Chapter 226: The Most Popular Person in Chevli

    Chapter 226: The Most Popular Person in Chevli

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    On an empty land outside the Chevli village were stacks of dried wheat straw. Many households' wheat straw stacks were piled here in bundles. They were like rolling mountains. Additionally, the sparse wheat straws covering the land looked like a thick carpet. Even if people jumped off from the top of the stacks, they would not get hurt. Therefore, this place also became the most natural and enjoyable children's playground in the Chevli village as a whole.

    In order to hide themselves well when they played the hide and seek game, the kids had emptied the bottoms of many tall wheat straw stacks. After blocking the entrances of the caves in them, one could sleep inside overnight.

    The insides of the wheat straw stacks were ventilated, warm, and very soft.

    The place where the wheat straws were piled was really a mini-maze in Chevli village.

    Certainly, not only kids liked it there, even Zhang Tie liked it too.

    At this moment, the sky was covered with stars. The kids in Chevly had just had supper after being called back home by their parents before dusk. They were preparing to play in groups outside.

    In the period between the kids being called back home to eat supper and them returning to play outside, the whole wheat straw drying field was vacant. During this over 2-h period, people could do a lot of things here.

    From the day before yesterday, Zhang Tie had fallen in love with this place.

    After setting free earthworms the first time, he passed by this wheat straws drying field. He saw Hanna with her two golden braids on his way. She was hiding behind a wheat straw stack, peeking out only with her head and silently waving her hand towards him, who was walking after her elder brother and another helper in the village.

    As the work today had been finished, Zhang Tie told the two helpers to go back first. He then found an excuse to take a rest around here. When they were far away, Zhang Tie stealthily moved to that wheat straws stack where Hanna was hiding.

    Pulling Zhang Tie's hand, she said nothing but walked around the field in circles before guiding him in front of a wheat straw stack. She then pulled away a bundle of wheat straws from below, revealing a hole. Pulling her skirt up, she gave him a smile as she lowered her body and crawled inside, followed by Zhang Tie.

    The moment Zhang Tie came in, Hanna's hot lips pasted onto his while her hands reached for his leather belt.

    As a man, of course, Zhang Tie didn't wait at all. The following thing was needless to mention.

    One lad and one maiden, staying alone, soon wrestled with each other.

    It was Zhang Tie's first time doing this in a wheat straw stack. He felt it very stimulative and full of fun.

    From that day onward, Zhang Tie also started to like these wheat straw stacks. At each dusk, Hanna would wait for him there. After he finished work each day, Zhang Tie would find an excuse to meet Hanna here like what he did that day.

    Zhang Tie couldn't remember how many times had Hanna started her contractive spasm, but he could remember that after each time they made love, the greater part of the undid and padded apron under her body would be wet. He was really amazed when he learned that a woman's apron had such a function.

    Each time when Hanna started to spasm, she would make shrill shrieks unconscioussly. Therefore, each time at this moment Zhang Tie would hurriedly kiss her lips.

    Zhang Tie also enjoyed this sense of spasm as he felt a sense of achievement both physically and mentally.

    This time, Hanna's spasm lasted as long as 3-4 minutes. Zhang Tie didn't move this time, instead, he just lay on Hanna's body and kissed her. Sucking Hanna's tongue, he could sense the coldness on her tongue's tip. Occasionally, he would move his d*ck which was in her body to make her quiver from excitement.

    Zhang Tie liked to see a woman losing her mind under him.

    Coming back from the paradise to the human world, Hanna could still feel the hardness of Zhang Tie's d*ck inside her body. At this moment, she was still soft all over. She had no more strength left while the apron under her was all wet and a bit swollen.

    She had not experienced this crazy thing before. From the first time, she had felt that Zhang Tie was like a weird beast who grew up more and more powerful in a crazy way as days passed. Each time she felt like she was torn to pieces by him. Whenever she thought of Zhang Tie's panting after he had used the spade while working for only two minutes, she would be certain that that bad guy must be pretending at that time.

