Chapter 208: The Fight

    Chapter 208: The Fight

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    In such a raid with absolute number advantage on his side, facing a team whose fighting force had been weakened by one third by the first wave of bolts, the moment Zhang Tie rushed out of the elm forest together with his brothers, even before he had killed anyone, the war had almost come to an end...

    This was not a fight at all, it was more like a massacre!

    Noticing what was happening over here, the army of the Sun Dynasty stationed in Solanet had already blown the fighting horn in emergency. Soon after that, the entire Solanet started to boil with action.

    "Kill them..."

    Hearing some soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp shouting loudly, Zhang Tie turned and looked at the distance. He then caught sight of two military officers at the end of the column. Realizing that they were in a bad scenario, the two military officers were forcefully striking their horses to escape towards Solanet.

    Some soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp were chasing after them. However, the distance between them was becoming greater. Some soldiers even raised their light crossbows and shot towards them, but the bolts crashed into the steel armor on their backs and just fell to the ground with a sound of 'ding ding'. As the horses were also wearing armor, due to the large distance, the light bolts could not even wound them.

    In a blink of an eye, the two military officers of the Sun Dynasty were over 100 steps ahead of everyone. Even Battalion Commander Reinhardt could not deal with them.

    When everybody thought that the two fish were going to escape after all, Zhang Tie showed off.

    Since he had joined the Iron-Blood Camp till now, this was the first time for all the members to witness how this legendary Second Lieutenant Mummy launched an attack.

    A spear shadow flashed across the others' eyes. Almost at the same time, a military officer of the Sun Dynasty who was one hundred steps away made a shrill shriek. Even if he was wearing a set of thick steel armor, he was still penetrated through by a heavy javelin. As a result, he immediately fell off the horse.

    Hearing his shrill shriek, the other man in front of him was shocked. He then looked back while another javelin descended upon him from the sky. Without even a groan, his whole body was penetrated through by Zhang Tie's missile and he fell off the horse too.


    All the soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp boomed, immediately raising the morale once again.

    "Kill them all!"

    After a growl, everybody rushed into Solanet which was less than 0.5 km away.

    After making meritorious deeds in the battlefield for the first time, Zhang Tie's blood started boiling. Seeing Battalion Commander Reinhardt and other military officers rushing to the front of the soldiers, Zhang Tie also collected his courage. After shouting 'kill them all', he pulled out his 300-odd kgs fighting sword while still carrying his container which lacked two javelins on the back, and rushed towards Solanet together with the rest of the camp.

    The military troops of Brilliant Feathers also responded very fast. The moment the more than 1000 people and horses of the Iron-Blood Camp rushed into the village, more than 1000 people had been already assembled inside. The opponent commander also led the 1000-odd people to rush out, aiming to have a fierce clash with the Iron-Blood Camp.

    At this moment, only the assembled troops could use their biggest fighting force. As the opponent commander also knew this principle, the moment the Iron-Blood Camp rushed inside, he had already seen clearly the number of soldiers and horses of the Iron-Blood Camp. This number was a bit higher than the one they had eliminated yesterday.

    But the moment he managed to assemble the troops of Brilliant Feathers in this village, he would outnumber the Norman Empire. Even if his side was raided, the opponent commander still had the confidence to be the last one smiling.

    The opponent commander's confidence was turned panic-stricken when he saw the huge and bloody battle-qi totem behind Battalion Commander Reinhardt when the two troops were about to crash into each other.

    This was also Zhang Tie's first time seeing Reinhardt's battle-qi totem. It was a bloody python which was spreading hell-like flames all over the place.

    Generally speaking, after a person entered LV 6 and became a fighter, others could know his personal fighting strength and level only from his battle-qi totem. LV 6 fighters had a black spider, LV 7 fighters a centipede, LV 8 fighters a python, while LV 9 fighters had a bloody scorpion. These battle-qi totems were the symbols of fighters' fighting strength and level in the human world.

    Zhang Tie had seen battle-qi totems many times. He firstly saw that on Captain Kerlin's body. Recently, he had also seen Glaze's dead dad's battle-qi totem. Although the two totems had different patterns, they were of the same color - black. In Blackhot City, Zhang Tie hadn't seen any battle-qi totem of another color. This was so until he saw Reinhardt's.

    Reinhardt's battle-qi totem was not only as fresh as blood, but also looked pretty commanding. Additionally, that huge python was spreading flames in all directions.

    This was the most direct manifestation of Iron-Blood battle qi. Besides the totem changing from black of common battle-qi to red, the whole totem was spreading rolling flames like those of hell.

