Chapter 223: Female Tenant and Earthworms

    Chapter 223: Female Tenant and Earthworms

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    From the person's back, Zhang Tie realized that it was a woman as she wore a pair of high-heeled shoes and a short skirt, the bottom of which reached her knees. She seemed drunk. She kept swaying right and left as she tried to pull the door handle.

    "Hmm... it's so strange, how can this lock have so... many holes... which one is real... are you cheating me too..." the woman murmured as if in sleep. At the same time, she repetitively attempted to insert the key into the lock, yet failed again and again...

    Standing behind that woman, Zhang Tie fixed his eyes on her. After confirming that this was not a trap, he finally walked close to her and patted her shoulder.

    The woman slowly turned back. She was a 30-odd mature woman with wavy maroon hair. With a fair face, she would've been very enchanting, but her face was all red from drinking too much.

    Because she wore a pair of high-heeled shoes, when the woman turned back, she was even a bit taller than Zhang Tie.

    "Lady, this is my residence. I think you've come to the wrong place. You must live downstairs!"

    Zhang Tie tried to behave like a gentleman.

    "Even you... a kid.. .is also trying to cheat me?"

    The woman lowered her head and watched Zhang Tie with drunk eyes before starting to cry.

    Hearing the woman's drunk words, Zhang Tie was really startled.

    The moment he took out his key, ready to say something more, he did not expect that the woman would quiver as she bent in her waist and made a sound, "Wu...". At the same time, she covered her mouth with his hand.

    When Zhang Tie felt that something was not right, the woman had already vomited something wet onto him, splattering most of his shirt. After that, the woman felt weak and went directly to the ground where she instantly fell asleep right outside the door's of Zhang Tie's residence.

    Dumbfounded, Zhang Tie just stood there. He felt a bit dizzy from the wet and weird odor of drunkenness below his neck.


    After realizing what had happened, Zhang Tie burst in to shrill shrieks. He then opened the door and rushed into the residence as soon as possible. After throwing away the paper bags, he immediately rushed into the washroom. Peeling off all the clothes, he turned on the shower head and hurriedly washed himself.

    Even if the cold water made him quiver all over, Zhang Tie couldn't wait a moment. He just gritted his teeth and soaped himself. After scrubbing himself clean under the shower head for ten minutes, he finally walked out of the washroom in a clean bathrobe, his mouth and face turned green.

    When he walked out of the washroom, Zhang Tie was still quivering all over due to coldness. But he was furious inside. After hurriedly putting on two sets of slightly warmer underwear, he opened the door once again, aiming to find the woman trouble. Unexpectedly, when he walked out, she was still lying on the floor outside.

    Squatting down, Zhang Tie patted her face and got no response, instead, his hands got wet with her tears. He then pushed her, but still got no response. Zhang Tie then became dumbfounded as he scratched his head, not knowing what to do.

    Should he just leave this woman who had vomited all over him here alone?

    Zhang Tie intended to ignore her, however, at the sight of her lying on the ground like this, he started to pity her.

    'Well, I will send her downstairs.'

    Zhang Tie's plan was not bad, however, the moment he wanted to pull the woman up, he remembered that his physical condition didn't allow him to pick that woman up. He could not even move such a heavy person by dragging her.

    In the end, Zhang Tie could only sigh. Squatting behind the woman, he lifted her upper body. After that, he pushed his hands below her armpits. With his hands crossed before the woman's breasts, he intended to drag her into his residence.

    Zhang Tie almost forgot that it was a woman instead of Huck or Snade. Although there was a layer of cloth between them, the soft and super plump touch of the woman's breasts made his heart pound. Zhang Tie hurriedly moved his hand lower and put them below her breasts, exerting his utmost effort to drag the woman beside the sofa in the parlor.

    Previously, he could carry half a ton of items for dozens of kilometers, but right now, he felt tired even after dragging a woman for a few steps.

    After getting her into the parlor and pushing hard with his hands and shoulders to place her onto the sofa, Zhang Tie was already oozing sweat all over from such a short exercise.

    Sitting down on the ground, he panted for a while. After that, he took off the woman's high-heeled shoes and closed the door. Deciding that the woman will not wake up any time soon, Zhang Tie went back to the washroom to clean his military uniform which was dirtied by the woman and hung it on the rack.

    It was almost 12 pm. by the time Zhang Tie finished washing his clothes. When he came back to the parlor, the woman was still sleeping soundly, so soundly that she even looked like she'd lost her consciousness.

    Zhang Tie carefully glanced over her-at the age of about 30 years, she was plump and tall, and worse a short skirt, shirt and a black ceremonial robe. With concave and convex parts, her figure was very charming. Additionally, she had a good features. Sleeping on the sofa, the woman was filled with a mature woman's lure, especially that pair of beautiful and glamorous breasts beneath a thin shirt which were really like those of Miss Daina.

    Zhang Tie's heart started to pound for no reason.

    At this time, it was a bit cold outside. Seemingly feeling the chill in the air, the woman started to tightly hug herself around the waist. Because of this instinctive movement, she almost popped her breasts out of the collar of her shirt.

