Chapter 196: An Industrious Gardener

    Chapter 196: An Industrious Gardener

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    For the whole day, Zhang Tie felt like an industrious gardener who held a hoe in one hand while holding a kettle to water flowers on the other hand. He was industriously looking after a beautiful garden. When he noticed which patch of land in the garden was becoming hard, he would take the hoe there to loosen soil before watering it using his pot.

    There were six beautiful flowers in the garden, and he was the owner of these fresh flowers.

    Each gardener was clumsy in the beginning. So was Zhang Tie. Pandora was his first teacher, then Beverly. The two girls taught him how to reclaim the hard land and water the coquettish flowers.

    Zhang Tie learned very fast, even mastered the skills without being taught later on. He used all the skills told by that lewd guy Hista.

    Seeing the pot make all the buds of fresh flowers wet and beautiful like having been baptized by morning dew, Zhang Tie was very happy.

    He affirmed that this was the happiest thing in the world.

    Zhang Tie liked to see how his bodily fluids poured into the girls' bodies and flowed out from their insides, since this brought him a cool sense of conquest.

    Hista said that the capacity of the pot used to water flowers was limited. Average men could only water 3-5 times a day, however Zhang Tie felt that there was an endless life spring in his pot that would never dry up.

    This was probably because he had eaten nine Wild Wolves' Seven-strength Fruits which had granted him the full strength of nine wild wolves, including all their abilities. And it was said that when wild wolves were in estrus, they could keep doing that thing many times a month without knowing what fatigue was.

    Like today, even Zhang Tie himself couldn't remember how many times he had used his Mr. Mummy to water the flowers, maybe over 20 times. Take the fresh flower Sharapova for an instance, this woman's small golden fish brought Zhang Tie a great surprise as it usually liked to drill into the place which was out of Zhang Tie's imagination. Being extremely stimulated, he had to water her more times.

    Speaking of Fiona, he really liked to see this young mature lady's mad look, while as for Angel, who was always lofty, Zhang Tie was fascinated by her weak and imploring looks when in pain.

    Seeing those fresh flowers being watered with his own dew, a sense of satisfaction and achievement that Zhang Tie had not experienced before rose up inside him.

    He was very, very happy! Any man would be very happy at this moment!

    He brought all the fresh flowers back onto the bed in a row and covered them with a quilt, After that, he fetched a chair and sat on it beside the bed. Supporting his jaw with his hand, Zhang Tie enjoyed seeing them fall asleep with dew. Each of them had their special beauty. They were all his angels.

    'I wonder what it would feel if he could water Miss Daina, Miss Qili, and that aunt nurse in the hospital.' Zhang Tie couldn't resist imaging it. As a result, his mummy, which had achieved a great victory, instantly raised up once again. 'That might be another beauty.'

    The torture of last night had long eased off by now. If Pandora and Beverly didn't care about how many women he would have, if Angel and the other three girls of Rose Association didn't care about the false name of Guardian Knight and only wanted a carnival with him, why did he have to care about that? Would any man feel unhappy to have more women?

    Zhang Tie kept calmly watching those women sleeping for half an hour.

    Sharapova the tallest, the plumpest, and the healthiest one woke up first. After that, she rose slightly from her side of the bed and looked at Zhang Tie, who was sitting on the chair beside the bed, with narrowed eyes.

    Zhang Tie then walked over to her and ducked down, giving a slight kiss on her wet and shiny forehead.

    "Have a good rest, when you wake up, I'll make some yummy food for you!"

    Because of great fatigue, Sharapova closed her eyes and fell asleep once again.

    Seeing someone waking up, Zhang Tie didn't wait anymore. After a glance over the beautiful scene on the bed, he hurriedly put on his clothes and left the bedroom.

    It was still pouring heavily outside.

    After putting on clothes, Zhang Tie quickly grabbed an umbrella and left the apartment building. He soon disappeared in the rain. After half an hour, he ran back in again with several big bags of ingredients and other items. He then became busy in the kitchen.

    Donder said that after making love for the first time, women needed to mend their Qi and blood. Therefore, based on his memory, Zhang Tie brought back a pile of items and started to prepare supper for the women in his bedroom.

    As it was not his first time cooking dinner, Zhang Tie busily worked in the kitchen with great care. After a short while, the whole room was filled with the aroma of chicken soup.


    After the women woke up, it was already late night. Zhang Tie lighted candles in the dining room and tried to make the atmosphere as romantic as he imagined in his mind.

    Once they woke up, the women started to take baths and put on clothes. After that, they moved slowly and weirdly and appeared in the dining room, frowning.

