Chapter 198: Back in the Fighting Club

    Chapter 198: Back in the Fighting Club

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    The Iron-Thorns Fighting Club remained unchanged, at least from outside.

    Unlike last time when he had walked in carefully, uncertain of himself, this time, he directly entered it from the VIP tunnel of the parking lot of the fighting club before taking the VIP elevator and reached the VIP service area on the first floor of the fighting club.

    Previously, Zhang Tie didn't even have the qualifications to enter the VIP area at all.

    While Benet was changing his clothes in the VIP area on the first floor, Zhang Tie walked out of the room and prepared to greet manager Hance.

    No matter what, now that he had promised manager Hance to be the counselor of the fighting club and had come here, he should go greet him, if purely for a good reputation. Although it was just a reputation, the compensation paid by the fighting club was true. Twenty gold coins a week was definitely a high compensation in Blackhot City. According to Zhang Tie's acknowledge, only those top traders of bulk commodity exchanges or managers of business groups in Blackhot City might get such high compensation.

    Twenty gold coins a week meant at least 1000 gold coins a year. This was a huge amount of money.

    The business in the fighting club was so good that it was almost out of Zhang Tie's imagination. It seemed even more boisterous than when he had worked here before. After the Blackhot City encountered a huge change, it seemed that more people had become clear-minded and started to realize how important fighting strength was.

    In this age, money was both a strength and a power, however, only fighting strength was the true strength and true power. Although money could usually turn into fighting strength, the latter could become money at any time. Over the past month, what Andaman Alliance had encountered had fully portrayed this point.

    Andaman Alliance, the alliance of cities full of business atmosphere could never match Norman Empire's custom for worshiping fighting strength. Soon after the Blackhot City became a LV 4 city in the administrative region of Brunswick Province under the jurisdiction of the governor of the Northern Border Army of the Norman Empire, people soon experienced this difference and rapidly adapted to the new model.

    In the strictly hierarchical system of the Norman Empire, owning powerful fighting strength was definitely a shortcut towards heaven. Additionally, Zhang Tie became the representative for stepping onto this shortcut in Blackhot City.

    On the way from the VIP service area to manager Hance's office, he encountered several friends in the fighting club. They all knew Zhang Tie's current status, which was far more noble than before, especially after seeing his handsome military uniform; they all treated him one hundred times better than before.

    Those brilliant smiles and considerate greetings and sincerity really made Zhang Tie comfortable and brought him a cool sense of returning to the hometown as a rich and well-known person.

    After refusing several familiar workers' sincere guidance, Zhang Tie directly came to manager Hance's office, the door of which was half open. Although he could directly push in, he still behaved politely by standing outside the door and knocking on it.

    His mom had taught him to not lose ambition when in trouble and politeness in success. Zhang Tie usually bore it in mind and warned himself.

    "Come in!" Manager Hance's voice drifted from inside.

    Hearing his voice, Zhang Tie pushed in.

    It seemed some people in his office were talking about something with manager Hance. Hearing someone pushing in, they all turned their heads and stared at Zhang Tie. Manager Hance seemed to not have imagined that Zhang Tie could come to the fighting club at this moment, neither did other people who were talking with manager him could have imagined that the incomer was a military officer of the Norman Empire. Therefore, they all became slightly dumbfounded.

    Manager Hance was the first ti recognise Zhang Tie, and his fat body instantly stood up from the chair behind the desk at an unprecedentedly fast speed. He then strode towards Zhang Tie. Pulling his hands, manager Hance told the others with a proud look, "Do you believe that this is Zhang Tie, the most excellent youth in Blackhot City. The senior counselor of the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club and second lieutenant of the Iron-Blood Camp of No. 39 Division of the Norman Empire.

    "The genius among millions of people in Blackhot City who has mastered Iron-Blood Fist Skill, the secret imperial knowledge of the Norman Empire at the age of 15. Before becoming our counselor, he was our member. He always accepted the strictest tests in our fighting club. If you don't believe me, you can ask him. Which fighting club among those across Blackhot City could cultivate such a talent. If you choose Iron-Thorns Fighting Club, we will never let you down! Our objective is to let you feel that each coin that you spend here is worth it..."

