Chapter 195: Able to Stand It and Not

    Chapter 195: Able to Stand It and Not

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    Seeing Sharapova rushing towards him with a flushed face, Zhang Tie was really startled. He hurriedly wanted to sit up, but Sharapova charged directly at him and forced him to lie on the sofa. Being a bit wild, Sharapova quickly bit Zhang Tie's nude chest.

    He instantly shrieked loudly.

    After his miserable scream, Sharapova had already moved on to his lips and started kissing him once again. The raptured taste of the small golden fish that Zhang Tie had enjoyed before swam in again. Tempted by her actions, Zhang Tie also hugged Sharapova and started to roll with her on the sofa.

    Zhang Tie felt that he really had the potential to be a lascivious guy. Under the gazes of the other three girls, he didn't even feel shameless to hug and kiss Sharapova on the sofa at all, rather feeling extremely excited.

    Like this, the two rolled on the sofa for about five minutes. Not only Zhang Tie, even the three girls on the side gasped in the end.

    This was a long and hot kiss. When Sharapova moved her lips away from Zhang Tie's, emboldened, she intended to directly pull off his pants. Realizing that if she kept going with this, he would not be able to stand it any longer, Zhang Tie hurriedly grabbed her wrist and shook his head. If they went on like this, Zhang Tie felt that his previous words would be ineffective.

    Heavily panting, Sharapova felt Zhang Tie's hands were as unwavering as a mountain. So she bit her lower lip and looked at him. "Did you treat Alice, Pandora, and Beverly the same way as me?"

    "No, of course not!"

    Zhang Tie sat straight up as he found that Sharapova was half-kneeling, half-sitting on his lower abdomen in a very ambiguous pose. As long as he lowered his head, his face would almost be buried in her plump breasts.

    He patted Sharapova's butt, telling her to get off him. However, Sharapova firmly kept shaking her head. "Why not me! Alice, Beverly, and Pandora can do that, so can I!"

    "Because I was not only exchanging bodily fluids with them but also emotions. Everything between them and I happened naturally! Additionally, if we did this here, for some reason, I'd feel guilty..."

    "Sharapova, it's enough, stop..." Angel who sat on the other sofa also uttered.

    After gnashing her teeth and staring at Zhang Tie with a complicated expression for awhile, Sharapova felt reluctant to get off him.

    'I was not only exchanging bodily fluids with them but also emotions'-the four girls tasted Zhang Tie's words at the same time.

    Sharapova's eyes made Zhang Tie's heart pound. So he stood up from the sofa, looking at that teeth mark Sharapova left on his chest. He then put on his clothes and looked at the four beautiful girls in the room.

    "Aren't you going back home?"

    "It's so late and no vehicles are outside. How can you have the heart to drive us out at this time?"

    Pouting, Fiona looked at Zhang Tie with a pitiful expression. For some reason, the moment he saw this young mature lady, he would feel that she was acting in a pettishly charming manner.

    The atmosphere in the apartment now was becoming a bit dangerous as the girls were talking with him more casually, while their eyes made his heart pound. Zhang Tie felt that it was time to end this.

    "Well, I have two extra bedrooms. You four can sleep in them, two per room. But you have to go back home tomorrow!"

    "What? Aren't we going to sleep in the same room with you?" goblin Susan exclaimed as she stared at Zhang Tie in a coquettish way.

    Staring at the four girls who looked like a section of bamboo that could be peeled off at any time, Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva.

    "Of course not, I will sleep in a bedroom by myself! It's late now and I'm a bit tired. You should also go for a rest!"

    After saying this, Zhang Tie guided the four girls to the two bedrooms and arranged two quilts for them before escaping into his own bedroom like a refugee. Closing his door, he instantly threw himself on the bed and covered his head using his hands before falling asleep.

    Seeing Zhang Tie's awkward escape, all the girls revealed smiles after exchanging glances.

    "Which one do you think is more reliable: a man who would like to exchange both bodily fluids and emotions with you, or a man who's thinking about exchanging other things when he's exchanging bodily fluids with you?" Angel asked while glancing over the other girls.

    "What do you want to say, Angel?"

    Throwing herself on the soft bed, Susan supported her delicate jaw.

    "I mean, maybe we've made a mistake when we came here today. This man is different from those guys that our seniors had encountered. Therefore, the seniors' experiences are not applicable to this man. I finally understand why Pandora, Alice, and Beverly could fall in love with him at the same time!"

    Angel sighed. Thinking back to how she got acquainted with Zhang Tie, she sighed again. At that time, she was too arrogant and superficial, therefore, she missed the most excellent man among the peers in Blackhot City. If that day she had been as adorable as today, she could definitely be the most admirable one among all the girls in Blackhot City. Thinking back to the scene when she collected pine cones with Zhang Tie, Angel smiled inside.


    At midnight, rolling thunders drifted over and a sudden heavy rain covered the entire Blackhot City.

    Zhang Tie rolled here and there in his room, unable to fall asleep. The enchanting faces of Pandora, Alice, Beverly, and Miss Daina flashed across his mind one by another. Recalling what had happened between him and the three girls in this room that day, the 15-year youth felt his blood boiling up and became pretty hot.

