Chapter 202: Master Abyan

    Chapter 202: Master Abyan

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    As the only gray-robe alchemist in a small area like Blackhot City, of course Master Abyan was qualified to be called a master.

    Being different from the senile image that many people had about masters, although Master Abyan was over 50 years old, because of good maintenance, he looked much younger than his real age. With a 30-odd man's look, Master Abyan featured the charms of a mature man.

    Younger appearance seemed to be a common feature among alchemists. All them tended to look much younger than their real age.

    Master Abyan was such a person who would be recognized as an alchemist the moment you saw him.

    A 50-odd gray-robe alchemist was already excellent achievement although not a genius in the world of alchemists. Similar to the hierarchical system of the Norman Empire, alchemists also had many ranks like herbal medicine apprentice, knapsack physician, suspended-gourd alchemist, girdling alchemist, and gray-robe alchemist.

    Master Abyan was on the brilliant fifth stage in the alchemists' world. Although there were many more brilliant stages after the fifth stage, this status was already enough for him to obtain the respect and good treatment from the rulers of any country across Blackson Human Clan Corridor.

    In Alchemists' world, everything could only be accumulated through time and experience. There was no shortcut to success in the alchemists' world. Additionally, because all alchemists could live longer than commoners, a 50-odd alchemist was like a 20-odd fighter who was rightly in his heyday with a bright future.

    In the castle-style manor of Master Abyan, he would most commonly stay in two places: one was his pharmacy, and the other was his medical pills room.

    These days, Master Abyan spent most of his time in his medical pills room as he was trying his best in studying a magical medicament that could help him rise to the next stage. It was a LV 4 magical medicament - primary strength medicament.

    Based on his abilities as a gray-robe alchemist, he didn't dream about making such a great medicament at once, but a further study of it had benefited him a lot. He was ready to climb to the peak step by step. His status as a gray-robe alchemist and his deep relationships that had been built in the past years made his influence deep rooted in Blackhot City. However, if he could make further progress, his influence would not be limited to the Blackhot City but spread to the entire Brunswick Province of the Norman Empire. This would be of great help to his further plans.

    Master Abyan was bored by making low-level medicaments in a remote area like Blackhot City all day long so as to get acquainted with those rustic land owners who only knew how to get gold coins by digging mines and make woman pregnant.

    Because of a reason that he would not expose to anyone, Master Abyan felt that his physical strength was increasing right now along with his spirit. This brought him great confidence to challenge a higher and more brilliant stage in the alchemists' world.

    The direction he chose to study and break through was primary strength medicament, the most attractive medicament among those of LV 4.

    As a gray-robe alchemist, Master Abyan had mastered many secret knowledge systems that could only be known by alchemists. Therefore, he knew many secrets that other commoners didn't know, including the secret of the attractive 'primary strength medicament', which was related to golden uangs. This was alchemists' secret knowledge.

    Common uangs could only lift objects that were more than 1200 times heavier than its own weight at most, however, after mutation, they could lift objects that were more than 1800 times heavier than their own weight. They were well-known kings of strength among the mother nature's creations.

    Even before the catastrophe when human beings' science and technology were very developed and some crazy guys even clamored to enter the universe, people could only decipher less than 3% of their own genes.

    However, the 3% of human genes that had been deciphered were over 95% similar to that of uangs and over 99% similar to that of other mammals. This knowledge had been grasped by people before the catastrophe. Today, this knowledge was still of great use to alchemists.

    The alleged 'primary strength medicament' was a kind of medice that contained a certain strength from uangs' genes that granted uangs great strength. It could also work a bit on human body by activating a small part of some human genes which were related to strength, which drove people mad.

    It didn't increase people's physical strength by over 1000 times; that would be too crazy and could only be made by god. If a vial of primary strength medicament made by alchemists could allow a person to increase his lifting strength by 3-5 times that of his own strength, namely adding 300-400 kgs' strength, and help the person ratain it for several hours, that would already be enough to drive people mad.

    'Primary strength medicament' was very expensive which also drove people very mad. However, the most critical materials required by this kind of medicament were only those common golden uangs, a mutated beetle that could be seen everywhere. Although common uangs could also be used to make this kind of medicament, that could only be done by alchemists of higher rank.

    As an alchemist who was expecting a further promotion, Master Abyan had a greater chance to succeed by using mutated golden uangs to study the 'primary strength medicament'.

    These days, Master Abyan had used up hundreds of golden uangs in his medical pills room. Those uangs had struggled and disappeared in weird bubbling liquids of different colors.

    Today, Master Abyan made some interesting experiments in his medical pills room and gained a further understanding on how to make 'Primary strength medicament'. This made him very happy.

    However, Master Abyan started to become gloomy when he heard that there was no more golden uangs in the medical pills room.

    "Are you saying that Samira who was responsible for collecting golden uangs for me was murdered? Are you saying that there's no golden uangs for my experiments anymore?" Master Abyan asked with an emotionless face, looking at a terrified steward of his castle.

    The steward's face immediately turned pale and he almost lowered his head to the ground. "After learning of this news, I've dispatched three groups of people to collect golden uangs in emergency. I'm sure they will soon come back!"

    After closing his eyes for several seconds, Master Abyan opened his eyes.

    "Is that killer a Chinese youth called Zhang Tie?"

    "No, I heard it was a 20-odd Chinese youth!"

    "Did anyone know him?"