    Zhang Tie was moving here and there in the kitchen, while the women all watched him very seriously. At this moment, he was like an average youth who was doing housework, however, who knew that this man was actually a human-shaped magic beast.

    Next to the table in the dining room, attracted by Zhang Tie's food and dishes, the women who had not eaten for a whole day instantly moved all of their fingers and started to eat. As Chinese food was well known all over the world, even if Zhang Tie had only learned a bit how to cook from his mom at home, his careful work could still conquer the women.

    Fiona stealthily scooped a small spoon of chicken soup which was stewed with ginseng, red beans, and two more medicinal materials. After blowing on it and silently sipping, she immediately widely opened her eyes from surprise.

    "It tastes really good! It's much yummier than the things he forced us to drink at daytime!" brainless Fiona, who had a huge breasts, said it straightforwardly.

    "Fiona, shut up, can you not mention what happened at daytime while we're eating!"

    Angel became irritated and glared at Fiona, while all the others did the same, even Pandora and Beverly became bashful.

    "You also drank it. Why glare at me!" Fiona whispered while Susan silently kicked her underneath the table.

    "Susan, why did you kick me! You drunk most, even twice. One of them should have been Sharapova's, yet you drunk it too. You little bitch licked everything..."

    "Fiona..!" Susan shrieked.

    Fiona stuck her tongue out and didn't say anything more.

    At this time, Zhang Tie carried in a small pot of steaming food out of the kitchen. The food's weird aroma immediately attracted the girls' attention.

    "What's inside the pot?"

    The moment Pandora opened her mouth, she had scattered the embarrassed atmosphere at the table.

    "The soup of donkey hide's gelatin stewed with red jujubes, this is a very good food to Chinese women..." Saying this, Zhang Tie picked up the small bowls from the table and filled one for each of them. "After drinking it, you will know its advantages. This is from the second pot as I burnt the first one..."

    "Donkey hide's gelatin, is that a medicinal material?" Sharapova asked.

    "Hmm, I went out and bought them back when you fell asleep!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, the girls felt warm inside and cast milder eyes at Zhang Tie.

    After filling the bowls for them, Zhang Tie stared at the girls with hopeful eyes. "Have a try!"

    After cooling down the soup of donkey hide's gelatin stewed with red jujubes in their bowls by blowing, they drunk it one after another. The soup tasted sweet yet a bit weird. However, after drinking it for a short while, a warm sense rose up from their insides which felt very comfortable. Even the discomforts of their bodies had greatly eased off.

    During this meal, the girls learnt more about Zhang Tie...

    After the supper, he hurriedly cleaned the bowls and chopsticks in the kitchen while the girls all returned to the parlor.


    There, Pandora talked with Angel.

    "Bring here all the women of your Rose Association!" Pandora told Angel. "I feel that he'll like that!"

    "He will leave in a few days. Don't you and Beverly know about it?" Angel asked Pandora.

    "I know, yesterday many wounded soldiers were carried back from Kalur, filling all the hospitals in Blackhot City in just one day. Now, everybody in Blackhot City knows that the Norman Empire and Sun Dynasty will fight in Kalur. The Iron-Blood Camp where Zhang Tie serves might be the first to drive to Kalur!"

    "So now that you know that, do you think the other girls of Rose Association will still come?"

    "Why not?" Pandora stared at Angel. "If he can come back alive, he will definitely have a bright future. This man is your favorite, the one who can give you a sense of safety and let you feel admired. Isn't it the life philosophy of Rose Association to struggle to encounter such a man, occupy a place in his life, and leave your marks there, even if only for a short period?

    "If he cannot come back, as he's your first man, don't you want him to make him happy before he leaves Blackhot City? Why not treat him as a kid and satisfy him with all the happiness he wants? How many men who can stew a soup of donkey hide's gelatin stewed with red jujubes for you after f*cking you can you meet in the rest of your life?

    Angel became quiet.

    "Beverly and I will not leave tonight. We will accompany him here and await your news. As you came here yesterday, I know that many girls of Rose Association have prepared to come here today. When boys tried to turn themselves into men before the survival training, girls try to turn themselves into women after the survival training.

    "Whether he will come back or not, it would be much more interesting to choose such a brilliant man to turn you into a woman than choosing other men. Additionally, this investment will not be fully ineffective as it might bring you a huge return in the future. You should know that a man who really knows how to treasure a woman and prefers to take a cold bath many times like last night instead of opening the door of his bedroom is much more reliable than one who has the name of a Guardian Knight.

