Chapter 184: Sincerity and Toxin-Resistance Fruit

    Chapter 184: Sincerity and Toxin-Resistance Fruit

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    Not until deep night did Beverly and Pandora leave. As they didn't ask Zhang Tie to send them back home, he feeling cool and refreshed just sent them to the bus station in Avenue Monet. After seeing them get on the bus, Zhang Tie returned to his apartment with an obscene smile.

    Alice's departure was a strike to Zhang Tie. What he couldn't understand was why would a man have to tell lies when he slept with a woman. If that was his true self, why would he have to tell her a lie. If a woman loved him, why would she not love the real him?

    Zhang Tie didn't know what love was, he only knew that if he loved a girl, he would treat her good and make her happy. He would try to prevent the girl from getting hurt. Additionally, he would hope to do a lot of happy things with her. Were those high requirements?

    Was the truth not right or were humans to used to being hypocritical?

    Was he too foolish or were the other men too smart?

    Even at the most dangerous moment, Zhang Tie would face death for his beloved women without any hesitation and never feel regretful about that. However, even if one lie could let her voluntarily take off her pants, Zhang Tie would not do that as he didn't want to make them feel any reluctance in sleeping with him.

    Because that was not the real him!

    Thankfully, Pandora and Beverly were still accompanying him.

    This was the happiest afternoon Zhang Tie had had. After only several hours, he became obsessed with the game 'little golden fish and a mummy'.

    Women were truly the source of happiness.

    In the end, Zhang Tie made fouls twice and almost drowned the two little golden fish of Pandora and Beverly...

    When he returned to the apartment, a car, a really luxurious limo, was parked outside the gate. A fat guy that Zhang Tie was very familiar with was standing outside the gate and glancing over the environment here out of curiosity.

    He was manager Hance from Iron-Thorns Fighting Club, whose weight was at least two times that of adviser Vessie.

    "Manager Hance!"

    The moment he saw that fat guy, Zhang Tie already knew his intentions for coming here.

    "Judging from your energetic look, you don't seem like having been wounded at all!"

    Manager Hance cast an amazed glance at Zhang Tie.

    "That's because I have good luck!"

    Revealing a smile, Zhang Tie took out his key and opened the gate of the apartment, inviting manager Hance to talk inside.

    Entering the room, Zhang Tie pulled up the curtain and the entire parlor recovered its bright appearance once again.

    "Boss Donder is really generous!" After visiting the apartment, manager Hance joked.

    "He's my teacher, manager Hance should understand that the relationship between teacher and apprentice is almost like the relationship between father and son! It's normal for him to gift me something..."

    "Of course, the entire Blackhot City knows that you have good luck!"

    "Take a seat, do you drink?"

    "No, thanks. I'm here for you at someone's request so as to eliminate the misunderstanding between you and them. Actually, I should've been here since I heard you were awake yesterday. However, considering that you needed a good rest, I came here a day later!"

    Saying this, manager Hance pulled out two items from the inside of his coat and put them on the table. One of them was a small delicate box, while the other was a crystal gold note.

    "Gregorian family?"

    "Yes!" Manager Hance nodded. "Mr. Fiiq, the head of Gregorian family expresses his deepest apologies to you for there being an attempt at your life. This is Gregorian family's compensation for you!"

    Looking at the items that manager Hance put on the table, Zhang Tie felt muddle-headed before accepting the fact. It seemed that he was already powerful enough that the ruling families of Blackhot City had to treat him seriously.

    "Please tell Mr. Fiiq that this event was because of me, I clearly understand that Gregorian family had nothing to do with this event. I feel deeply sorry for the bad name that has been brought to Gregorian family by this event!"

    Manager Hance smiled, very satisfied with Zhang Tie's reply. Previously, he was still worried that a small figure like Zhang Tie who had suddenly climbed up from the bottom would be very arrogant and difficult to deal with. So hearing Zhang Tie's words, he found this youth to be far more intelligent than he had imagined. No wonder Kerlin had a good opinion of him.

    Additionally, this youth was lucky enough to even arise others' jealousy. After being struck by a lightning bolt, he could develop so fast: form the Iron-Blood hidden strength in a short period of time, and even survive the quick-acting poison blue frost. Such a good physique was really worth admiration.

    "Are you still interested in playing in the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club?" Manager Hance changed the topic and started to chat about the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club with Zhang Tie. "The fighting clubs in Blackhot City would open again the next week!"

    "Still the flesh-bag?' Zhang Tie asked.

    Manager Hance burst out laughing as if having heard the funniest joke. "Of course not, who would dare to find a military officer of the Norman Empire as the flesh bag; even if you wanted, you would not find anyone who would dare to beat you!"

    Zhang Tie also started to laugh.

    Manager Hance then pulled out a document from inside his coat. "This is the letter of appointment for you to be the senior adviser of the Club. If you agree, you become a senior adviser of the club as of now!"

    "What privileges and obligations would I have as a senior adviser in your club?"

    "Senior advisers are like our platinum customers, you can give your suggestions to the development and management of the club. The salary of a senior adviser is twenty gold coins per week. Your only obligation is to play in the Blackhot City when you are free."


