Chapter 220: Redemption

    Chapter 220: Redemption

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    More than a month had passed since the last time he'd entered the Castle of Black Iron. Soon after he did so this time, Zhang Tie found that his cardiac function was facing a severe challenge.

    At this moment, his heart kept on fiercely pounding because right on this small tree he found a new fruit. He slightly recovered his composure as he put on his ring of energy onto his right index finger again.

    He hadn't noticed the fruit until now because it was really well hidden. Compared to the various fruits that Zhang Tie had gained and seen on the outside twigs, right in the open, this one was more hidden as it was growing on in the middle of the small tree, close to the trunk. If one wasn't observing carefully, it would be almost impossible to see this fruit for it was covered by overlapped tree leaves.

    It was a thumb-sized fruit in the shape of a heart, pale green of color, really like a cute peach.

    Zhang Tie had never seen this fruit before.

    The moment he saw this new fruit, Zhang Tie stretched his hand out to check its attributes like usual.

    After slightly moving the two twigs beside the fruit, Zhang Tie put his hand on it.

    --Fruit of Redemption. It comes from the strength of golden uangs. Not ripe yet.

    Before Zhang Tie could get depressed from what he saw, his heart pounded so heavily that it almost jumped out of his throat when he read the following paragraphs.

    --Once this fruit becomes ripe, after eating it, Castle Lord will gain 71.5 kg's strength, namely the weight of your body.

    --Fruit of Redemption. It comes from intellectual living beings' appreciation to the one who gave them new life and saved them out from their death situation. Each living being's mood and awareness full of this kind of appreciation will contain great energy, especially when owned by this kind of living being. This great energy will be projected onto the savior through an infinite net and become the key to opening the sealed, precious gene bank of the savior's body. The fire of intelligence, the most remarkable trait of any intellectual beings, can light up and brighten the genes with the same properties on the savior's body and grant the savior with the same ability.

    --The one who has benevolence and kindness, you are the existence standing at the peak of intellectual living beings. The God created you based on his own image. Therefore, your body contains everything like the God's. Although you have forgotten that you were great, please don't despise your trivial being now. The karma is absolutely true. If you want to get something, go pay for it as what you had paid will return to you and more. The greatest secret of life is love, which is the answer to everything. Love can open the sealed shackles in your body and liberate you from your trivial consciousness. Finally, you would enter the divine being.


    Actually, this Fruit of Redemption should have long existed, since after he killed Samira and set free those golden uangs in Blackhot City. However, after killing Samira that day, Zhang Tie had immediately returned to his apartment and entered the Castle of Black Iron to build the two houses. Previously, because he had felt that nothing special had happened in that period, he didn't pay attention to this small tree.

    Of course, he had never imagined that that small tree would have produced a marvelous fruit at that time. Therefore, this marvelous Fruit of Redemption had kept growing under the overlapped leaves of the small tree until he found it now.

    Fruit of Redemption was not ripe yet. It was not edible now. For some reason, when Zhang Tie read the above paragraphs, his eyes turned wet and he wanted to cry. He had not imagined that such a minor benevolent move of setting those golden uangs free could bring him such a miracle.

    Zhang Tie didn't fully understand the above words. However, after he read them, he still bore in mind two key points.

    First, because the golden uangs had super great power, after he saved dozens of them, this small tree bore a fruit that could increase his strength.

    Second, as many genes inside his body were not activated yet and the key to activating them was redemption, if he saved any living beings, the life trait of that living being might be passed on to him.

    Zhang Tie faintly saw a beacon of hope that might help his body recover. However, he felt a thin curtain between him and this beacon of hope which stopped it from manifesting.

    Zhang Tie knew that the thin curtain was his shortage of biology. Even though he knew something, even some secrets, he still could not turn what he had learned into useful knowledge. This was also the weakness of the preliminary education of Blackhot City. People learning there might know something of all common knowledge, yet they would not be deep versed in any of the fields. Sometimes, when he faced some slightly deeper knowledge, Zhang Tie would feel semi-illiterate.