    "Ha... have you ejected it?" Hanna gasped, face turning completely red.

    "You guess."

    Zhang Tie gave an obscene smile while moving his d*ck inside her body again, making Hanna's body quiver heavily.

    "Ah... could you stop? I know what you're waiting for. I knew it when you saw me for the first time. Don't lift my legs any more, put them down, please, they are already sore..."

    At this time, Hanna's skirt had been undid and been circled around her waist while her underwear were moved onto her knees. She was still wearing fine-heeled leather shoes, revealing a pair of snow-white legs. Her plump thighs were pressed by Zhang Tie to curl up close to each other. Zhang Tie then separated her legs and brought her knees against his chest.

    After that, Zhang Tie put down Hanna's legs.

    She then undid her skintight vest and moved it lower from her body. After that, she undid the buttons of the shirt under the vest and the front-button type corsage, exposing her huge and snow-white G-sized cup at once.

    Hanna pushed them using her hands and forced a deep plump a and soft ravine. After that, she cast an enchanting glance at Zhang Tie and bit his ear.

    "Come on, you scumbag, my sister-in-law taught me yesterday..."

    With shiny eyes, Zhang Tie then did more funny gestures...


    After twenty minutes, Zhang Tie was the first to walk out of the wheat straw stack with a refreshed look. Looking at the sky, he realized that they had played longer than yesterday. Like how she looked after milking the cow, this heifer was really gratified and was really good at milking.

    Face blushed, Hanna drilled out of the wheat straw stack too while arranging her dress.

    Zhang Tie then helped her to arrange her clothes and fastened the ropes on her vest.

    After picking the straws from the other's clothes and hair, they smield at each other.

    "Will you come here tomorrow?" Hanna asked, staring at Zhang Tie full of affection.

    "I have something to deal with in Blapei tomorrow, so I will come here the day after tomorrow!" Zhang Tie explained.

    Even though he was the Director of the No. 9 Equipment Administration of the Comprehensive Relief Branch of the Logistics Department of Iron-Horn Army, Zhang Tie had not went over to the plant for almost two weeks, since the first day after he had left the hospital. Additionally, the war was continuing on the frontline. Even if this was a leisurely position for retired officers, Zhang Tie still felt bashful being that lazy. He should go there and greet them at least.

    "Then I will wait for you here the day after tomorrow!"

    "Great!" Saying this, Zhang Tie suddenly thought of something. "What gift do you want, I'll bring it back for you from Blapei!"

    Inclining her head, Hanna thought for a moment. "Bring me a packet of beer yeast then. As the beer festival will arrive in a few days, by then, each girl in the village will display the beer they brewed themselves, but there didn't seem to be enough beer yeast at home, so just buy one packet for me!"


    They then kissed before the wheat straw stack and stealthily departed from each other in different directions.

    Now that it was a clandestine love affair, they were both very careful.


    Only a few minutes after Zhang Tie left the wheat straw stack, before he walked out of the Chevli village, he encountered old Harley who was looking for Hanna.

    The moment he caught sight of Zhang Tie, old Harley became stunned. "Zhang Tie, have you seen Hanna..."

    "No... no!" Zhang Tie stammered out, unconfident like a thief.

    "Why do you leave so late?" Old Harley gazed at Zhang Tie with a dubious look.

    "Uhm... I was a bit tired today... after the work, I took a rest. When I woke up, it was already somewhat late! Hanna should be in the village or with her friends. No more chit-chat, it's hard to walk in the night. I have to go back!"

    Zhang Tie hurriedly escaped.

    Looking at Zhang Tie's anxious look, old Harley had a feeling of something wrong...


    After setting the earthworms free, Zhang Tie had lingered with Hanna for more than two hours before returning to Tonikas town alone in the evening. After a casual supper in some hotel, he finally found a horse taxi to drive him back to the rental estate.

