Chapter 200: Thank You, But I Hate You

    Chapter 200: Thank You, But I Hate You

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    The moment Zhang Tie walked out through the gate of the jewelry store, he let out a deep breath without knowing the reason for it. Besides the sprayed liquid, this was the best item that he could give them, since he might soon go to the battlefield and could not be sure that he'll manage to survive there.

    If he was killed, this jewelry will work as the memory for those adorable girls. As their first man who indulged with them in pleasure for one week, he should leave something to them. Maybe he could not treat them all like how he treated Pandora and Beverly, but he could at least give them the best he could give.

    Those sets of jewelry that Zhang Tie had chosen were very heavy. There was also another reason for him to do this besides them serving as a memory of him-when in emergency, that jewelry could also be sold to save them.

    After leaving the jewelry store, Zhang Tie went to a women's underclothes store on Avenue Bright. The underclothes sold here were of the best brands in Blackhot City. Previously, he didn't know which brand was best, but now he had learnt from the girls of the Rose Association that the most favorite female underclothes brand in Blackhot City was Mrs. Diss.

    At the sight of such a handsome military officer of the Norman Empire, the beautiful female clerks inside the store all surrounded him out of curiosity.

    "Give me a piece of paper and a pen, then prepare what I will write down!"

    They had never imagined that such a handsome military officer of the Norman Empire might want a piece of paper and a pen. Under suspicion, one clerk presented him with what he asked for.


    When Zhang Tie left the store, he became a god again. All the clerks in the underwear store saw him off out the gate. Although men who could buy underclothes for women were not gods, a man who could buy 85 sets of underclothes at once and able to tell the size and style of each woman's underclothes was definitely a god.

    For the first time, Zhang Tie applied his improved memory after the upsurge of his spiritual energy in this place.

    The 85 sets of underclothes cost Zhang Tie over 30 gold coins in total. Some sizes and styles were in short, so he would have to come here to get them three days later. Although it was not a great consumption for Zhang Tie, he just wanted to tell those girls who had brought him great happiness that he had borne each one of them in his mind, including their looks and their figures, because they had given him the most important thing they had.


    After leaving the underclothes shop, Zhang Tie came to a boutique gift shop and a fresh flower shop. After spending 20 more gold coins there, he finally arranged everything so he could leave Blackhot City.

    From this evening onward, the "great thing" that a young military officer of the Norman Empire had done in the three stores on Avenue Bright became legends which were always mentioned by the clerks in the three stores to their customers even a few years later.


    After dealing with these things, Zhang Tie suddenly felt much more relaxed.

    Walking through the streets of Blackhot City alone, Zhang Tie thought about Samira.

    It was time to deal with that shameless villain. However, the grudge between Samira and him was private. Therefore, he could not find the evidence of Samira's fault on a greater event. Additionally, Samira had found a strong backer - Alchemist Abyan. This made it more difficult for Zhang Tie to deal with him. Even if the ruler of Blackhot City changed, that alchemist called Abyan still enjoyed a far greater status than him, a trivial second lieutenant of the Norman Empire.

    If he wanted to deal with Samira, he should not involve that backer. Therefore, he needed to make a good plan...

    Without killing Samira, who had offended him and set him up several times, Zhang Tie didn't feel comfortable leaving Blackhot City. If he left that villain who was as vicious as a snake and as crafty as a fox alive in this world, it would be a risk for his family members and himself.

    Zhang Tie was determined to kill Samira before he left Blackhot City. It was his first decision to kill a person ever since he was born.


    He had spent too mcuh time in the three stores. When he walked back to the apartment on Avenue Monet, it was already so late that few pedestrians were still on the road, leaving lamps radiating faint lights in pitch-dark night.

    There was already a vehicle and a person waiting outside the gate of Zhang Tie's apartment.

    It was a 60-odd man in black swallowtail suit, whose hair was fully gray. Although having stood outside the gate of Zhang Tie's apartment for a long time, he still behaved perfectly.

    "I'm Pavano, the butler of Gregory family. On behalf of the Gregory family, I'm very sorry for what happened in the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club today. That innocent kid will not appear there ever again. Here is the sincerity of Gregory family. Hopefully, you'll like it!"

    The 60-odd man with pale hair flicked his hand towards his car. Then Mary, who was dressed well, got off the vehicle and came in front of Zhang Tie. She looked more beautiful but paler as well.

    At this time, she wore a beautiful and expensive evening dress adorned with crystals that could only be worn when women attended banquets. She seemed like a gift that had been well decorated. However, her look was of one going to the gibbets.

    The old man cast a warm eye at Mary, who immediately quivered all over.

    "Please... please f*ck me!"

    It was really hard to say such a filthy sentence, especially for a girl. After saying this sentence, Mary started crying-this was an 'appointment' that had been made between Zhang Tie and Mary at the beginning.

    As for Gregory family, they had 1000 methods to make common girls like Mary to succumb. Zhang Tie had long predicted that. Therefore, he was not surprised by it at all.

    Smiling, he told the butler of Gregory family, "I will not care about what happened in the Iron-Thorns Fighting Club today. It was just mischief of a kid..."

    "Wish you have a good night!"

    After making an elegant bow to Zhang Tie, Pavano left.

    This was how big families behaved, Zhang Tie mumbled with a sigh inside.

    Facing Zhang Tie alone, not knowing whether it was because of cold or fear, Mary started to shiver all over.

    After casting a glance at her, Zhang Tie pulled out a key to open the gate of the apartment building. Mary then also lowered her head and followed him in.

    Zhang Tie's residence was filled with a strange smell. The moment Mary entered, she smelled a weird odor, and her face turned paler. That odor was like the smell of blood near the gibbet for her.

