Chapter 197: A Mad Youthhood

    Chapter 197: A Mad Youthhood

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    Zhang Tie couldn't even believe that his sex happiness would arrive so fast. From today onward, for the next seven days, he almost didn't leave the apartment at all. Each day, fresh, delicate, and charming faces would appear in his room, 7-8 at least, 10-odd at most. They came and left in batches.

    Zhang Tie felt that he was a gardener and a wolf king. In the valley, while the pack of wolves were howling towards the moon, he was standing on the high platform and occupied all the female wolves of the entire valley.

    Angel, Susan, Fiona, Sharapova, Helena, Doris, Anna, Ijssel, Garbo, Jennifer, Issabel, Julia, Lucy, Mary, Barbara, Caroline, Wendy, Lily...

    Eighty two girls of Rose Association came here in batches. During these days, under Zhang Tie's watering, they all turned from girls into women. There were a couple of days during this period that Zhang Tie didn't even wear clothes for the whole day. Besides going to the toilet, each second was spent convincing, convincing, and constantly convincing...

    The bedding and bed sheets in Zhang Tie's bedroom would be changed each day.

    During these days, each day, he would feel like he was in paradise. This small apartment was simply his palace. The Rose Association composed of beautiful girls from those female middle schools in Blackhot City really helped him experience the feeling of being a king this week.

    On the third day since this king's travel started, Angel and the other three girls became the first batch of devoted customers in his palace. After that, there were more and more devoted customers who started to come together with those fresh faces. The ways that those girls of the Rose Association used to please Zhang Tie really broadened his vision.

    He was extremely favored by these girls. Even the exclusive skills of Sharapova and Susan, who used them on Zhang Tie on the first day, were soon learned by a great number of girls. On the fourth day, in the bathroom, Zhang Tie broke his record-over twelve small golden fish swam across him at the same time.

    In the beginning, Zhang Tie felt that he was a gardener, but later on, he felt that he was a traveler who was feeding pigeons in the square. Pigeons liked the traveler who had endless food and that food itself sprayed by the traveler.

    Girls were both fresh flowers and pigeons!

    Girls who were new here were fresh flowers while those who came here for the second time became pigeons.

    The fresh flowers were very coy, needing him to water them, while pigeons were very brave, not afraid of being sprayed, instead, they kept uttering 'gu gu'. After that, they would fly up and down beside him by fluttering their wings, opening their mouths to chase after him, wanting him to feed them more food.

    This was an extremely absurd, charming, and mad week of only happiness which Zhang Tie would never forget for the rest of his life.

    Many girls were absolutely convinced by Zhang Tie and started to crazily worship him. This was an original worship related to reproduction. The powerful men would all receive this worship.

    For some reason, Zhang Tie really didn't feel tired. At most in several minutes, his mummy would be grim once again and start to water flowers everywhere or feed the pigeons which chased after him until they were full enough and lay on the ground, unable to jump anymore.

    Among the girls of Rose Association, Zhang Tie had a wholly new name or nickname-Lord Magic Beast.

    Not Knight but a Lord, Lord Magic Beast. If the Lord that he named himself in the Castle of Black Iron was not included, this would be the first time for Zhang Tie to be called Lord - Lord Magic Beast. Although only being called this on the bed, Zhang Tie was still exceptionally satisfied.

    The first girl that called Zhang Tie Lord Magic Beast was Hiltina, who could be seen as Zhang Tie's first worshiper. It would take others at least two days to turn from fresh flowers to pigeons, however, Hiltina, after being in a coma for several times after the first day, had already become the very pigeon that chased after Zhang Tie most closely.

    Because of Hiltina, Zhang Tie's palace became more dissolute in an all round manner. Usually, what one girl did successfully would soon be imitated by the other girls, who could even make some innovations.

    Hiltina stuck even more to Zhang Tie than Pandora.

    Never underestimate woman's braveness and creativity - this was what Zhang Tie had concluded in these days.

    However, happy times would always come to an end.


    Today, Zhang Tie's mom who had not seen her youngest son for more than one week felt bored and came to the apartment on Avenue Monet.

    In the recent days, Zhang Tie's mom had heard some more gossip about him. People said that her son was assassinated at school, poisoned, and almost died. Everybody said so. Therefore, she became dubious. Recalling the scene of him outside the home, she realized that he didn't even get off the car. Besides, his voice and expression hadn't seemed right. She then became worried about him again.

    Because of Kalur's war affair, the atmosphere in Blackhot City was a bit tense. Missing her son so much, Zhang Tie's mom firstly went to the battalion headquarters of Iron-Blood Camp to ask about him. After learning that he was recuperating these couple of days, she hurriedly rushed into the hospital only to get the answer that he had left. Therefore, she rushed to Avenue Monet.

    In the eyes of Zhang Tie's mom, now that he was neither in the military camp nor at home, he must be hiding in here.

    Previously, Zhang Tie had given a copy of the keys for this apartment building to his parents. Therefore, his mom could easily open the gate of the apartment building and start walking closer.