    Hearing manager Hance's words, Zhang Tie's face blushed.

    The people sitting in the office seemed to be from the same family: a forty-old man dressed in extravagant clothes with an out-thrust big belly, a noble woman adorned with many jewels and pearls, her eyes very discerning, and two 10-year-old boys with blonde hair, twins.

    Listening to manager Hance's introduction, all family members cast their eyes onto Zhang Tie. So he also gave a smile and nodded his head to show his respect to them.

    "Can he teach our little Victor and little Peter about the secret imperial fighting skills of the Norman Empire?" The lady dressed like a noblewoman, uttered the words that almost choked Zhang Tie and manager Hance. "Once he teaches our little Victor and little Peter about the secret imperial knowledge of the Norman Empire and allow our babies to become military officers of the Norman Empire when they grow up, letting our family members become soldiers of the Norman Empire, we will pay for that, regardless of the amount of gold coins. Right, darling!"

    Feeling embarrassed, the man coughed twice, seemingly also realizing that his woman was too rash. The woman seemed not to understand what Iron-Blood Fist Skill was. In contrast, the man seemed to know a bit more. Therefore, he looked a bit embarrassed by what his woman thought about the secret imperial knowledge of the Norman Empire. In her eyes, the Iron-Blood Fist Skill was just like a cheap cabbage on the roadside of the market that could be authorized for dispatch.

    Inviting Zhang Tie to take a seat for a second, manager Hance returned to his chair. "Mrs, your requirement is too special. There's only one place across the Blackson Human Clan Corridor where one could barely meet your requirement!"

    "Where, can you tell me?"

    The woman became interested in that.

    "I'm afraid that only half of the imperial members of the Norman Empire could meet your requirement!"

    After hearing that even imperial members of the Norman Empire could only meet half of her requirement, the woman became quiet, fixing her widely opened eyes on manager Hance.

    Shrugging his shoulders, manager Hance said, "Here, I could only promise you we will give your babies the best training and treatment. We will not let you pay for it in vain. If they can perform well in the future, they may be able to accept the guidance of a senior of our fighting club and witness what is Iron-Blood Fist Skill."

    Seeing his short-sighted woman wanting to say something else, that man hurriedly opened his mouth to stop her further talk before the military officer of the Norman Empire. "Manager Hance, that's a deal, we're very satisfied with everything here and have determined to send our kids here for training!"


    Manager Hance saw off this family to the door of his office and let a person guide them to deal with the membership formalities. When the man left, Hance nodded towards Zhang Tie with a wisp of apology, wanting to say something. Seeing his slight apology and carefulness, Zhang Tie, who was sitting on the sofa, shook his head, expressing his forgiveness.

    It was not good to treat Iron-Blood Fist Skill as a cheap cabbage that could be exchanged with several gold coins before a military officer of the Norman Empire. That man hurriedly took his woman away in case she would say something else that might get them in trouble.


    "For families like theirs which became rich by digging mines, the most adorable thing is their gold coins. The most boring thing is also their gold coins!"

    Returning to the side of his office, manager Hance opened a cigar box that was put on his desk and made a pose to share one with Zhang Tie, asking whether he needed one. Zhang Tie shook his head, so manager Hance enjoyed it by himself.

    "Business here seemes not bad!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile. "Much better than before!"

    "Rules in Blackhot City have changed. Therefore, everybody else needed to change as well. In the Norman Empire, the supreme status of a businessman is soldier, while soldiers who have fighting contributions can be then promoted to the meritorious clan, ot even noble clan. After becoming a meritorious clan or a noble clan, if you can marry an imperial girl, you may be able to join the company of the imperial clan. In the recent days, the best seller in the bookstores here was "The Charter of Orders" which introduced the hierarchical system of the Norman Empire..."

    Sucking a mouth of the burning cigar, manager Hance said, "I heard the Military Administration of Blackhot City has already sarted counting and dividing social classes for people from all walks of life across Blackhot City. Once this work is completed, the Blackhot City will officially end military control and enter the ruling system of the Norman Empire.

    "As for guys like me who only know how to make money, if we could submit tax a bit more frequently so that we could reach a certain amount or directly bring a huge amount of donation to the empire in the future, we can reluctantly be promoted to the soldier class.

