyes.

    Many teachers let out a sigh inside. After experiencing this frustration and being taught a lesson, if Sodor wanted to find Zhang Tie trouble later on, he would definitely be seeking death. Zhang Tie's real strength, status, or the Norman Empire's laws, Sodor could not face any of them.

    Once he considered to do harm to Zhang Tie, whatever he did, success or not, what awaited him would only be death. There would never be a second chance. Judging from his expression, Sodor was not that righteous man who dared to take death calmly, like going home. As for ones who treasured their own lives very much, few of them would do something when they knew that the only outcome of it would be death.

    Zhang Tie's reason for not killing Sodor showed others his inner brilliance and kindness. Including those soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp, everybody showed their sincere respect to Zhang Tie for his choice of not killing Sodor.

    At this moment, Sodor was given support to leave the dueling platform by several of his men, all of their heads lowered down. As for Sodor's fair-weather friends who had come here together with him, they had already slipped away the moment Zhang Tie stepped onto the platform. It was not a wise choice for them to get involved in a duel with a military officer of the Norman Empire in the city which had just been incorporated into that particular empire's territory.

    They were scared of trouble.


    This moment, the most brilliant existence in the entire school campus was Zhang Tie. He was surrounded by soldiers of the Norman Empire, who were maintaining order. Many of the onlookers wanted to push close to have a look at Zhang Tie, however, they didn't dare to push through the soldiers.

    Zhang Tie caught sight of the brothers of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, Blues, Peter, Pandora, Alice, and Beverly among the crowd. They were all very thrilled, faces red.

    After waving his hand towards those people, Zhang Tie then handed his huge sword to Beckham and Moos. "You go back first, as Ive studied here, I have a lot of friends to meet. I will go back in the evening!"

    Although the duel was not splendid, all the brothers of the Iron-Blood Camp felt that they had not arrived here in vain. Through this duel, they had learned more about Zhang Tie and felt more awe towards him. Everybody started to treat Zhang Tie as a reliable partner.

    After a loud shout, all the brothers of the Iron-Blood Camp started to get back into their vehicles. At the same time, the two team leaders on duty here also came over to report to Zhang Tie that they would collect their teams too. After that, students and the other onlookers all drew closer.

    As it was not suitable to talk here, without saying anything, Zhang Tie just stretched out his arms to embrace Barley and the other brothers.

    Seeing that Zhang Tie was still as enthusiastic with them as before even at this moment, Barley, Bagdad, Hista, Leit, Sharwin, Doug, Blues, Peter, and Bonder all laughed out loudly, feeling highly spirited.

    "You liar, you've really tricked us! How could you become so great this quickly?" Blues asked when they were embracing, patting Zhang Tie's shoulder.

    "It's a long story. I'll invite you all tonight. We'll find a place to eat and chat. I will then introduce some of my good brothers to you!"

    "Fine, I heard Norman Empire's soldiers enjoy a good treatment, so we'll not worry about eating all of your coins!'

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile.


    Although Pandora, Alice, and Beverly had intended to come over, the other girls in the crowd quickly pushed them aside, not caring for who they were.

    They were just Zhang Tie's girl friends. Additionally, they weren't acquainted with Zhang Tie for a long time, and might not even have slept on the same bed. On top of that, even though he already had three girls, for such an impressive man who was extremely excellent, he must not mind having several more.

    Driven more mad by the second, the three girls could only watch Zhang Tie get surrounded by a bunch of girls at once.

    "They're all bitches of the Rose Association!" With her hair turned into a mess by those girls, Alice swore. She then rearranged her hair and nervously exclaimed, "Hurry up, help me look at my hair. I really don't want to be seen by him like a mad grandma with untidy hair!"

    "No need, he's already seen that!"

    Beverly smiled.

    "If he's our man, nobody can grab him away from us!"

    Pandora also smiled.

    With eyes fixed on them, Zhang Tie walked directly towards them. At this moment, he was filled with a sharpness and attentiveness. The surrounding girls didn't dare to hold him back. Seeing him walking over to the three girls instead of themselves, they all hurriedly gave way.

    As a result, the three girls who had been pushed behind the crowd immediately became outstanding again.

    Stopping before the three girls, Zhang Tie stretched out his arms and smiled. "I've not told you that day because I really wanted to give you a surprise in this military uniform! Alice, actually your hair looks nice no matter how they look!"

    The three girls were moved and found it hilarious at the time.

    When Zhang Tie intended to embrace the three girls, his smile suddenly froze. All the onlookers and their voices seemed to disappear in a strange point in time that could not be described by words.

    With a surging spiritual energy, in a split second, Zhang Tie felt a sharp killing intent that covered him and the three girls. All of a sudden, he felt like he was about to step into a thorn bush, a sharp item about to break his clothes and thrust into his body.

    There was only one phrase that could be used to describe Zhang Tie's feeling - on tenterhooks.

    Actually, at this moment, due to an early warning by his high spiritual energy, Zhang Tie had several methods to avoid such an abrupt attack. However, if he escaped by himself, the three girls in front of him would hardly survive as they had no preparations at all.

    So in the period that was much shorter than one second, Zhang Tie did two things: forcefully pushed the three girls aside, and turned back...

    Two sprays of spurting blood came out of Zhang Tie's body almost at the same time while the third bolt shot towards the place where Alice had stood just moment ago.

    Zhang Tie didn't fall down, but instead watched the person who had suddenly thrown down the quiver and jumped out of the crowd in an extremely calm way that could not be understood.

    "Pay me back for my son Glaze's life!"

    The person rushed towards Zhang Tie with a dagger in hand, like a fierce tiger with a huge black spider's totem of battle Qi behind him.


    Zhang Tie knew who that person was...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt like he was in a trouble-reappearance situation. It didn't feel like this was his own body.

    When that person was less than two meters away from him, Zhang Tie pulled out the bolt from his left shoulder with his right hand. At the same time, he threw it back with great force. As a result, that bolt penetrated through that person's left eye socket and directly entered his brain. Closely after that, the huge black spider behind him dispersed. Although he still came surging forward, he fell down in front of Zhang Tie's feet.

    Nobody else had realized what was happening. Only now did the girls nearby start to scream loudly...

    The two wounds on Zhang Tie's body immediately started to feel numb and stiff. Additionally, the sense of stiffness started to spread all over his body. The last image in Zhang Tie's eyes was a group of soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp darting over like furious tigers while he seemed to be hearing Alice's cries.

    'That bastard dared to daub quick-acting poison on the bolts!'

    'I really suffered a great loss in this life. This father is still a virgin before death!'

    'Mom, dad, sorry...'

    Face starting to turn blue, Zhang Tie'd body turned numb and he fell to the ground, causing a great chaos across the campus.
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