    Before opening the door of the residence, she was still worried about Zhang Tie's wounds. If her son was really recuperating in his residence, what should she do then? As it was such a critical event for the Zhang family, he shouldn't lie to his parents. Should she blame him for not telling her about that?

    After hesitating for quite awhile, she finally opened the door of Zhang Tie's residence. Before opening it, two scenes had flashed across her mind: one was that Zhang Tie was not in the apartment but hiding somewhere else-if so, she decided to ferociously beat him up when she saw him next time,-and the other one was of Zhang Tie lying alone in the room-if so, she would comfort him first before sending him back home. After he was well recovered, she would deal with him about this.

    Even though she had imagined tens of thousands of scenes in her mind, she could never imagine what was going on with her son...

    There was a fountain in the city square of Blackhot City, On the fountain there was a sculpture-a nude 8-9 old boy supporting his waist with two hands and having a pee with his hand holding his d*ck in an arrogant way. The water was flowing out of that boy's d*ck and falling into the pond below. There were some more sculptures in the pond-a shoal of golden-threadfin breams who were opening their mouths towards the water flowing out of the boy's d*ck.

    The sculptures of this fountain were delicate, beautiful, and poetic. They were also featuring childish and fairytale things, and were one of the landmarks of Blackhot City. Many people liked to take photos of the fountain. Certainly, at the sight of such a cute boy, even if nude, nobody would connect it to any embarrassing scene. Because children were always naive and innocent.

    When Zhang Tie's mom opened the door, it was like she saw the live version of the sculptures in the fountain on the city square of Blackhot City.

    Zhang Tie was standing in the middle of the parlor just like the nude boy-sculpture . With the exception of his silly and obscene smile, and being surrounded by a great number of girls, he looked almost the same as that boy sculpture from feet to his head, with hands supporting his waist.

    It was all messy in the apartment. Over ten girls were disorderly lying in the room in a raptured way, messiness both on and off their bodies. The clutter stretched from the parlor to Zhang Tie's bedroom. Girls' clothes, underwear, skirts, and dresses were thrown everywhere. The entire room was like a dressing room in the back of the theater of Blackhot City that had been swept by bandits.


    Zhang Tie's mom stood there for as long as five minutes, dumbfounded. After affirming that what she saw was not her hallucination, she screamed loudly, which startled everyone in the room.

    While busy feeding a pigeon, Zhang Tie turned his head. When he saw his mom watching him with wide-open eyes, because of shock and provocation, his d*ck almost became impotent.

    Quivering all over, Zhang Tie immediately turned pale. He then covered his lower abdomen using his hand and squatted down. Embarrassed, he asked, "Mom, why are you here?"

    The girls who had turned into small golden fish hurriedly fetched their clothes, causing a great chaos in the apartment.

    The present scene was really too embarrassing to see for parents. Zhang Tie's mom closed her eyes and walked out of the gate to wait...

    Not until more than ten minutes later did girls, who were now well dressed, rapidly left the apartment building, heads lowered.

    Some girls weren't even able to walk, so they were supported on their away by others.

    At the beginning, when the first two girls left, Zhang Tie's mom was very irritated inside. However, after the number grew to six, she became worried about Zhang Tie. When it became nine, she became surprised. Then she saw more walking out and became shocked. With several more, even she didn't know how she felt.

    The rich lecherous look was still on the girls' eyebrows. As a woman who had experienced love affairs, Zhang Tie's mom certainly could notice that. As a mother, even with her eyes closed, she could still smell her son's odor from those girls only with a single sniff.

    In total, 17 girls left Zhang Tie's apartment. Counting them, Zhang Tie's mom became a bit numb. Was this her natural son? How could he be so great?

    Not until 20 minutes later did Zhang Tie put on his clothes and walk out of the apartment, head lowered. He opened the gate of the apartment building and found his mom standing outside. Then, he silently moved over there and smiled brightly.


    She turned back and stared at him with a strict expression.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's face looked white and red with firm and bright eyes, shiny pitch-black hair, healthy and plump lips. He looked very energetic and excellent, as good as a fresh steamed bun that had been just made, far different from being sick, fatigued, and weak. Without being able to find any fault in him, his mom finally flicked his forehead fiercely with her finger. After that, she turned and left.

    Knowing that mom was not that angry any more, Zhang Tie hurriedly smiled even brighter.

    After his mom's check-up, his mad life finally came to an end. When he came back home in the afternoon, certainly he was interrogated by his family members. Of course, they just pretended to blame him. After Zhang Tie lowered his head and promised that he would never do this again later on, they let him go. As his parents felt too embarrassed to ask much, they didn't continue; no matter what, the boy didn't suffer a loss in this event.

    While back home, Zhang Tie went back to his attic where he entered the Castle of Black Iron and took out 4000 gold coins. He then put the gold coins into the handbag and left them under the bed.

    He then silently told his elder brother Zhang Yang that he had left something under the bed in the attic for him and told him to take it out alone in the evening...

    Finally, Zhang Tie ate supper and left under his mom's repetitive advises and grumbles.