    What was more, Zhang Tie's bed had been covered with the body odor of Alice, Beverly, and Pandora. Lying here, his nose was heavily stimulated by the faint fragrance on the bedding left by the girls, and he felt like he was burning all over his body.

    Seemingly protesting that Zhang Tie had let go some yummy flesh, even though he was now lying alone on the bed, his mummy was still grim like a tough man.

    It was asking Zhang Tie, "Why? Why? Why did you pull me out of the warm fishbowl. Didn't you know I was very thrilled at that time? You selfish guy. Don't you know how I've lived alone for the past 15 years? Others could hit the plane, yet this father was standing everyday, which could even make my tadpoles into frogs. You treated me like this when Alice came here last time, you did the same to me today too. Is there any personal grudge between you and me? They're just in your neighborhood, what are you waiting for!"

    "Shut up!" Zhang Tie swore inside out of boredom.

    Hearing the heavy rain outside, he became even more upset. Rolling on the bed here and there for quite a while, Zhang Tie climbed off the bed and rushed into the washroom where he took a cold bath.

    Icy water changed into water mist when it dropped onto Zhang Tie's hot body. After the second cold bath, Zhang Tie felt much better. Standing before the mirror in the washroom, he saw a completely boiled shrimp, since his whole skin was already red and hot, stimulated by the boiling Qi and blood in his body.

    Finally, Zhang Tie started practising Lying-Tiger Move in his own room. However, Lying-Tiger Move couldn't help him recover his composure. After practicing it for over ten minutes, Zhang Tie screamed out loudly and jumped onto the bed. Using two pillows to cover his head, he started to sleep once again.

    After a while, being still awake, Zhang Tie heard slight footsteps from outside. Soon after, someone was pushing the door of Zhang Tie's bedroom. After realizing the door was locked from inside, the person knocked on it; without receiving any response, she knocked at the door once again after several seconds.

    For some reason, although Zhang Tie couldn't see through the door, he knew it was Sharapova who was standing outside. Thinking of her enchanting lips, Zhang Tie jumped off the bed and rushed into the washroom once again for the third cold bath.

    After standing outside for a while, the girl finally left.

    From midnight to daybreak, Zhang Tie's bedroom was knocked on by three more people. Each time someone did this, he would know who the person was. It was Fiona after Sharapova, while Susan was the last one.

    Zhang Tie then rushed into the washroom time and time again. With the help of cold water, he calm down again and again. Although he had lain on the bed, Zhang Tie hadn't fallen asleep last night at all. Feeling muddle-headed, he held it for almost the whole night. Not until the day almost broke did he have a nap.


    The next morning, it was still raining outside, and the heavy downpour was only becoming heavier. After waking up, Zhang Tie went to the washroom and looked at his embarrassed look in the mirror. With red eyes which radiated with green light, he was panting with his nostrils flared like a wild wolf that had been thrown into a cage for several years after being fed with philter.

    After cleansing himself, Zhang Tie opened the door of his bedroom. When he came to the parlor, he found the four girls already up and well dressed, sitting in the sofa. Seeing him walking out, the girls immediately turned their heads and fixed their eyes on him. Zhang Tie's red eyes instantly amused Angel, while the other three girls showed their whites to him with haunting eyes. Zhang Tie seemed to hear them swear-you deserve it.

    Angel glanced over Zhang Tie and the other girls before casting an ambiguous look at him.

    Zhang Tie remembered Donder's words-after serving in the army for three years, even sows could match Diaochan [1]. Zhang Tie didn't understand it at that time, however, after one night's torture, he finally understood.

    This morning, these four girls became tens of times more charming than they were last night. They were so beautiful that it could not even be portrayed in words. Their snow white skin, beautiful eyes, lips, breasts, slim waists, and raised buttocks were so attractive.

    "Didn't you... leave?"

    After utering these words, Zhang Tie felt that his throat was a bit hoarse, like burning up. Although he said that, Zhang Tie couldn't stop glancing over their breasts with his blue eyes.

    "It's raining so heavily outside, where do you want us to go?"

    Angel glanced at Zhang Tie with dissatisfaction.

    "It's really like exchanging bodily fluids between the heavens and the land. The sound 'Pa pa' of thunder is really like the crashing sound between a man and a woman..." With wide-open eyes, Fiona stared at Zhang Tie in an innocent way. "Do you want us to be sprayed wet with so much bodily fluid?"

    "Hearing Fiona's explanation, I also realize that..."-Angel cast her coquettish eyes at Zhang Tie-"I don't know whether someone can have so much bodily fluid as to insist on spraying the whole day!"

    "Rain is drinkable, I heard bodily fluid is also drinkable, they really look similar!"

    Susan licked her sexy lips.

    Being seduced by the girls, Zhang Tie almost charged at them that same instant.

    Seeing his breathing growing gradually heavier as well as the increasingly more vigorous green lights in his eyes, the girls all burst out laughing, their bodies quivering.

