Chapter 182: A Kind Heart is Most Precious

    Chapter 182: A Kind Heart is Most Precious

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    After putting that small box onto the table at the head of the bed, Grandma Teresa first used gauze and alcohol to clean off the blood stains from Zhang Tie's wounds before meticulously opening the box and taking out a crystal vial with a narrow mouth.

    The moment Zhang Tie caught sight of that delicate crystal vial in Grandma Teresa's hand, his eyelids jumped. This natural-born crystal vial was of great value; the lesser half of it was filled with a green liquid. The moment Grandma Teresa opened the lid, the entire prayer room was filled with an exceptional fragrance; Zhang Tie had not smelt such a good fragrance before.

    Even the vial was of great value, let alone the value of the liquid inside it.

    "Grandma, is the liquid in this vial very precious? If it is, it's not necessary to use it on me. My wounds will recover in a few more days. Additionally, I'm living in the hospital now!"

    Saying this, Zhang Tie wanted to sit up.

    But Grandma Teresa put her hand on his right shoulder, telling him to lie down again.

    "Son, nothing is more precious than a kind heart!"

    With these words, Grandma Teresa poured out the green liquid onto both of Zhang Tie's wounds.

    The moment the liquid touched Zhang Tie's skin, it immediately soaked in, like water dropped onto a sponge. After a slight feeling of cold, he found himself comfortable and refreshed. It was too comfortable...

    The wounds on his left shoulder and abdomen felt slightly itchy. After that, under Zhang Tie's amazed gaze, the two wounds started to mend at a fast, visible to the eye speed...

    With eyes wide-open, Zhang Tie stared at this unbelievable scene. Feeling cool and refreshed, he watched as the wounds slowly mended. In only 2-3 minutes, they completely disappeared. Besides the newly-grown skin, which looked a bit fresh, the wounds could not even be located.

    It was too amazing!

    Touching his wounds twice, Zhang Tie confirmed that his wounds had really recovered. They had truly healed, just like in a dream!

    Zhang Tie then immediately sat up on the bed.

    "Grandma Teresa, what is this?"

    "It's an advanced recovery medicament produced by the Guardian God School, which is more effective than any other advanced recovery medicament! As I've served the School for many years, due to a chance, I obtained this one..." Grandma Teresa revealed a smile. "Put on your clothes, the small kids outside are waiting for you to join in supper. If it wasn't for you, two days later, I would've been forced to sell this vial of advanced recovery medicament for those small kids.

    After saying this, Grandma Teresa put back the crystal, narrow-mouthed vial, however, the green liquid inside it had been all used up.

    Zhang Tie knew that he really owed a lot to the Orphanage now. Advanced recovery medicament was an almost legendary item in Blackhot City. The greatest alchemist in the city could only produce medium-level recovery medicaments. For commoners, even the preliminary recovery medicaments were rarely seen, let alone advanced ones. Maybe only Gregorian family would have this kind of item.

    However, the advanced recovery medicament of Guardian God School seemed to be more precious than average advanced recovery medicaments. The price of this vial had to be more than ten times higher compared to how much he'd spent for these kids today.

    Unexpectedly, he could gain such a great payment for his kind heart.


    The 'grand supper' in the orphanage was just a pot of gruel boiled with rice and corn that could make everyone full. A spoon of white sugar was put in each kid's bowl. For these kids who had been starved for over one month, this supper was exceptional, and out of their expectations.

    Grandma Teresa told Zhang Tie that as they had been starved for many days, it was not suitable for them to eat too much at once, so drinking porridge was the best choice.

    Zhang Tie also drunk a small bowl of porridge together with the kids of the orphanage.

    When he was going to leave, all the kids felt reluctant to see him off.

    When Zhang Tie came back to the hospital, nobody knew that his wounds had already recovered after a single outing. More than that, due to the marvelous effect of that special vial of advanced recovery medicament, he even felt much better than before the duel.

    The unexpected recovery told Zhang Tie another fact: he was really a rustic who knew little about this world. Besides that vial of advanced recovery medicament, how many other things were there that he didn't know about? Didn't even imagine?

    Blackhot City was very small, yet the world was very big!

    For the first time, Zhang Tie started to long for the vacant world outside Blackhot City.


    He stayed another night in the hospital.

    Early the next morning, Zhang Tie's ward was filled with many visitors, including all the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, Pandora, Alice, Beverly, Bonder, Abu, Salvey, Potter, Francis, Wood, Blues, Peter, Kerlin, Zerom, and some beautiful girls whom he didn't even know.

    After being told the address of his apartment in Avenue Monet in a low voice, the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, Peter, and Blues all left rapidly. After greeting Zhang Tie, Bonder and Abu also left. Seeing a great amount of enchanting girls in the ward, after chatting with Zhang Tie for a while, Salvey also left.

