Chapter 209: I Am Shameless

    Chapter 209: I Am Shameless

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    At some point, neither the soldiers of the Sun Dynasty nor those of the Iron-Blood Camp dared to be close to a 2 m. circle around Zhang Tie.

    The fight kept going. After the aborted raid, the soldiers of the Sun Dynasty who rushed out of Solanet in teams continued to join the battle.

    Zhang Tie was still trying his best to kill his enemies while the battle between the man with a battle-qi totem of flaring python and the man with a battle-qi totem of icy blue scorpion continued.

    That was the collision between a LV 8 fighter's Iron-Blood battle qi and a LV 9 fighter's sky battle qi. Compared to Zhang Tie, that collision scared off any other persons in a circle of 10 m. After each fierce clash, Reinhardt would growl because of inexhaustible excitement.

    On this battlefield, Reinhardt's growls could completely overshadow others' battle cries.

    "One more..."

    "One more..."

    "One more..."

    The whole battlefield echoed with Battalion Commander Reinhardt's lion-like growls.

    Hearing such growls, all the soldiers of the Iron-Blood Camp gained strength while the faces of the soldiers of the Sun Dynasty started to turn pale. By now, needless to say, the soldiers of the Sun Dynasty already knew what kind of troop they were facing.

    This troop was more than twice as powerful as the one they had annihilated.

    Most of the soldiers in common battalions were LV 1-LV 5 warriors, but in the Iron-Blood Camp, the soldiers were at least LV 3 veterans. This was a very sharp difference in fighting force.


    Some more spears thrust towards Zhang Tie. He swept his huge sword once again, breaking several spears at once. Before the flustered soldiers could move backwards, Zhang Tie rushed forward and swept at them with his huge sword. The four soldiers of the Sun Dynasty in front of him immediately spurted blood from their waists and fell to the ground.

    Zhang Tie himself didn't know how many times he'd swung his huge sword, but slowly he started to change his fighting tactic in his mind. Although it was cool to slash the enemies into two halves, that required greater strength to break armor. However, usually, based on the size and sharpness of the huge sword's blade, once someone got hit by it, a 3.5 cm-5 cm deep wound would be fatal enough. As long as this wound was made by the huge sword, it would be very long. Once such a wound was made on any part of a person's upper body, it would be fatal, regardless of being horizontal or vertical.

    It was wasteful to slash a person into two halves. Only 1/5-1/3 of the strength that he used to slash a person in two was already enough to kill an enemy.

    After changing Zhang Tie changed his fighting tactic, few people could be seen being slashed into two in front of him. However, his fighting efficiency accelerated with less strength used up.

    As Zhang Tie had not learned any sword skills, he just instinctively used that huge sword as the extension of his palm. He kept waving it like using the movement 'sword palm' in the free-hand movements of Iron-Blood Fist skill.

    Besides having the super great endurance of wild wolves to run, Zhang Tie also had the wild wolves' endurance to fight.

    It was hard to say whether it was because of his increased spiritual energy, but Zhang Tie felt that the soldiers of the Sun Dynasty didn't move fast enough. He could clearly see the movement trajectory of their weapons. When facing them, Zhang Tie had enough time to consider his response, whether to hold back, counterattack, or jump away. Previously, he didn't feel this way, but for some reason it became obvious in the battlefield.

    These soldiers had greater speed and strength than Glaze. They were more experienced in fighting. However, in Zhang Tie's mind, these soldiers were not as shocking as Glaze to him in the training ground at school.

    He didn't know that in the whole battlefield, with the exception of Reinhardt, his performance was almost the best.

    Young age, handsome figure, huge fighting sword, terrifying strength, fierce and sharp fighting skills as well as amazing javelin throwing skills-all these features easily made him eye-catching. He was like a rainbow after rain.

    When Zhang Tie killed another man with a battle-qi totem of black spider and three common soldiers in front of him, a tall figure appeared before him.

    It was a military officer of Sun Dynasty taller than 2 m. He was as strong as an iron tower and held a mace whose spikes resembled wolf's fangs and whose rod was as high as he was tall while the battle-qi totem of centipede was rolling behind him, revealing him as a LV 7 fighter.

    This man was covered in fresh blood while that terrifying mace in his hand was almost wholly painted in red, pieces of flesh hanging off it. Needless to say, all that was from the soldiers of the Norman Empire.

    The huge sword and the wolf-fanged mace then collided against each other. After grunting, they both moved backwards.

    "You'll be the 116th red-hide dog of the Norman Empire that died under my wolf-fanged mace. I will enjoy peeling off your hides and burying you into the soil. After that, I will smash your heads into pieces like how I hit tomatoes on the ground when I was young..."

    Saying that, the terrifying tough man licked the blood off that horrible wolf-fanged mace.

    "Do you want to match strength with me? You fat freak, I'm the king of strength!" Zhang Tie became infuriated. "Come here then, the one who drops his weapon first will be the real idiot!"