    Zhang Tie's eyes were instantly seized by the shaking meatballs in their dresses.

    The atmosphere in the parlor became ambiguous once again.

    Fiona and the other three girls started to seduce Zhang Tie by their moves and words. He couldn't stand it any more and wanted to go back to his bedroom, but if he did that, he would be defeated by these women. Thus, he could only continue to stand it in the parlor.

    The girls' topics became more and more limitless. They started to talk about private things among girls. Only after staying in the parlor for a short while, Zhang Tie felt that he had stayed there as long as a whole year.

    When he felt that he needed to take another cold bath, the doorbell rang. Hearing this, Zhang Tie instantly sprung up from the sofa and rushed to open the door in an unprecedentedly fast speed.

    When he opened the gate of the apartment building, he saw Beverly and Pandora standing outside in a coquettish way under umbrellas. He almost burst into tears. The saving-fire angels finally arrived.

    After Beverly and Pandora put away their umbrellas and cleaned off the water drops on their boots by stomping on the ground, they found that Zhang Tie had already opened the gate. Without even saying a word, he hurriedly hugged them while bringing them into the room, one in each hand. They could only let out soft cries of astonishment.

    Pandora and Beverly both sensed Zhang Tie's urgency and glow, and felt a bit weird about that. When he dragged them inside, past the parlor, they saw Angel and the other three girls.

    "Why are they here?" Beverly asked out of curiosity.

    "Come to my room, I will explain it to you!"

    Zhang Tie hurriedly raced through the parlor.


    After bringing Pandora and Beverly back to his room, Zhang Tie threw them directly onto the bed and stripped off their clothes and pants immediately. Under their screams of astonishment, he instantly charged at them.


    Angel sighed and picked herself up from the sofa, intending to help Zhang Tie close the gate of the apartment building.

    When she returned to the parlor, some weird voices were already drifting over from his room.

    The next hour was like revenge to the four girls sitting in the parlor as various sounds, including the heavy 'pa pa' sound, the continual groans and gasps of Pandora and Beverly, and mice squeaks of the bedstead, were drifting over from Zhang Tie's room, making their faces grow red.

    The rain outside seemed to not be easing off, however, the rain in Zhang Tie's bedroom was becoming heavier.

    When the four girls couldn't stand it to sit elegantly on the sofa anymore, Zhang Tie's bedroom's door was pushed open from inside. Hearing this, the four girls turned their heads at the same time and caught sight of Beverly, whose hair was messy, half of the body exposed, and who was blushing heavily, from inside the room.

    Beverly's head and upper body were exposed. At this moment, Beverly was still wearing her corsage. From this, they could see how rash the man was.

    While panting heavily, Beverly talked to the girls sitting in the parlor, "Who of you... would like to exchange bodily fluids and emotions with this man... we can... cannot stand it any more..."

    After saying this, Beverly, who was standing in the doorway, immediately stooped down and held the door open with her two hands.

    As to what was happening in the room, none of the girls in the parlor could see, but under their gazes, Beverly's every inch of skin outside the door started to quiver like how lemna minor is patted by sea waves.

    It was still booming inside the room.

    Only after a few minutes, Beverly, who had almost lost her consciousness, couldn't keep that standing pose anymore. She started to kneel down with her face on the floor. She was so weak that she even lied down on the thick and soft carpet inside the room. Behind the wall where nobody else could see, the fierce crashing was still making waves on Beverly's body...

    After another a few minutes, Beverly, who had almost passed out at the door of the room, was hugged by two weird hands. She looked like she was being pulled inside by a man-eating beast. Gradually, beautiful Beverly disappeared from the door.

    At this time, the four girls couldn't sit anymore.

    Sharapova stood up and walked towards Zhang Tie's bedroom. The moment she moved close to the door, that pair of weird hands stretched out of the room once again and hugged her. Sharapova disappeared too, closely followed by a scream of astonishment...

    In the thunders now were Sharapova's screams and weeps...

    Twenty minutes later, Fiona walked in...

    Twenty more minutes later, Susan entered...

    After one hour, Angel sighed as she slid off her clothes and walked in...

    When she bit her lip and came inside Zhang Tie's bedroom with hands covering her breasts, what she saw made her legs go soft. She almost fell down to the ground...

    The room was in a mess. Beverly was lying on the bed, while Pandora lay next to her covered with bodily fluids all over. With only the strength to pant, Susan's one foot was put on the bed while half of a quilt was strewn under her body lying on the carpet. With her eyes narrowed, she had her cherry mouth half-open while her body and face were covered with lecherous sweat stains, because of which, her hair was pasted onto her face.

    In contrast, the goblin Fiona was lying on the bed like a puppy. Swinging her hair freely, she had started to rave, whereas that man was still revealing an obscene smile on his face, seemingly enjoying convincing Fiona very much.

    At this time, Sharapova was using a very astonishing skill that could not even be described by words to stimulate that man who was sprinting on Fiona...

    Walking inside, Angel closed her eyes and hugged Zhang Tie...

    [1] Diaochan is one of the ancient four Chinese beauties who was born in Shannxi Province.
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