Chapter 183: Alices Tears

    Chapter 183: Alice's Tears

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    Zhang Tie told his doctor that he was going home to convalesce. Given his current status and reputation, after prescribing some medicine, the doctor seriously told him about the matters that need attention before straightforwardly arranging the hospital discharge formalities for him.

    Actually, in an occupied city facing such a military officer of the conqueror, the hospital had long wished for Zhang Tie to leave as early as possible. If something wrong happened to him, nobody knew what kind of big trouble would be brought to their hospital.

    In the afternoon, Zhang Tie returned to his apartment in the Avenue Monet together with Pandora, Alice, and Beverly. This was the first time the three girls came to visit Zhang Tie's private settlement.

    The residence left by Donder was very clean. He seemed to have had people send in all the furniture and daily utilities here a day before he brought Zhang Tie. Therefore, everything inside was new, and the air was filled with an aroma of fresh wooden furniture.

    For some reason, when they all went inside, Zhang Tie locked the door from inside. Seeing this, the three girls all became slightly nervous.

    Zhang Tie toured them around his residence. In each room they entered, Zhang Tie would pull down the curtains of the windows to make the light inside dimmer and blurrier. Therefore, outsiders would not be able to see what was happening in the room.

    Each time Zhang Tie pulled down the curtains, the three girls pretended not to have seen his movements. After the curtains were pulled down one by one with the continual sound of 'shua', the atmosphere in the current room became ambiguous, and they started to breathe heavy.

    On the way back from the hospital, after Angel and the other girls had left, Zhang Tie felt hot all over. His heart pounded heavily. With each beat, it would make him feel warmer, and like there was something untamed inside him.

    Especially after the last near-death experience, Zhang Tie started to treasure his life.

    He really wanted to do something...

    The three girls all felt the scorching feeling coming off Zhang Tie.

    On the way back , he had only spoken a few words. He drove so fast that everyone could predict that something was going to happen today.

    After guiding them around his residence, Zhang Tie finally took them to his bedroom.

    The bedroom was a suite close to the inside of the residence. The only window in the bedroom opened to a sitting room.

    After opening the door of the bedroom, a big bed covered with a beige bed sheet appeared in front of them. As no natural lights were in the bedroom, even though it was day time outside, it was somewhat dim inside, especially when Zhang Tie pulled down the curtains to the sitting room. The entire bedroom seemed to be at twilight, giving a feeling of blurriness.

    By then, the three girls were not able to move anymore. Zhang Tie embraced Alice with one hand and Beverly with the other. After that, he thrust his body against Pandora and took the three girls into the bedroom under their slightly symbolic resistance.

    With a 'bang', Zhang Tie shut the door with a forceful kick before locking it from inside. The room then was isolated and became a more independent space.

    "You bad boy, you've not recovered yet!"

    Beverly bit her lip with a giggle.

    "I used a miraculous advanced recovery medicament last night, so I'm completely recovered!"

    The moment Alice became bashful and reserved, she was thrown onto the bed in a rude way by Zhang Tie, causing a scream.

    Pandora, who had long been thrust into the room and was red in her face and ears, turned back and started kissing him hotly. Zhang Tie's free hand, in the meantime, undid the buttons of Beverly's clothes. He then embraced her and Pandora with both hands, and pushed them onto the bed.


    The room was soon filled with gasps.


    After losing their minds for over twenty minutes, the four people on the bed finally came to the last step. Pandora and Beverly hugged Alice on two sides to make preparation for her to become Zhang Tie's first woman. Zhang Tie's face blushed, and his breathing quickened.

    At the most critical moment, he saw sad tears in Alice's eyes. She didn't resist, nor did she struggle, but her tears and sadness immediately shocked Zhang Tie. Close to the city wall, his mummy stopped all of a sudden.

    "What's wrong?" he asked Alice.

    Without saying anything, Alice just shook here head while tears continuing running down her cheeks...

    Zhang Tie gazed at her for half a minute before lightly kissing away the tears at the corners of her eyes. He then covered her beautiful body with a quilt. After that, Zhang Tie threw himself onto the bed, panting heavily, and started to stare at the ceiling blankly.

    "What's up?"

    Pandora lightly kissed Zhang Tie's cheek. Beverly also drew close and laid down on his chest. Feeling hot, their cheeks red, they didn't know why Zhang Tie would stop at this moment.

    "I thought back to what my mom had told me. She said, if you really love a girl, you should never let her cry for you. A man who lets his woman cry for him is not a good man!"

