Chapter 185: Remodeling Plan for the

    Chapter 185: Remodeling Plan for the Castle of Black Iron

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    On the second day after recovering from his wounds, Zhang Tie felt free for the first time since returning from the Wild Wolf Castle.

    Last night, he had met Miss Daina in his dream once again. In a sexy miniskirt, Miss Daina was playing the game of small golden fish and mummy with him. What a sweet dream!

    When Zhang Tie was woken up by his biological clock, he lay still a for a time before jumping out of bed. After putting on his clothes and cleansing himself, he hurriedly started to formulate a plan.

    Zerom had said that the prelude to a chaotic world has already started.

    Donder had said that the holy war between humans and demons was coming.

    Guderian had said that the Iron-Blood Camp would soon move to Kalur, the City of Machine.

    After a dozens years' peace, the Norman Empire and Sun Dynasty might have another heavy collision at Kalur.

    Although Blackhot City looked peaceful now, nobody knew when it would be involved in even greater turmoil. The catastrophe of the entire human clan was drawing increasingly closer. The rulers of the Andaman Alliance, the Norman Empire, Sun Dynasty, and the Blackson Human Clan Corridor had long known what would happen in the future. Thus, they've long ago started making preparations for that in various ways. Only the countless small figures were still puzzled.

    This explained how sad the small figures were. Not until the moment the event happened would they know what was coming to destroy their world.

    'But now that I know, I have to prepare for it. Even squirrels know how to store food to tide over the winter. Of course I should behave better than squirrels. But what's my last point of defense? Undoubtedly, the Castle of Black Iron and that small tree are things that I can rely on to help me survive,' Zhang Tie thought

    The scene of Grandma Teresa and those kids of the orphanage standing in the street, raising high the board, had deeply affected Zhang Tie. He saw it as a warning to himself. Facing more dangers and crises from now on, he had to make better preparations.

    Yesterday, Zhang Tie felt that he had become half a man. While being obsessed with that, he also realized that he had a deep sense of responsibility. When the crisis arrived, he had to save his women from it.

    After eating the Toxin-Resistance Fruit, Zhang Tie had walked two circles around the Castle of Black Iron while a thought gradually formed in his mind. He felt that it was the right time for him to remodel the Castle of Black Iron.

    When the Castle of Black Iron had no sufficient basic energy storage and merit values, how could he remodel it to make that marvelous space his most solid fortress, a place where his beloved ones and himself could be protected?

    There was only one answer-make a plan by himself! Human beings had the strongest manipulative ability, which could even match that space and terrain remodeling function of the Castle of Black Iron.

    After considering it for several hours last night by drawing and noting in the study room of his apartment, Zhang Tie finally confirmed three objectives for remodeling the Castle of Black Iron.

    Firs, he wanted to build several standard food and material warehouses in the Castle of Black Iron so that on special occasions he could prevent his loved ones from having to starve. In the chaotic world, having enough food came first.

    Second, he needed to build a house in the Castle of Black Iron which could satisfy people's basic requirements for living and rest. Zhang Tie considered that in some special cases he might need to bring his parents and Pandora, Alice, and Beverly into the Castle of Black Iron. For instance, if he wanted to escape a disaster, after bring them inside, he could have a thousand times more chances to escape alone by himself, without having to carry so many people outside.

    For the second objective, Zhang Tie didn't know whether he could bring big live animals or people into the Castle of Black Iron and what would happen after they were inside, so he needed to make an experiment. This was also what Zhang Tie prepared to do today.

    Third, he wanted to build a simple 'biological evolution and mutation lab' in the Castle of Black Iron as the successful evolution of the yeast brought a lot of ideas to him. Some of which were abosolutely crazy. Additionally, Zhang Tie wanted to see what other functions that vial of 'Basic Aura Yeast' had. The best way to test this was to make a big jar of yeast fluid and have a drink, like how he made rice brew at home.

    However, the items Zhang Tie had placed in the Castle of Black Iron so far were too simple, even less than a beggar's belongings. There was just a broken storage box, which contained a pile of items. Thinking about it, Zhang Tie felt embarrassed.

    It was time to add some items into the Castle of Black Iron. As he was still enjoying a sick leave these days, he was free to do it. If not, he didn't know when would have found the time to do this.