    "Without being a soldier, according to the rules of the Norman Empire, I would be forbidden to even take a private car out in the future, instead, I could only take a carriage. Besides, the color and the adornments of the carriage should not be golden, red, white, or black.

    "The quantity of horses used to pull the carriage should not be more than two. I could not use above LV 2 mutated horses, other magical beasts, or other thoroughbred horses regulated by the Norman Empire that can only be used by meritorious clan and other classes above meritorious clan. There are also regulations on the size of the carriage.

    "Oh, I almost forgot it, I would be forbidden to smoke cigars in the public, instead, I could only smoke it at home or in the office..." Manager Hance then sighed with a dejected expression. "The good days of the new rich in Blackhot City will soon come to an end!"

    Seeing manager Hance's sorrowful face, at first Zhang Tie intended to express his sympathy about him, however, after thinking that there would be more guys who "could only do small businesses", who, in Zerom's words, could only sit in small carriages with weird colors and run across Blackhot City, Zhang Tie couldn't take it and burst out laughing loudly. From another perspective, the hierarchical system of the Norman Empire was also lovely.

    "Horse** and horse fart don't smell good!" Zhang Tie burst out laughing loudly as he mocked.

    Taking the cigar, manager Hance became dumbfounded before burst out laughing too.

    "You are free today?"

    "I'm here to look around and get the salary. By the way, the military uniform's largest benefit is to show off my power and prestige and satisfy my vanity!" Zhang Tie replied honestly.

    Manager Hance laughed out louder, feeling that Zhang Tie was very interesting. He felt very relaxed and happy talking with him. "Fine, you're our logo, many people are here for you. I will prepare money for you and pay you a year's salary. You go out to show off your power and prestige first, I'll give you your money when you leave!"

    "That's fine!"

    Saying this, Zhang Tie stood up.

    "Which do you want, gold notes or gold coins!" manager Hance asked.

    "Gold coins! I like that heavy feeling of gold coins in hand!"

    "The same for me!"

    Manager Hance smiled once again.


    Walking out of manager Hance's office, Zhang Tie came directly to the VIP area and started to enjoy the VIP treatment in the fighting club. As he had said he was leaving for greetings, Benet was still waiting for him here.

    "Fetch me those female assistants here, I want to choose one!"

    After entering the VIP area, Zhang Tie directly ordered the service manager of this area. Receiving his order, the service manager left.

    Seemingly knowing what Zhang Tie wanted to do, Benet opened his mouth and wanted to say something; however, he didn't uttered it. Mary was just a common female assistant in the fighting club. After Zhang Tie left, Benet in the end didn't convince Mary to become his woman. Additionally, after knowing what happened between him and Zhang Tie, his mom had already strictly warned him to not get along with Mary anymore. In Benet's mom's words, foolish and self-important women like Mary could only bring disasters to men beside them.

    After a while, dozens of young beauties arrived at the VIP area. They started to tempt Zhang Tie with their eyes.

    Mary was also among them. Zhang Tie immediately caught sight of her. Meanwhile, she also caught sight of him. Although there were many legends about Zhang Tie, the moment she saw him, Mary's face turned pale and her whole body quivered.

    Pointing at Mary, Zhang Tie didn't speak, but revealed a smile. Everybody realized that he was gazing at Mary, so the surrounding female assistants also cast their eyes onto her too.

    Under the complex, jealous, or gloating eyes, Mary walked out of the crowd, quivering all over.

    "That's her, I want Mary!" An abrupt voice drifted from the side with a rich, aggressive atmosphere.

    Zhang Tie turned back and saw a familiar brat who was walking here accompanied by two bodyguards. The moment he walked over, he raised his eyebrows towards Zhang Tie in a defiant manner. However, at the sight of Zhang Tie's military uniform, one of the two bodyguards hurriedly changed his face and lowered his head to whisper to the brat. Unexpectedly, he was ferociously glared at by the brat.

    "Shut up!"

    After watching the defiant brat for a while, Zhang Tie finally recognized who he was-the brat who had kicked him so abruptly and ferociously that he had passed out the first time he came to the fighting club. His name might have been Gregory...
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