    "Was this 20-odd Chinese youth acting alone? Was he a strange face in Blackhot City? Had he appeared in the animal trading area before?" Master Abyan asked.


    The steward looked at Master Abyan with a pair of amazed eyes, expressing great awe to this man.

    Seeing the steward's eyes, Master Abyan revealed a wisp of smile on his lip corner. "Do you think it's very difficult for a person to change his face?"

    "Do I need to report this to colonel Leibniz with a letter signed by you?" the steward asked, his voice lowered.

    "No need, I will not care whether Samira died or not. Even if the killer was Zhang Tie, as he has considered to change his look before dealing with his personal grudge with Samira, it means that he doesn't want to offend me. No need to find more trouble. Arrange a new manager for purchasing medicinal materials for me!"

    After saying this, Master Abyan slightly flicked his hands towards the steward. For Master Abyan, this was just a trivial thing and it was unnecessary for him to take revenge for a small figure like Samira.

    The steward then received the order.

    "I don't want to be interrupted!" Master Abyan said.

    "As you wish, I will make so, but Ms. Gina who wants to buy youth water had been here waiting for you for half an hour in the parlor. She was invited by the young miss from Gregory family. Will you go to the parlor or..."

    "If so, no need to be that complicated, I can also gain tranquility in the parlor!"

    "Yes sir!"


    Under the guidance castle's steward, Master Abyan went to the parlor in the side hall of the second floor after a short while. After opening the gate for Master Abyan, the steward then closed it respectfully and exited.

    In a baroque skirt, a beautiful 30-odd woman was lazily sitting on the sofa. She was holding a white folding fan while a great part of her plump breasts exposed. Her figure was enchanting, while her skin was as white as snow.

    "Do you want to buy youth water?" Master Abyan asked as he walked over to her.

    "Yes, the young Ms of Gregory introduced me to here. She says you have a very special youth water which can be directly injected into women's bodies. Besides keeping beauty, it can also cure loneliness!" Ms Gina said, face blushed. Afterwards, she sat up slightly straighter, exposing the curves of her breasts in a more perfect way.

    Master Abyan revealed a smile while his eyes radiated shiny lights. "Then please stand up, I will inject the youth water for you now!"

    Ms Gina stood up from the sofa.

    "Beautiful Ms, please turn back and lie down on the sofa with your hands supporting your body. Meanwhile, remember to raise you butt, this pose should not be difficult for you!"

    Ms Gina then obediently turned back and made the pose; it was an very alluring pose for any man.

    "The first time I inject youth water for you might make you uncomfortable. It might be a bit painful! Afterwards, when you get used to it, you might want an injection or two every week!"

    "The young Ms of Gregory family said that your injector is very huge!" Ms. Gina gasped out.

    "Yes, Ms, you will soon enjoy it! Please take off your skirt. Yea, like this, hmm, show me your butt. There's another obstacle on you. If you can take off your sling underwear or push it away and show me the place where I need to inject you, I would be very happy to do that! This would help me inject youth water into your body in a much smoother way."

    Master Abyan had already pulled away his robe and taken out his grim and huge injector that was used to inject youth water.

    Ms. Gina did it according to Master Abyan's requirements. When she took off her underwear and touched that huge and hard injector of Master Abyan behind her, she exclaimed immediately. She had seen so many injectors, however, that was definitely the biggest one that she had seen. She would not even be able to hold it with one hand. Such a huge injector might be more suitable to a mare.

    "Ms, the injector is ready!" Master Abyan had already put it next to the place where he wanted to inject the youth water in. He started to slightly rub it on the place. Ms Gina felt so stimulated that she started to quiver all over. "When the needle of the injector enters your body, you might feel a bit painful the first time. When I inject it for you, please don't struggle or move. Can I press your waist with one of my hands? I know, as a medic, if I touch your beautiful body without your prior consent, it will be impolite and a bit profane to you!"

    "Fine!" Ms Gina panted.

    Receiving her consent, Master Abyan placed his powerful left hand on the hipbone of Ms Gina's waist.

    "Ms, if you are ready, please treat yourself as a rutting female dog and bark twice when I can inject it for you. During the process , if it is too painful, you can also bark twice. This way, you can feel less scared. I will also make it less painful by pushing in the injector a bit slower and gentler. I've already checked it just now. If you want to be cured, you have to receive injections in two places. During the first time, I can tap your potential while the second time, I will complete the real deep treatment for you..." Master Abyan righteously said.

    "Woof... woof...", Ms Gina, who looked very noble, barked twice, face blushed. It was then soon followed by a distant and sharp bark.

    In the next hour, the barks drifted in the parlor one after another at different rhythms.

    The moment Master Abyan pushed in the injector, he raised his head and looked at the ceiling. He didn't focus on Ms Gina who was quivering all over and could not even stand steadily, instead, he was gazing at a grain on the ceiling, seemingly wanting to see through the ceiling of the parlor.

    At this moment, Master Abyan was very tranquil inside as he was seriously thinking about something...

    Could a person really be able to resist the toxicity of Blue Frost after being struck by a lightning bolt...

    Could a person, really, easily form Iron-Blood hidden strength after being struck by a lightning bolt...

    That person was really more interesting than golden uangs...


    At such a solemn and critical moment, if Zhang Tie knew that Master Abyan was still silently thinking of him, he would have definitely been left dumb while cramping and spitting white foam. He might have even crashed himself into the wall, losing his mind.

    Thankfully, Zhang Tie didn't know...
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