Chapter 193: Tempted by Beauties

    Chapter 193: Tempted by Beauties

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    The special fragrance of the four girls was drifting in the air, containing the breath of youth and health. Although it could also be smelt on Alice, Beverly, and Pandora, it was very light on them. Each time he smelt this odor, Zhang Tie would feel his blood start boiling up, like a knee jerk. This was especially so after playing the game of mummy and small golden fish with Pandora and Beverly. Now he found that he had become more sensitive to women.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether it was intentional or not, but when he was standing outside the open gate of the apartment building to invite the girls in, they all touched his body with their owns while passing by him. Especially that girl named Fiona with a well-toned ass under her skirt. When she was passing by, she pushed against his lower abdomen.

    Being pushed, Zhang Tie's mummy instantly became grim.

    Zhang Tie took a deep breath and smelt the faint fragrance from their bodies. For a hot-blooded boy, this smell was irresistible, just like how female wolves became attractive to rutting male wolves. It seemed that these goblins knew well how to lure a man.

    Zhang Tie gently stroked his jaw while closing the gate of the apartment building. Trying to move his eyes away from the girls' butts, he led them inside and opened his own residence in floor 1.

    When Zhang Tie closed the door of his residence once again, he abruptly thought back to the scene of when he took Alice, Beverly, and Pandora here. Since the curtains inside were tightly closed, an ambiguous atmosphere rose up in the room again.

    'Will something happen today?'

    Zhang Tie felt strange since the relationship between these girls and him was different from his relationship with Alice, Beverly, and Pandora. Right now, he couldn't bear his longing for Alice and became faintly vacant.

    He ignited the lamps in the room, opened the steaming heat units, and pulled open the curtains.

    After the room became bright, he turned back and found that the girls had already taken off their amices and fixed their eyes on him, smiling.

    Under the amices were four different beautiful skirts with low-cut dress, half-cut dress, or a deep-v collar. They all wore nice ball gowns like attending a party. The four pairs of snow-white plump balls were looming in the dresses. The four girls were standing gracefully straight, like displaying their figures.

    After a single glance over the four exotic girls, Zhang Tie was dizzy.

    His mummy became really restless this time.

    'Calm, you have to be calm!' Zhang Tie told himself.

    Looking at Zhang Tie's dull eyes, the girls all giggled inwardly.

    "How about that, are we beautiful? Which are more beautiful, us or Alice, Beverly, and Pandora?"

    When Angel asked her question, they all moved from their original positions, displaying cute or attractive poses and winking their beautiful eyes towards Zhang Tie.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie felt his blood pressure surge up. He coughed twice before moving his eyes away from these girls. "Hmm... take a seat here, I will go get some drinks for you!"

    After exchanging glances with each other, the four girls all revealed smiled before gracefully sitting on the sofa in the parlor, waiting for Zhang Tie to bring them drinks.

    There was a gradevin in the parlor with the glasses inside left by Donder. Zhang Tie hurriedly searched inside it. He took a bottle of brandy, however, after thinking about it twice, he put it down. After excluding spirits that would easily cause people to become giddy, Zhang Tie found a bottle of delicious fruit wine. He poured it into four glasses and carried them over to the room where he put them on the tea table next to the sofa.


    Angel lowered her body and took a glass of wine, exposing her nice figure to Zhang Tie.

    When Angel lowered her body, Zhang Tie, who sat opposite the girls, stared at her breasts involuntarily. Seeing the nice scene, he became restless.

    Only after a small sip of the wine, the four girls felt Zhang Tie's consideration. This wine tasted nice and had a low alcohol content. After drinking it, one might feel warm all over.

    After a single sip, the girls all felt very warm and comfortable. Soon after that, the chilliness of waiting for almost two hours in the wagon outside was driven off them.

    This was a powerful man who had a great future and was very considerate to girls!

    This was how the girls of Rose Association evaluated Zhang Tie. After a sip, the girls' faces had flushed slightly, making them more adorable. They then exchanged glances that could only be understood by themselves. Although they had already mustered up their determination when they arrived here, at this time, they reconfirmed their decisions because of Zhang Tie's consideration and carefulness.

    Drinking wine, the girls exchanged glances with each other. It seemed the room was filled with a thin rose-colored ambiguous atmosphere. Sitting on the sofa beside the girls, Zhang Tie felt restless, as if he was sitting on needles.

    "You take a seat first, as I've drunk a lot today and feel sticky all over, I will take a bath..."

    Seeing the girls' eyes becoming as blurred as water ripples, Zhang Tie hurriedly stood up and left the parlor with the excuse of taking a bath.