    With Pandora, Alice, Beverly, and those girls of the Rose Association, the atmosphere in the ward was exceptionally weird which many men could not stand. Even Kerlin and Zerom, after visiting Zhang Tie on behalf of the school, and hearing Zhang Tie rave about being struck by a lightning bolt, also hurriedly escaped.

    However, the news that Potter, Francis, and Wood brought to Zhang Tie made him dumbfounded: in the coming holiday, the members of the Gods Bliss School were determined to dig out a mine outside the Blackhot City.

    These guys had really gotten addicted to digging mines.

    It was not too unexpected that the members of Gods Bliss School would appear in Zhang Tie's ward. Everybody else treated them as those 'poor relatives of the rich' who came to strike up an acquaintance with Zhang Tie after he became famous. Even Zerom thought so.

    However, actually, nobody knew that Potter, Francis, and Wood only came to the hospital to tell Zhang Tie the 'enlightener' that they would continue to cultivate 'Big Blessing Skill' through mining. They were here to show their decisiveness to Zhang Tie on behalf of the other members of Gods Bliss School.

    At this time, each member of Gods Bliss School started to worship Zhang Tie, crazily and blindly. After experiencing so many things since the time when they worked together in the mines to the present, Zhang Tie, the 'enlightener' had become a teacher and a guide in the eyes of the 64 brothers of the Gods Bliss School. He truly became a real 'enlightener' in everybody's eyes.

    Even Zhang Tie hadn't imagined that the 'Big Blessing Skill' that he had fabricated on a mischievous mood in the mines could gather such a great amount of people to him. In Zhang Tie's original plan, after the survival training, almost all of these guys would depart their own ways. Everything that had happened in the mines during the survival training would just leave them a hopeful life philosophy.

    The persistence of the members of Gods Bliss School also brought Zhang Tie a bit of pressure. He didn't know what would happen to these persistent guys if the truth about the 'Big Blessing Skill' was revealed.

    'I'll never tell them that the Big Blessing Skill was faked!' Zhang Tie mumbled seriously after Wood, Blues, and Peter left.

    'Later on, facing Wood and the other members of the Gods Bliss School, I can only continue the 'barbarous miners' survival model. Hopefully, after digging in a mine for another two months and seeing no effects, these guys will not persist in it any more, for I'll feel guilty of making them so obsessive otherwise.'

    When all the other men left, Alice's disguised smile and politeness immediately disappeared. She then glanced over the other women with a pair of icy eyes.

    From among the other girls in the ward, Zhang Tie only knew one-that blonde who had taken his pine nuts in the survival training.

    However, judging from the girls' attitudes, they had to think that it was not important whether he knew them or not. What was important was that they knew him. Additionally, they all knew each other now.

    That blonde who had taken Zhang Tie's pine nuts was Angel, while the other girls were Sharapova, Sushan, and Fiona. Their figures could even match those of Alice and Beverly, especially Fiona's; her name meant 'little woman' in Hebrew language.

    Really like a little woman, at a young age, Fiona had a innocent Lolita face and the sexy figure of a mature woman. Her pair of boobs were even bigger than Alice's. At the sight of that, Zhang Tie had to admit that such a woman could trigger most men's desire to ravage her.

    At the sight of Fiona, Zhang Tie's untamed thing really moved, but since he was still pretending to be sick and lying on the bed without even undoing his bandages, others couldn't see it.

    "What are you doing here?"

    With her hands on her waist, Alice stared at those sexy girls who dared to come wishing to steal her man with a cold expression.

    "It's very simple, We, Rose Association, are just here to invite Zhang Tie to be the guardian knight of the girls of Rose Association!" Angel answered with a smile.

    Hearing this, both Alice's and Beverly's expressions twisted. Alice was driven mad, Beverly was startled at first, then a winsome smile came onto her face. Only Pandora just ignored them, remaining in her position beside Zhang Tie with a smile. She peeled a fruit and put it into Zhang Tie's mouth, seemingly not having heard Angel's words at all.

    Zhang Tie was confused. Guardian knight? What was that? What the hell were these girls doing here?

    "What guardian knight?" Zhang Tie asked, still trying to figure it out.

    "You cannot say it!" Alice shouted to Angel, face turning red.

    At the same time, smiles appeared on the faces of Angel and the other girls of the Rose Association. As if raising Zhang Tie's appetite, they truly didn't say it. With this trick, the girls of the Rose Association felt that they had taken the wind.

    Since they didn't say it, Pandora, who was always quiet, opened her mouth.

    "The alleged guardian knight of the Rose Association refers to a person that needs to protect them from all danger. If you accept, as payment, from then on, each girl of the Rose Association can be rode by you for free. You can plunder any virgin's crown at any time. Until marriage, all the girls of the Rose Association will be your lovers."


    Zhang Tie sprayed out a mouthful of tangerine juice.
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