    The Fruit of Redemption today simply pushed open a wholly new gate open for Zhang Tie's life. He was filled with appreciation now. This space of the Castle of Black Iron and the small tree showed him the hope to move forward.

    Leaving the Fruit of Redemption alone for now, Zhang Tie became a bit thrilled as he circled around the small tree twice. After consideration, he decided to pick Fruit of Brilliance before eating the Fruit of Judgment. The Fruit of Brilliance could still improve his spiritual energy which was still useful for him even now. No matter what, after he increased his spiritual energy, he could always gain a greater strength. After this, he could eat the ripe Fruit of Redemption more easily.

    Zhang Tie became a bit curious about the spiritual energy of the black-robed Double-Moon Muling of the Black Feathers Regiment. Thinking of that person who had blow that weird musical instrument to control those undying monsters, Zhang Tie thought that he might have cultivated his spiritual energy.

    After picking the Fruit of Brilliance, Zhang Tie sat down under the tree with legs crossed. He then threw the Fruit of Brilliance into his mouth and broke it with his teeth at once...

    Because his health was not as good as before, only after sitting there for more than 20 minutes with his legs crossed, Zhang Tie felt his legs and waist starting to ache. Thankfully, by then, all the spiritual energy in the Fruit of Brilliance had been absorbed by the golden spiritual energy swirl in Zhang Tie's mind. After a rough estimation, Zhang Tie became very excited.

    If his spiritual energy was regarded as one before he got the Castle of Black Iron, after the fight in the hidden cell in the prison of Blackhot City along with his cultivation these days, yesterday, his spiritual energy had almost reached 40. However, after eating the Fruit of Brilliance that contained all the spiritual energy of the Double-Moon Muling of the Sun Dynasty, his spiritual energy had immediately surged to 58, an increase of almost a half. As expected, that old guy truly had had a much more powerful spiritual energy than that of commoners.

    After eating the Fruit of Brilliance, Zhang Tie slightly moved his numb and stiff body. When he glanced at the ring of energy on his right hand, he became slightly disappointed. As this was a rune item that could help him recover from fatigue 4% faster than before, without it his health would be worse.

    Zhang Tie thought of it, unable to wait to pick the small cross-dart like Fruit of Judgment. According to the instructions he had read before, he had to paste that fruit in-between his eyebrows. After that, he would have to slowly inject his spiritual energy that had increased a lot into this bizarre Fruit of Judgment.

    For some reason, after he inserted his spiritual energy into the Fruit of Judgment, Zhang Tie only felt that the fruit pasted on his skin of normal temperature was becoming increasingly cooler. Soon after that, the entire fruit seemed become fluid as it started to enter in to his mind, making his entire brain and head feel very comfortable and refreshed. During this period, Zhang Tie felt as if his head had become a sponge that could absorb water as that fruit's juices pushed inside without encountering any obstacles.

    Finally, his hand that was put on the fruit started to touch the skin of his forehead. At the same time, that golden spiritual energy swirl in Zhang Tie's mind started to boil up. Its most middle point suddenly formed a weird symbol that Zhang Tie had seen before on the fruit. When that weird symbol appeared there, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy in his mind seemed to cheer up and started to push into that rune with all it had.

    While Zhang Tie's spiritual energy was making its way into that weird rune, some information appeared in his mind. He immediately understood everything about that rune.

    He knew that rune meant "bind"...

    He also knew how to use this god rune.

    He knew that the "bind" function of this god rune would directly work on the target person's spirit and awareness. It could temporarily shield and cut the connection between the target's brain and his body. After this connection was cut off, that target's body would remain still, like a machine not yet started or something bound by a rope.

    When one third of Zhang Tie's spiritual energy entered that mysterious rune, the god rune suddenly radiated golden rays. As if having been laid like an egg, after the devouring of the spiritual energy, an item in the shape of a chain appeared beside that rune radiating golden rays. After that, it started to rotate around that rune like a snake swimming in water...

    --The first binding chain has been formed!

    --Starting to form the god rune's binding skill for Castle Lord.
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