    Today, Zhang Tie came back after 11 o'clock pm, later than usual. By now, all the people on the first and the second floor had fallen asleep. In order to not disturb them, Zhang Tie quietly moved upstairs.


    "Linda, as I sent you back, why not invite me in to have a cup of coffee?"

    The moment Zhang Tie moved on to the second floor, he heard the voice of a middle-aged man from the third floor.

    'F*ck, you want to drink a cup of coffee in her residence at such a late time, I think you motherf*cker want her to drink your milk!'

    Hearing that voice, Zhang Tie immediately understood what was happening. It was very normal and had nothing to do with Zhang Tie. He only felt that the man was a bit hypocritical.

    "No... it's a bit too late, thanks for sending me back. I'm a bit uncomfortable. See you!"

    The woman, who lived on the third floor, obviously knew what the man was thinking about. So after a slight hesitation, she refused his wish to "drink a cup of coffee".

    "Are you uncomfortable? What's wrong? Let me see!" the man asked in an anxious voice.

    "No need, I drank too much. I'll be okay after a rest... ah!"

    When Zhang Tie arrived at the third floor, he saw a man in tidy clothes hugging the woman who lived in the residence on the third floor in the dim stairwell. The woman was struggling in resistance, grabbing that man's hand to stop him from fumbling all over her body. At the same time, she inclined her head to avoid being kissed by him as well.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's footsteps, the man and the woman both stopped. At the sight of him, that woman seemed to become a bit embarrassed while the man older than forty frowned.

    As it had nothing to do with him, Zhang Tie just pretended to ignore them. After a casual glance over them, he went directly upstairs.

    The man stared at Zhang Tie, but after realizing that he just lived up the stairs, he relaxed and started to fumble again.

    When Zhang Tie arrived at the fourth floor and prepared to open the door of his own residence, the man downstairs became more presumptuous.

    "Ah... no... let me go, if not, I'll call the police..." the woman older than thirty exclaimed.

    "Linda, I love you. Once you promise to be my woman, I can delay the debt of your distillery..."

    The man started to gasp.

    "Ah... haven't you agreed to delay it for me at the table!"

    The woman still struggled to get out of his grasp.

    "It depends on your performance tonight. Don't pretend to be a goddess any more. I know that women like you only want more benefits at the critical moment. Once you promise to be my mistress and make me comfortable on the bed later on, then, nothing is a problem..."

    The man's voice became increasingly more anxious while the sound of their clothes moving about became louder. "Do... do you know, Linda, since the first time I saw you, I wanted to crazily f*ck you. At the sight of your little mouth, I wanted to make you kneel down in front of me and lick my pole. If you make me comfortable tonight, nothing is a problem later on..."

    Besides more crazy movements, the man's words became more foul...


    The woman smacked the man. Soon after, her mouth was blocked by something, and she started weepign. With a sound of "Hua...", her clothes were torn to pieces.

    Previously, as Zhang Tie had felt it had nothing to do with him, he planned to ignore it. However, at this moment when he inserted his key into the door, he couldn't stand it any more. He turned and rapidly went downstairs to the third floor.

    When Zhang Tie arrived at the third floor, the man had already forced the woman to a corner of the stairwell. With one hand covering her mouth, he pinched her neck with his other hand. Part of her clothes had been torn open. Evidently, the man was going to use force to conquer her.

    Zhang Tie instantly rushed forward and pinched the vein on the man's neck, dragging him off from the woman's body. Being pinched in a certain location on his neck, the man immediately felt dizzy and unconscioussly let go of the woman.

    After setting the earthworms free for one week, Zhang Tie had already become as healthy as a normal person and had some strength. Plus, with his rich experience in killing people on the battlefield, the man wasn't even able to resist before being thrown to the ground.