    Zhang Tie then took a deep breath and moved his eyes away from the woman's sexy parts. After that, he returned to his bedroom and fetched a thick blanket to cover the woman's body. A bit later, her also threw some firewood into the fireplace in the parlor. He then poured pine oil on to the firewood and lit them. After a short while, the entire parlor warmed up.

    Zhang Tie had no experience in looking after drunk women. After checking everything in the parlor, he felt it was okay and returned to his bedroom, closing the door of his bedroom as he was used to. After the whole day long torture, Zhang Tie felt tired. He threw himself onto the bed and fell asleep.


    The next morning, he was woken up by a shrill scream. Hearing it, Zhang Tie quickly rushed out of his bedroom. When he came to the parlor, he found the woman kneeling down on the sofa, using his blanket to cover her crotch with an expression full of fear.

    "Who are you? Where am I? What did you do to me last night?"

    Seeing Zhang Tie coming out, the woman instantly became nervous and asked Zhang Tie the top three questions in her head.

    "I'm the tenant of Mr. and Mrs. Green's house of the fourth floor. This is my residence..." Zhang Tie felt his teeth aching. "I covered you with that blanket, so please don't respond like you've been raped. Don't cover there using my blanket as you're still wearing knickers. When you were drunk last night, you lay outside my door, even vomited on me. I dragged you inside. Don't you remember it?"

    With a sound of "Ah!", the woman immediately covered her mouth with her hand. She seemed to have recalled something. Although she was drunk last night, she didn't lose her memory. Putting down the blanket, she found that she was still wearing her clothes, including her knickers. The shrill scream and the movement of grabbing the blanket to cover her lower part were just an instinctive response of a woman who woke up to find herself in an unfamiliar place.

    "Sorry, sorry, I drunk too much last night. I'm afraid that I went one more floor upstairs by mistake last night..."

    After saying that, the woman's face blushed and she hurriedly escaped towards the door, having no face to stay here any more.

    The moment she opened the door of Zhang Tie's residence, she realized that she was bare-footed. With a "sorry", she hurriedly ran back to the sofa and lifted her shoes before running out.

    The moment she ran out, she found that her handbag was still on the table beside the sofa. With another "sorry", she hurriedly returned to take her handbag before leaving as fast as possible.

    With the third "sorry", she returned and got her key from the sofa.

    Zhang Tie was standing in pajamas in the parlor. Without saying anything, he just watched the woman going back and forth several times with her "sorry". It was his first time seeing a beautiful and mature woman in such an embarrassed state, therefore, he found it very interesting. In the end, he couldn't take it any more and burst out laughing. As a result, the misunderstanding due to being vomited all over by that woman last night immediately dispersed.

    Now that he had already gotten up, Zhang Tie didn't plan to go back to sleep again. It was his big day today.

    After he finished cleaning his face and teeth, he put on a set of average clothes and went out.

    He ate breakfast in a roadside restaurant. When he walked out of it, he saw Rabby, who had made a silver coin yesterday, playing with several kids in a nearby garden.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he took a silver coin from his pocket; tossing it in his hand, he walked towards them.

    The boy called Rabby noticed Zhang Tie walking towards them first, as well as the silver coin in his hand. Although seeing him in different clothes, the little boy could still remember Zhang Tie's appearance.

    "Sir, what can I do for you?" Rabby asked with his eyes fixed on Zhang Tie's shiny silver coin. A silver coin meant a great amount of money for a little boy.

    The other kids also ran over. With raised heads, they kept their eyes on that silver coin in Zhang Tie's hand as they forcefully swallowed their saliva.

    "I have some questions, the one whose answer satisfies me will have this silver coin!"

    The little boys nodded their heads repeatedly like chicks eating rice.

    "Do you know earthworms?"

    Everybody hurriedly nodded.

    "Do you know where can I buy earthworms?"

    All the little boys exchanged glances with each other while frowning their foreheads. They started to carefully think about it.

    "Earthworms? Does anyone sell such little things? I've never heard of it before!"

    "Sir..." After hesitating for a while, the little boy finally opened his mouth under the allure of the silver coin. "I've not heard about anyone selling earthworms in the whole of Blapei, but I know a place with a lot of earthworms!"


    Zhang Tie revealed an interested expression.

    "Last time when I went to my grandma's home with my mom, I saw a lot of earthworms. As my grandma lives in a rural area, many residents there tend to raise earthworms.

    'Someone raises earthworms!' This was really a surprise for Zhang Tie. Heart pounding, he calmly asked, "Is that true? What do they raise them for?"

    "They raise earthworms to feed chickens and ducks. My grandma told me that chickens and ducks grow very fast and lay better eggs after they eat earthworms!"

    "Where's your grandma's home?"

    "Right in the village called Chevli beside the small town Tonikas outside the city..."

    "Here's one silver coin!"

    Zhang Tie tossed that silver coin to that little boy who caught it with excitement.

    Zhang Tie had never imagined that he could be that thrilled when he heard the news that someone raised earthworms.

    He howled inside, 'Earthworms of Blapei, your savior's coming!'
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