    "He only needs simple and innocent happiness. So does he love and treat women in a simple and innocent way. If he cannot do it, he will leave himself. Like how he treated Alice and you when you wanted to sacrifice yourselves last night, when we stay with him, we only need to show ourselves in a simple and innocent way. Aren't you happy to be with him? Tell them what a man Zhang Tie is and leave them the choice to come here or not..."

    Angel was then absolutely convinced.


    After supper, she, Fiona, Susan, and Sharapova all left.

    After sending them away, Zhang Tie returned to his apartment and lay on a sofa. Hugging Pandora and Beverly, he started together with them to read a book "A Journey to the Eastern Continent" that he had pulled out from Donder's bookcase.

    The heating units in the room had been turned on and the whole parlor became as warm as spring.

    Since they knew that Zhang Tie would soon go to the battlefield, Pandora and Beverly simply became as adorable and well-behaved as cats in front of him.

    The book was written in Chinese. Zhang Tie knew that the two girls didn't know its characters, so he interpreted them for them while he read it.

    The Eastern Continent portrayed in the book was a world that Zhang Tie had never imagined before. Over there, human scientific civilization represented by steam had already reached its peak. Pre-historical civilizations unearthed from underground world were as resplendent as stars. Sects in the Eastern Continent that had existed for tens of thousands of years were both mysterious and powerful. Those powerful people who had learned numerous mysterious knowledges were as many as the sands in the river.

    "In many cities of the Eastern Continent, the sky was covered with airboats and aeroships. In one place, all the territory of a nation was only a huge tree that reached into the clouds. In the Eastern Continent, Chinese didn't call themselves the Chinese clan; the name was usually used by foreigners. Instead, all the Chinese there called themselves the Immortal clan!

    "This was because Chinese believed that they were blood-tied descendants of long gone ancient gods and the incarnation of the great truth of the universe. All the blood flowing in their bodies was not mortal, but immortal. Defeating demons and bringing human beings back under the glorious light of gods was the only reason for them to drop from their galaxy onto this star and this continent..."

    Zhang Tie was really hooked by that travelogue. How confident and proud could that clan be to call itself immortal!

    When Zhang Tie was interpreting the travelogue, Pandora and Beverly lay on his chest, listening attentively. The two women didn't seem too interested in the content on the travelogue. Feeling bored, they undid the buttons of Zhang Tie's shirt and started to suck his nipples using their small golden fish.

    Zhang Tie's blood started to boil once again. Throwing the book away, he turned his body and charged at Beverly and Pandora with his eyes glaring at the two kitties.

    "Can you even take it anymore?"

    "We cannot and need to have a rest. But those who can will soon arrive!" Pandora said with coquettish eyes while swimming her small golden fish over Zhang Tie's chest.

    "Who's coming?"

    Zhang Tie became curious. Didn't Angel just leave?

    "The other women of Rose Association!"

    "What for?"

    Zhang Tie became dumbfounded.

    "To let you turn them into women," Beverly replied in a tender voice. "Wouldn't you enjoy watering those beautiful fresh flowers?'

    "Haven't I told Angel I will leave soon? I cannot be their Guardian Knight!"

    "What if they didn't care about that and only wanted you to be their first man? Girls of the Rose Association choose their men in the survival training. After the survival training, they will let those men turn them into women. The more excellent the men are, the more girls would like them. Have you heard of Li Shizhen at your school? He had picked the crowns of all the members of the Rose Association! Woudn't you like that?"

    Knowing the behavior styles of the girls in the Rose Association, Zhang Tie burst out laughing loudly.

    " Only idiots would not like that!"

    At this very moment, the doorbell of the room rang...

    "Here are our doers!"

    Pandora sat up from the sofa and revealed a smile at Zhang Tie. She whispered something to him, and his eyes immediately popped out. Pandora ran off to open the door. Half a minute later, she brought in eight girls of the Rose Association wearing amices.

    "Well, it's your turn now. Pandora and I are really tired today and need to take a rest..."

    Beverly winked at the eight girls before pulling Pandora into another bedroom, leaving the parlor to Zhang Tie and the eight new girls.

    After exchanging glances with each other, the eight girls slid off their amices at the same time... revealing their young bodies, beautiful dresses, and faces...

    Zhang Tie felt slightly dizzy...

    "I'm Helena, I simply want to do it today..."

    A beautiful girl with brownish-red wavy hair walked towards Zhang Tie, giving him a smile before lowering her head and starting a hot kiss with him.

    More and more girls walked towards him...

    The entire apartment became unprecedentedly amorous once again...
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