    Thinking of Mary, Zhang Tie agreed without any hesitation. For such a good thing, if he didn't accept it, there would be something wrong with him.

    Manager Hance left satisfied.


    After sending manager Hance out the gate of the apartment, Zhang Tie came back and took a look at the crystal gold note on the table. The words '50000 gold coins, cash at sight, Golden Roc Bank' made Zhang Tie's heart stop beating for a moment.

    Although he had predicted that Gregorian family's sincerity wouldn't be small, he hadn't imagined that they would give him 5000 gold coins, which would be equal to his dad's salary of a hundred years.

    Big families were truly generous.

    Golden Roc Bank was the largest and most powerful bank across the entire Blackson Human Clan Corridor. People could see the branches of this bank in almost every city of the Blackson Human Clan Corridor. Almost all the Chinese wanted to deposit their money in this bank. No matter how chaotic the Blackson region was, how regime changed and how time flew, this bank would not be influenced.

    The ad words of this bank could explain everything, 'One millennium's reputation guarantees'.

    This bank had existed before the catastrophe. The catastrophe had changed everything except for this bank. The fact could already indicate its terrifying and not abysmal background.

    After putting down this crystal gold note, Zhang Tie opened the small box. A familiar scent wafted

    out-it was a delicate, crystal, narrow-mouthed vial with green liquid inside.

    The only difference between this one and that vial of Grandma Teresa's was that a line of bronze words on the vial, which looked pretty luxurious - advanced recovery medicament!

    It was really as the old Chinese saying went, 'If you survive a big trouble, you will definitely have great happiness later'. Looking at the two items, Zhang Tie burst out laughing loudly...

    After seeing off manager Hance, he was alone in the entire apartment. So he immediately went to the hidden cell in the study from where he entered the Castle of Black Iron.

    --Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, welcome to the Castle of Black Iron!

    Having not seen the greeting for a few days, Zhang Tie was put in a good mood upon seeing it again.

    Because the plants in the Castle of Black Iron were growing everyday, only after a few days, he felt the space in the Castle of Black Iron having become more vigorous and verdant.

    Zhang Tie then walked towards the small tree. As expected, he saw two Leakless Fruits on the small tree: one already ripe, the other soon to be. As these Leakless Fruits worked as emergency blood bags, Zhang Tie didn't pick them off.

    On another twig of the small tree, he saw the fresh Toxin-Resistance Fruit. It was a blue, similar to a strawberry both in size and shape. The blue color of the fruit reminded Zhang Tie of the quick-acting poison blue frost. The moment he recalled the toxicity of it, he quivered all over. That poison was really terrifying. Without this small tree, Zhang Tie was well-aware that he would have definitely died that time.

    After looking at that Toxin-Resistance Fruit carefully, Zhang Tie stretched out his hand and started to check the attributes of the fruit.

    --Toxin-Resistance Fruit has become ripe. Usage: Pick and directly eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

    --All the tests on life will promote the life to the perfect trip of evolution.

    --Toxin-Resistance Fruit from blue frost. Its effects are as follows:

    1. Immunity to all minor-poisonous toxins.

    2. Increased resistance to all toxins by 3%.

    3. Increased resistance to nerve paralytic poisons by 7%.

    4. Increased resistance to the poison of blue frost by 18%; you can remain unharmed for twenty minutes after being attacked by the blue frost.

    'That's great.'

    Zhang Tie almost jumped off the ground. He had heard that people who often touched poisonous substances would naturally become resistant to them. Unexpectedly, after being poisoned by blue frost, he could also complete a physical evolution against toxins. This feeling was really cool.

    From the classification of poisons, many substances in our daily lives had minor toxicity. Minor toxicity was the slightest degree. Generally speaking, only after taking in above 100 grams of pure minor toxins an average person might be killed. They were rarely contained in certain substances, but went in great amount of varieties and quantities, for instance, waste gases that were emitted from some factories in Blackhot City, mosquitoes that could make your skin swell after biting you, may plants' juices or fruits, unripe tomatoes, especially herbal medicines that Chinese always used.

    All the things above contained very light toxins, however, as they posed almost no harm to the human body, people didn't pay much attention to them. After all, nobody would let tens of thousands of mosquitoes to bite him at the same time or eat unripe tomatoes all day long for several months. Therefore, there were no cases of people being killed by minor toxins since ancient times till now. It was definitely 100 times more difficult for a person to collect above 100 grams of minor toxins than collecting 100 grams of quick-acting toxins.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that after being poisoned by blue frost, he could become completely immune to minor toxins. This would definitely make him healthier, and he would not have to worry about bumps on the skin after being bitten by mosquitoes anymore.

    The other effects of this Toxin-Resistance Fruit also made Zhang Tie very happy. Since it greatly improved his toxin resistance, making it much greater than that of most average people, how could he not be happy?

    Laughing loudly, Zhang Tie instantly picked off the Toxin-Resistance Fruit and engulfed it like how he ate strawberries...
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