    Zhang Tie also smelled it. While staying in the residence for the past days, he did not sense it, but now, after going out for a round and coming back, he realized that the whole residence was filled with a lascivious smell.

    After entering the parlor, Mary became stiff all over. Hearing the sound of Zhang Tie closing the door, she got scared and quivered once again.

    Zhang Tie didn't care about her, neither did he talk to her. Instead, he just did things alone. After taking off his clothes in the bedroom, he went to the washroom to take a bath. It took him ten minutes to finish it. Then he walked out of the washroom in a pair of boxer shorts and bare feet while wiping off the water droplets off his face.

    During this period, Mary, in her evening dress, just stood stiffly and nervously in the parlor with alluring shoulders. She slightly quivered.

    Zhang Tie took a small cup of fruit liqueur from the gradevin in the parlor before walking over and giving it to her.

    "Drink it, you may warm up a bit!"

    Mary seemed yo listen to his words for after taking the cup with two hands, she raised up her head and drunk all the liquor, almost choking on it. She then started to cough.

    "Take a seat!"

    Zhang Tie pointed at the sofa. Mary then sat down there stiffly while bean-sized tears dropped down her brittle looking face. At the beginning, she had never imagined this situation. Even several hours before when she was grabbed away from Zhang Tie by the young master of Gregory family, he was still slightly pleasant.

    However, Gregory family's changed attitude towards her made her wake up and understand how innocent she had been. In the eyes of those families of Blackhot City, women like her were nothing different from commodities displayed in the counters of stores on Avenue Bright. For Gregory family, she was even a cheap commodity that nobody would want even with a discount, an item produced by a small plant or a small workshop that was not even qualified to be displayed in official sites.

    What happened tonight awakened Mary from her nice dream and made her realize the cruelty of reality.

    Zhang Tie found that he really could not stand crying women. Seeing her poor look, his misunderstanding with her due to his personal feelings and vanity quickly dissipated.

    After having indulged with the girls of the Rose Association for one week, Zhang Tie found that he had grown a bit more mature, as he seemed to be more compromising to women. Many times he would think about the problem from point of view of the women.

    After fully releasing his desires that had been accumulated for many years on a group of girls, he found that many thorny edges inside of him seemed to have been polished by the endless piston movements. Women's tender figures and bodily fluids that he had exchanged with them seemed to also make his inner heart more comfortable.

    Several months ago, he was just a miserable ugly duckling. As for Mary who usually looked at those beautiful swans and felt qualified to be one of them, at that time, Zhang Tie truly had nothing to make her respect him by lowering her status to satisfy his dream of sleeping with a beauty.

    In the rude mockery of Donder, the badass, "Did you have a big d*ck or what?"

    "I also made mistakes in the fighting club, hmm, I was a bit rude to you at that time, so I'll apologize to you about that. Through this incident, we're even!"

    Dropping tears, Mary raised her head. She then looked at Zhang Tie with eyes wide-open. When she thought that she would drop into hell, she heard his apology.

    Sitting on the opposite sofa, Zhang Tie just gazed at her without teasing.

    After taking off the military uniform, he looked just like an innocent youth or a lackey of a gangster.

    "You mean... we're even?" Mary asked out of suspicion.

    "Yes, I don't know what the Gregory family told you and what trade has been made between you and them, it seemed that you only need to stay here for one night. If it was true, you just do that and leave the next morning. There are two guestrooms over there, you can choose one at your will. I've already told manager Hance, so that they won't find you trouble in the future, so you're free as usual from tomorrow onward..."

    "Don... don't... don't you want me?"

    Mary was shocked, then changed her wording to express her thought.

    Scratching his head, Zhang Tie replied, "Isn't it interesting to do that on the base of our mutual willingness? I feel that the two of us are not on the same page, and I don't like to force others to do anything, neither do I like women feeling sorrow and weeping because of me. Do you want me to want you?"

    "Of course not!" Mary instantly denied as her face slightly blushed.

    "That's it, go to sleep then. I'm a bit tired these days, so I'll also go to bed now. I won't chat with you anymore! When you go back to your room, remember to turn off the light in the parlor..."

    After saying this, Zhang Tie stood up and yawned, then returned to his own bedroom. He habitually locked the door from inside by pressing the button.

    Despite hearing the sound of Zhang Tie pressing the button in his bedroom, Mary sat in the parlor for quite awhile. After that, she lowered her head down and looked at her infinitely beautiful figure and the extravagant evening dress. She should have let out a deep breath, however, she didn't know why but she felt dejected...

    After eight days' fight, Zhang Tie finally could have a good sleep.

    Tonight, he felt that sometimes it was also very comfortable for a man to sleep alone.

    On the second day, when Zhang Tie woke up, Mary had already left. He did not know when she'd done that, but he didn't care about it at all. Though on the mirror in the parlor, he saw a line left by that woman using her lipstick.

    --Thank you! But I hate you!

    "F*ck, is the woman sick?"

    Zhang Tie swore inside. He could never understand why that woman would still hate him when he had been so kind to her. F*ck!

    After leaving this incident alone, Zhang Tie came into the study room and entered the underground hidden room.


    Over ten minutes later, he walked out of that underground bar in Avenue Monet in a new set of clothes and a new face. After passing by a short half a block, he got on a trolleybus that went towards the southern downtown. Half an hour later, he appeared in the animal trading market in the south of Blackhot City. Standing on the hill, he looked at that beautiful and magnificent castle-like manor of Master Abyan, which was located beside the lake in the distance.

    Zhang Tie spent two silver coins to get news about Samira from a local snake of the market.

    In these couple of days, Samira had come to the animal trading market to purchase golden uangs at a very low price. It seemed that Master Abyan wanted to use these mutated golden uangs to make some medicament...
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