    Zhang Tie rushed forward. Hefting his huge sword, he slashed towards the giant's head. At the sight of this, the giant revealed a grim smile. With a growl, he also wove his wolf-fanged mace to collide with Zhang Tie's huge sword.





    Ten times...


    The sound produced by the collision of the two heavy weapons rocked the whole battlefield...

    This was Zhang Tie's first time seeing such a guy who was born with great strength that could match his own. The battle qi this man practiced seemed to also be able to greatly improve his strength. This guy was really tricky.

    After colliding with his opponent numerous times, Zhang Tie pretended to spit out blood while gritting his teeth to continue fighting the giant.

    Besides strength, this terrifying giant had fighting skills that were no worse than those of Zhang Tie. Seeing Zhang Tie becoming a bit 'weaker' but still striving to fight him, the giant looked grimmer.


    Finally, when the iron-tower like giant was slashing down with his wolf-fanged mace towards the huge sword, he found that the huge sword had already left Zhang Tie's hand. As a result, the great weapon was sent flying far away by the wind produced by the giant's wolf-fanged mace's swing.

    But before the giant could become excited, Zhang Tie punched his waist with a move from the Iron-Blood Fists. The moment the giant sent the huge sword flying backwards, the Iron-Blood hidden strength immediately exploded in his body. Almost in a second, Zhang Tie punched over ten fists on to this giant using his Iron-Blood hidden strength.

    Face turning pale, the giant felt his hands losing strength. The moment the wolf-fanged mace dropped to the ground, he spurted a mouthful of fresh blood, like a high-pressure water pipe.

    The giant immediately knelt on the ground. He glared at Zhang Tie, but the moment the Iron-Blood hidden strength exploded in his body, his eyes turned red like those of a rabbit. Fresh blood flowing from his mouth corner, the giant seemed to want to say something.

    "I know what you want to say; well, I'm shameless, I'm the idiot..."

    While still talking, Zhang Tie swiftly pulled out a dagger from his waist and thrust it in the giant's neck without any hesitation, then forcefully rotated it.

    The giant unwillingly fell down with his eyes wide-open. Zhang Tie then ferociously spat a mouthful of bloody saliva onto him.

    "Idiot! I've not played this trick with my pals, like throwing a ball to attract a puppy, since I was seven years old..."

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to encounter such a man born with great strength which was even greater than that granted by the nine Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit. But this time, Zhang Tie concluded that those who were smarter than him could not match his strength while those who had greater strength than him could not match his intelligence. After 'training' this giant to get used to clashing against his huge sword, Zhang Tie only played a small trick to solve this tricky opponent.

    Due to his great spiritual energy, Zhang Tie felt a sudden threat. He then slightly leaned to his side to avoid a spear which was thrust at his back. He grabbed it so fast, making a sound of 'sou', that the guy who wanted to ambush him couldn't even keep his balance as he tumbled forward, towards Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie then kicked at him, his attack imbued with the Iron-Blood hidden strength, sending that person flying 10 m away. After that, he held the spear and gave a sweep, slashing another opponent away. He then threw the spear, penetrating through some guy who had intended to assault the awkward tall man Beckham from the back.

    After doing all that, Zhang Tie picked up that great wolf-fanged mace, which weighed almost the same as his own huge sword. He then glanced over the surrounding soldiers of the Sun Dynasty. At the sight of Zhang Tie rushing towards them with the giant's wolf-fanged mace, all of their faces turned pale and they immediately turned back and escaped.


    This time, Battalion Commander Reinhardt also took the wind. Hearing Reinhardt's growl "Go to hell!", Zhang Tie turned and saw Battalion Commander Reinhardt's Iron-Blood fist breaking through the defense of the man with the battle-qi totem of an icy-blue bloody scorpion and landing directly on his head. In a split second, colorful brains and guts exploded out of his head and body.

    Seeing this scene, everybody in the Iron-Blood Camp became highly spirited.

    However, at the sight of this, even more soldiers of the Sun Dynasty started to turn and run. Many of them didn't even care where they were going. They only wanted to stay as far away as possible from these gods of killing from Iron-Blood Camp.

    "Kill them all!" the brothers of the Iron-Blood Camp exclaimed and chased after them.

    Ten minutes later, the established resistance of the Brilliant Feathers Army of the Sun Dynasty in Solanet didn't exist any more. All the soldiers of the Sun Dynasty started to run. Like chasing after rabbits, the Iron-Blood Camp spread a net from the south to the north and started to chase after those soldiers who only thought about escape through the main roads of Solanet.

    The entire village resounded with the shrill shrieks of the soldiers of the Sun Dynasty and the sounds blades slashed people's necks.

    Under the leadership of Battalion Commander Reinhardt, some people and horses of the Iron-Blood Camp moved out at a speed faster than the fleeing soldiers could escape in. After that, he led his troop back in an ever closing net. The Iron-Blood Camp had surrounded the whole Solanet.

    "Kill them all! Take revenge for our brothers!" Reinhardt's emotionless order drifted across the village.

    In a split second, the whole Solanet was covered with human heads rolling on the ground...
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