    Taking note of Zhang Tie escaping the parlor in such an awkward way, the girls all giggled.

    "Angel, I heard it is very painful the first time, isn't it?" Fiona, that sexy young mature lady lowered her voice and asked Angel. She was slightly nervous. "I've read the notebooks and guidance left by former graduates of Rose Association. It said that when girls did this with men for the first time, they would feel very painful and would bleed a lot..."

    "It's okay, Fiona, I will be the first. You just help me from the side. It will soon come to an end. Do you remember what the book 'Guidance on How to Guide a Man' writes? When we do this for the first time, if we have enough foreplay, we might not feel very painful. Additionally, we have four people which means we can share the pain..."

    Face flushed, blonde Angel added, "Seniors said that once we do this, we will feel much better doing this again. We women are nature-born rulers in the bed. We should not fear him in the bed. Whores outside can easily deal even with dozens of men a day. We are not whores, therefore, it's enough for us to deal with him, even for the first time..."

    "I heard some men will have a lot of weird requirements in the bed..." Susan, the one with a nice watermelon-seed shaped face and a pair of enchanting eyes, lowered her voice. "I don't know whether you've made enough preparations..."

    The one with a sexy mouth and a figure more on the plump side Sharapova smiled. "Don't worry, Susan. Haven't you seen it, Zhang Tie is still a boy, I'm sure he will not be that mad!"

    "What if he will?"

    The other girls cast their curious eyes on Sharapova at the same time.

    "I've practiced at home alone for a long time. If he wants to act recklessly with me, I will not fear that..."

    Sharapova just revealed a mysterious smile before moving closer to the other girls and whispering to them. After a slight amazement, the other girls all chuckled...


    After being drenched in completely icy water, Zhang Tie's boiling head and that grim mummy which couldn't wait to have a great fight outside gradually recovered its composure.

    Over ten minutes later, after taking the bath, Zhang Tie put on a clean set of clothes and reappeared in the parlor.

    By now, the girls had already lazily leaned against the sofa. Fiona even had taken off her leather shoes and sat on the sofa with bent legs, showing a small part of her thigh. The wine that Zhang Tie had brought for them had been drunk up. Their flushed faces were the color of roses. At the same time, their watery eyes were narrowing like a pond of spring water.

    Zhang Tie had no idea what these girls had mumbled about while he was taking the bath, but when he reappeared in the parlor, he felt that these girls who had looked bashful just now became brave and provocative in his eyes. Additionally, the curtain that he had pulled open was closed once again.

    The moment Zhang Tie sat down on the sofa, before he could open his mouth, Angel and Fiona had already swam close to him like two snakes...


    The moment Zhang Tie opened his mouth, Angel's glowing face moved closer to him. She sat on his thigh, and her small golden fish with the fragrance of fruit wine instantly swam into his mouth. At the same time, he felt itchy on his left ear. It was Fiona, that young mature woman, who had already pasted her scorching face onto his. Her small golden fish then immediately drilled into his ear.

    After that, Susan also sat closer to him and started to bite his other ear.

    All in a split second, being stimulated, Zhang Tie was so excited that he almost died. However, this was not the most fatal move. When he had just struggled out of Angel's mouth, his whole body suddenly quivered as Sharapova, who was more piquant and brave, had put her hand into his night-robe...

    Facing such a great temptation, for a moment, Zhang Tie almost gave up and took a cool enjoyment of the feeling, however, in the end, he kept his unwavering bottom line and took Angel off his thigh, then leaned to one side to set his ears free from Fiona's and Susan's small golden fish.

    Sharapova's small golden fish, however, almost killed him. As he took a deep breath, he patted her lowering head, indicating her to stop. However, Sharapova was still shaking her head in a piquant way. Withher hair moving, the small golden fish in the fishbowl started to swim more forcefully. Finally, Zhang Tie had to use his hand to move Sharapova's head away and push this woman onto the opposite sofa before liberating himself.

    Only after one minute, the five people in the room were heavily flushed. All of them were slumping against the sofa's back, gasping heavily.

    "Listen..." With a blushed face, Zhang Tie panted twice. " We cannot do this!"

    "We've already told our family members that we won't come home tonight..." Angel moved closer to Zhang Tie once again. Catching his hand, she put it between her exposed breasts. "We four all belong to you tonight. You can do whatever you want to us!"

    Seeing Fiona and Susan wanting to lure him in once again as well, Zhang Tie picked himself up from the sofa and pressed the four women back down, forcing them to sit well. After that, he walked towards another sofa and sat down there.

    "Listen, I'm afraid that I can't be the Guardian Knight of your Rose Association!"

    After Zhang Tie's words, all the four girls became quiet.
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