    He instantly became dizzy and didn't realize what had happened until ten more seconds passed. Before he could open his mouth, Zhang Tie, who had killed numerous people when he was in the Iron-Blood Camp, smacked him, having no wish to waste time talking to such a man. He then kept smacking the two sides of his face for more than ten times. The 40-odd man's face was soon turned into a pig-head covered with blood.

    "If I see you again, I'll chop you to pieces and feed the dogs on the street."

    Flustered, the man looked at Zhang Tie, who was filled with killing intent formed by killing numerous people on the battlefield. Even if he was not as sharp as before, once with a solemn face, he could still present a terrifying strength to others.

    The man couldn't speak any more, so instead he just nodded.

    Zhang Tie then gave him a fierce kick. "Piss off!".

    The man then tumbled downstairs in a very embarrassed way. He even fell down on as it was dark there. Like a ball, he kept rolling to the second floor before escaping outside. He didn't even dare to look back.

    Not until the man escaped away did Zhang Tie turn back and look at the woman who was standing outside her door on the third floor, hands on her corsage that had been torn open.

    "Are you okay?" Zhang Tie mildly asked.

    "Thank you!" the woman replied in a low voice, half of her body in the shadow.

    Zhang Tie couldn't see clearly her expression, but the curve below her waist under the fluorite lamp was really seductive, to the point that he even wanted to commit a crime.

    The woman was wearing a super short skintight skirt with scattered small flowers and plants, under which was a pair of slim legs. Additionally, she was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes. All this exposed her mature and sexy figure at once.

    'No wonder that man became a beast!' Zhang Tie mumbled inside. If it was him who had sent such a woman home at the midnight, he might not have been able to stop himself from being impulsive outside her door either.

    "Have a good rest then! If he comes here to find you trouble later, just call me!"

    After casting another glance at her, Zhang Tie went upstairs.

    Not until she heard Zhang Tie opening his own door and entering his residence that the woman who was curling in the shadow pulled out her key and open her own door.

    On that day, because she was drunk and the fluorite lamp in the stairwell was a bit dim, after vomiting on Zhang Tie's clothes, she could not remember how he looked in a military uniform. She thought of him as a kid, but at this moment, his brutality, real strength and righteousness that were far greater than that of an average 15-16 youth totally subverted his image in her mind.

    When she thought back to that scene of her sleeping in Zhang Tie's residence and escaping from his parlor with embarassment, as well as his taunting loud laugh as he stood wearing a night robe, the woman had a weird feelign towards Zhang Tie.

    When he entered his residence, Zhang Tie took a bath first before entering the Castle of Black Iron. After eating today's Fruit of Redemption from earthworms' appreciation, his total recovery was 15.8%, a bit more than yesterday. Now, Zhang Tie had finally reached the healthy state of a 15-old youth he was before he gained the Castle of Black Iron. Although he had no great strength, thankfully, he was a normal person at least.

    --The system has detected that the physical condition of Castle Lord has recovered to the minimal physical condition that can bear the impact of Trouble-Reappearance Fruit. Therefore, the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit is available now.

    This news was definitely the best gift Zhang Tie had received today. He burst out into loud laughter.

    After that, he cultivated his spiritual energy in the Castle of Black Iron for awhile and formed another "binding chain". He then felt a bit tired, so he went back to his bedroom and had a good night's sleep.


    At midnight, Zhang Tie was woken up by a loud sound that could shock the entire Blapei. He hurriedly came to the parlor and pulled away the curtain, catching sight of a place in the south of Blapei. Over there, flames were leaping to the sky, half of it already dyed red. Zhang Tie could barely remember that that place was an important logistics warehouse of Blapei...

    Later on, a shrill air-defense alert started to reverberate across Blapei.

    Dumbfounded, Zhang Tie gazed at the flaring flames in the horizon and that looming airship above the flames. A question flashed across his mind, 'Was that loud sound the legendary explosion?'

    Ever since he was born, this was Zhang Tie's first time seeing an explosion.
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