    This was definitely the exclusive symbol of Iron-Blood battle-qi.

    A troop of about 1000 people led by a person who had formed the Iron-Blood battle qi was definitely the brand troop of Norman Empire's division.

    The opponent commander finally understood whom he was facing. He also responded at once.

    Therefore, when Reinhardt burst out his flaming Iron-Blood battle-qi totem, a huge and icy-blue bloody-scorpion battle-qi totem also erupted almost at the same time, which was also not a common battle qi.

    Soon after that, a great amount of battle-qi totems rose up from behind, big and small. All them were black or gray, so in the whole battlefield, the most attractive battle-qi totems were that bloody flaring python and that huge icy-blue bloody scorpion.

    There were a bit more totems in the Sun Dynasty's troop than in the Norman Empire's one.

    At the sight of that huge icy-blue scorpion, Reinhardt seemed to come to a realisation why that battalion of the Norman Empire was annihilated by the opponents. Icy blue battle-qi totems were the result after those bastards of the Sun Dynasty had formed their sky battle-qi, which was the best battle-qi in their country. Therefore, the leader of the Brilliant Feathers of Sun Dynasty was not a commoner either.

    The icy-blue bloody scorpion and the flaring python immediately sped up and left their own troops. Before the rest of their troops crashed against each other, they made a fierce crash first.


    A huge crack sped forth from where the two met like trains smashing into each other after reaching the highest speed, exploding a big pit with the diameter of more than 2 m on the grassland under their feet.

    At the same time, Zhang Tie felt a fierce wind blowing towards him. He felt the land under his feet shudder twice and saw two figures fly back bleeding through the air. When the two landed, they charged at the opponents and crashed for the second time.

    "Kill them all!"

    The two troops were all in a rage now, eyes red.

    When they were over 50 m away from each other, Zhang Tie launched his attack.

    The javelins in the container on his back appeared in his hand one by one and were thrown out.

    Almost at the same time, seven military officers of the Sun Dynasty who had burst out battle-qi totems and were rushing ahead were struck by Zhang Tie. Five of them had black-spider totems while the other two had centipede totems.

    Zhang Tie moved too quickly but his throwing speed was faster. For the LV 6 or LV 7 guys, their eyes couldn't even catch the javelins that flew towards them. Their movement could not match the speed of flying javelins at all. Therefore, they were all shot to death immediately.

    Some javelins could even penetrate two people at once.

    Seeing this, the Iron-Blood Camp's morale rose up once again.

    In contrast, the morale of the opponent became lower.

    Before the two troops crashed, Zhang Tie had already cleared his container by killing seven enemy military officers. He then undid the javelin container and threw it onto the ground.

    'That's better!' he mumbled inside. After relieving the over 100 kgs' burden, Zhang Tie became more agile immediately.

    The two troops, totaling more than 2000 people, immediately crashed into each other on a patch of grassland at the hillside.

    In a split second, numerous sounds of blades clashing against each other and cutting into human flesh resounded.

    "Kill him!"

    A black-spider man of Sun Dynasty who had set his hatred filled sight on Zhang Tie rushed towards him. Without hesitation, he quickly raised his broad sword and chopped at his victim's head. However, he seemed to have not noticed that 'Man's Certificate' behind Zhang Tie.

    "F*ck you!"

    Zhang Tie's eyes also turned red. With two hands on the handle, he immediately picked up his huge sword from the ground and sliced towards that man with a black-spider totem.

    Based on facts, before 'Man's Certificate' in Zhang Tie's hand, few weapons deserved the descriptive word 'huge'-that thing in his hand was simply an over 2-m long huge guillotine used to cut fodder in the barn. With the strength of nine wild wolves' seven-strength fruits, Zhang Tie exploded with amazing strength. In a split second, the broad sword in that man's hand broke in to two halves like a chopstick forcefully broken when it smashed against the guillotine, instead of being slowly cut off like fodder in the barn.

    After that, Zhang Tie's huge sword smoothly sketched through the part above that man's waist.

    The man then instantly became two halves...

    From the time he killed this man, Zhang Tie calm down inside as he immediately entered the absolutely calm and shrewd state, like that of a spectator.

    He then hefted up his huge sword. With a simple horizontal sweep, six grim soldiers rushing towards him in a fan-like formation more than 2-m away from him instantly froze. At the same time, six blood columns sprouted upward out of their waists right in front of Zhang Tie when their upper bodies slid off.

    At the sight of this scene, not only the soldiers of the Sun Dynasty, even the soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp behind Zhang Tie became scared. The power of this 'Man's Certificate' in the hands of Second Lieutenant Mummy was too terrifying!
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