    Zhang Tie had indulged in the crazily happy times during the past several days, so he hadn't seen sunlight during this period. He was like a human-shaped steam engine which only knew ignition and filling in water as he kept making piston movements from the morning to the evening. He hadn't walked out of the gate of the apartment building for many days. So now, he suddenly felt that the atmosphere in Blackhot City seemed have become more tense.

    The most obvious was that there were more military cars running on the avenues of Blackhot City. The faces of the patrolling soldiers looked more solemn. The military vehicles that were pulling various military materials out of the railway station passed by the water-logged road and sprayed water from the puddles so high that passers-by had to pay attention to avoid them. Even Zhang Tie's dark red military pants were sprayed with some gray mud stains.

    Walking on the avenues of Blackhot City, Zhang Tie breathed the air after rain which contained a wisp of the coldness of autumn. He gradually struggled out of the mountains of butts and seas of female flesh and started to recover composure.

    As he was busy being a gardener these days, he had not finished a lot of things: the movable houses in the Castle of Black Iron had not been assembled, the new yeast fluid had not been fabricated, the bastard Samira was still free out there, he hadn't gone to the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club, or seen the old hag Mary.

    There were many things that had to be solved before he left Blackhot City.


    When Zhang Tie was walking on the avenue, a car parked over ten meters ahead him. A brat with smooth and shiny hair stretched out his head from the window. Slightly hesitant, he was thought about whether to greet Zhang Tie or not.

    Before the brat could open his mouth, Zhang Tie shook his hands towards him, "Come on, baby!"

    Benet then revealed a smile as he pushed open the door and got off the car, followed by a muscled bodyguard. Being somewhat alert, the bodyguard stared at Zhang Tie; his military uniform had an extremely great deterrent force in Blackhot City.

    At the sight of the dark red military uniform of the Norman Empire, commoners had to be careful. It was said that because the Gregory family had offended a second lieutenant in this military uniform, it was almost exterminated. In the end, Gregory family had paid a lot to deal with this event.

    So now, which rich person in Blackhot City would dare to be arrogant before the Iron-Blood Army of Norman Empire?

    "Zhang Tie!"

    Walking towards him, Benet seemed to be a bit nervous. He had also heard about Zhang Tie's affair and knew that he was not the flesh-bag that was used to be beaten up anymore. After learning of what had happened between him and Zhang Tie, Benet's family had already considered how to relieve the relationship between the two of them.

    Although others didn't know which second lieutenant of the Nroman Empire the Gregory family had offended, Benet knew it very well. Compared to Gregory family, Benet's family was much poorer. Therefore, they did not have enough money to offend Zhang Tie.

    From the moment Blackhot City was incorporated into the territory of Norman Empire, Zhang Tie was the only native commoner who joined the army of the Norman Empire and became a military officer. In the circle of Blackhot City, Zhang Tie was even more well-known than he could imagine.

    This explained why the smart girls of Rose Association had poured into Zhang Tie's apartment like how moths flew towards fire. Many smart ones among the girls knew it much clearer than Zhang Tie how important he was at this moment. In the eyes of Angel and some other innocent girls, the sense of crisis deep in their hearts told them that he might not even be able to protect himself in the coming battlefield. However, those smart and realistic girls of Rose Association who were more politically savvy than Zhang Tie saw a handsome military officer who had a bright future with a powerful military background of the Norman Empire and could even influence the vicissitudes of the rich families in Blackhot City.

    It was just rolling on bed sheets. If they could sleep with such a man and form a kind karma with him, there might be some good legends about them in the future. Why not? This was how many girls of Rose Association truly thought.

    "Your hairstyle is really bad, mosquitoes would slip down on it!"

    After Zhang Tie casually commented about Benet's hairstyle, Benet immediately became relaxed. He found that Zhang Tie was still the same as before, and they were not estranged at all.

    "I don't feel it's good either, but my mom told me this would look more solemn. With this look, I will not be treated as a kid by touching my head anymore. It's good for me since I'll be taking over the Benet family in the future!"

    Benet revealed a smile.

    "You have a wise mother. She's right!" Zhang Tie smiled. "Well, where are you going, Mr. Benet?"

    Benet felt very happy to talk with Zhang Tie as his words were not as boring as ones of those big figure beside him who would always give him a lesson or show an obsequious expression. In Benet's eyes, Zhang Tie was like his friend, a friend that could ignore his status and respect him.

    "I will go to the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club!"

    "Can I take a ride then? I also want to have a look inside the Club. Manager Hance invited me to have a look there when I was free!"

    "Fine, my honor!"

    Zhang Tie then got into Benet's car. Only after a short while, they had already arrived at the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club...

    What Zhang Tie didn't know was that after they entered the fighting club, the car that drove Benet here was not parked in the parking lot but drove back to Benet's home at a much faster speed. That home was a castle-like manor in the south of Blackhot City.


    In a spacious and luxurious study room in the manor, Benet's bodyguard and driver were reporting to a woman.

    "Mrs, young master encountered Zhang Tie on the way to the fighting club. Zhang Tie took a ride there..."

    "Tell me all the details about the encounter!"

    An emotionless yet attractive female voice drifted through the room.
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