    Additionally, the gold note brought by manager Hance yesterday made him very rich, and he didn't need to worry about the prices of what he bought.

    After thinking about the details of remodeling the Castle of Black Iron in his mind, Zhang Tie came to his study room and pulled open the bookshelf using the method that Donder had taught him. He then opened the door to the underground hidden cell.

    This was Zhang Tie's second time entering this underground hidden cell. After closing the door from inside and feeling that the bookshelf outside had moved to its original place, Zhang Tie instantly became exceptionally thrilled.

    Before Donder had left, he taught Zhang Tie another skill-Disguise.

    The ten thousands lamps on the walls of the underground hidden cell brightened the entire room, making Zhang Tie's adrenaline soar. Donder had bragged that he was the greatest expert in changing looks. After seeing him changing himself into another person only after a short while, Zhang Tie believed it. Thinking that he could change his look too, like Donder had done, and appear in the Blackhot City with another status and look, Zhang Tie couldn't wait to try it out.

    All the items in the cabinets and the storage boxes in that hidden cell were used to change one's look. According to Donder, the most expensive among them was the disguise mask.

    The disguise mark was put in a small box on the dresser. Zhang Tie then directly went to the dresser and opened that box. There were six compartments inside, each containing a face module on which a face mark would be placed. Donder had only left one disguise look to Zhang Tie while he took away five.

    Looking at the five face models with no disguise marks on them, Zhang Tie started to swear inside. 'This guy didn't even forget to take away five face marks when he left. Judging by his obscene looks after changing his image, he must have done a lot of bad things in Blackhot City these years.'

    As Zhang Tie was still a birdie whose figure and looks were still young, Donder only left him a 20-odd year Chinese youth's face mask which looked not too different from Zhang Tie.

    Based on how Donder taught him, Zhang Tie took up that 20 or so year looking face mask and put it onto his own face. He then slightly patted it for a minute. After that, he took up a vial of sprayer from the dresser and sprayed it onto his face twice. then continued patting it. After a short while, he felt his skin becoming slightly heavier. At this time, he took another look at the mirror and saw a 20-odd Chinese youth.

    Zhang Tie smiled. In response, the 20-odd year youth in the mirror smiled as well.

    This face mask was really marvelous. Putting it on, one would have a wholly new face. Just after after patting it for a bit after putting it on, it would adapt to your face's shape. With some water, it would tightly combine with the skin on the face, and no one would be able to see anything wrong with it. It would no be possible to even see any difference between the colors of the mask and the skin of the user's face.

    Donder had said that these face masks were made of two very expensive materials: one was biological memory protein, while the other was the solidified active gene of a deformed octopus of the deep sea which had an adjustability many times greater than that of chameleon.

    This face mask could not be easily gotten by average people in Blackson Human Clan Corridor, even in the whole Eastern Continent. Even though Donder was a hard-core disguise user, he had only collected six face masks in total. Therefore, he felt pained by even leaving one to Zhang Tie.

    After changing his look, Zhang Tie picked up two vials and drank a small mouthful from each one. He then mixed them in his mouth and swallowed.

    At first, he felt a bit itchy in his throat. After coughing twice, he realized that his voice had become much lower, even a bit hoarse.

    "Hello!" Zhang Tie tried saying, and a different person's voice reached his ears.

    The next steps were be much easier. Since it was his first disguise, Zhang Tie didn't want to make it too sophisticated. It would be okay simply to not be recognised as himself.

    He then opened another cabinet. From among the dozens of wigs inside, he chose one which was yellow and longer than his original hair. After putting it on, he saw a completely unfamiliar man in the mirror.

    Donder was very careful. Before he left, he had prepared more than ten sets of various clothes for Zhang Tie, fitted to his figure. He then chose gray, mid-level clothes which made him look like a small clerk from the firms in Blackhot City.

    By now Zhang Tie looked completely different.

    Finally, he checked all the details before the mirror for a while. After confirming that even his elder brother would not recognize him, he revealed a smile and walked to a stone wall next to the room's corner. After forcefully pushing on it, a one meter high underground tunnel opened up in front of Zhang Tie.

    Lowering his body, he crawled inside...
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