    "I'm sorry..." Alice put on her inner clothes and buckled on her corsage again, lowering her head. She explained in a low voice, "I just... just cannot get used to it. I had a dream since I was very young, I wished to give away my most precious thing to the man who would only love me in his whole life!"

    "Do you want Zhang Tie to choose you along from among us?' Beverly asked, turning her head.

    "Sorry, Beverly and Pandora, I've tried hard just now; although I could persuade myself to not resist, I could not persuade myself to not be sad..."

    After putting on her pants, coats, and shoes, Alice got off the bed. "Maybe I'm really not suitable to this game. My mom fell in love with a man who loved many women, and so she suffered her whole life. I don't want to be like my mom, neither do I want to fight everyday for a man with other woman..."

    Hugging Zhang Tie's head, Alice let her tears drop down once again. "I only want a man who will only belong to me. I know you won't belong to me alone, so I'm sad. Do you understand..."

    After explaining it, Alice gave Zhang Tie a deep and hot kiss. Then, she opened the door and, glancing one last time at Zhang Tie, left the room, going farther and farther away. After a bit over ten seconds, Zhang Tie heard Alice opening and closing the gate of the apartment.

    Upon hearing this sound, Zhang Tie felt that the apartment's gate was like Alice's heart, it opened but then was quickly closed, disconnecting them.

    Zhang Tie knew that Alice had truly left him, which made him vacant and dejected inside. Unavoidably, the scene of when he got acquainted with her flashed across his mind.

    He had not imagined that Alice would leave him at this moment. It was really a heavy strike, leaving him empty inside.

    "Can you only love one woman in your life?" Beverly asked, eyes wide-open.

    Pandora's ears also stood up sharper, and she fixed her eyes on him.

    Zhang Tie's mom had also told him not to cheat or lie to women who loved him.

    Thinking of those words, Zhang Tie sat up in the bed and started to think about this question very seriously, 'Can I only love one woman in my life?'

    During the past fifteen years, Zhang Tie had rarely thought about a single question this much dedication. He kept considering it for more than ten minutes. He thought back to Miss Daina and that nurse who had cleaned his d*ck in the hospital; he even recalled that boring Mary, as well as the cute girl named Fiona from the Rose Association and Miss Qili...

    Zhang Tie considered almost all the women who had impressed him since he was born. Finally, he came to a conclusion - he would not love a single woman in his life. He might fall in love with many women, finding the cute and attractive personalities in each one beside him had, which always drove him to do something to them.

    Was this the aftermath of increased secretion of hormones in one's youth? Else one was born to be sentimental or an animal?

    Under Pandora's and Beverly's longing eyes, Zhang Tie really wanted to tell them lies like 'I'll only love you' or just shake his head and answer, 'I really don't know, please do not ask me anymore,' in a deep, dejected, and empty voice like that of a lost youth.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't choose either, instead, he just poured out his deepest thoughts.

    "In my life, I cannot fall in love with only one woman. Many women are attractive to me. I'm still crushing on Miss Daina from my school. I don't know how many women I will love in the rest of my life, however, I'm sure that I'm not that single-minded person who will only love one person till the sea dries and the stones rot away. Additionally, I have a strong sense of possession toward the women I love, I cannot stand my women falling in love with other men. In conclusion, I might fall in love with many women at the same time, however I cannot accept my women loving other men, not even thinking about that!"

    "You mean you're a fickle and chauvinist guy who's honest to his women and treasure them yet is very narrow-minded!" Beverly said in a witty way while poking Zhang Tie's chest with a finger. "If any girl falls in love with you, it'll be a great test to their patience and understanding."

    "You idiot!" Pandora also poked Zhang Tie using her finger with a smile.

    "But since he's honest to us, should we give him a reward?" Beverly said to Pandora.

    "What reward?" Pandora asked.

    "Do you remember what I told you about last time?"

    Beverly winked her cute eyes towards Pandora.

    Pandora's face instantly blushed. "I only heard it from those girls, I've not tried it yet!"

    "I've not tried it either, we can have a try on this guy!"

    "What are you two talking about?"

    Zhang Tie was lost in their conversation, having no clue what they were talking about.

    "We want you to be tamed. In the following game, you should not use your hands. If you use your hands, Pandora and I will stop! We can only punish you for your fickleness by this method today..." Beverly teased Zhang Tie with her slim eyes as she instantly pushed him onto the bed once again.

    "Stand it, baby!" she told Zhang Tie, turning to face him.

    Instantly, Zhang Tie became stiff.
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