Chapter 230: Crisis in Paradise

    Chapter 230: Crisis in Paradise

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    In the next few days, Zhang Tie lived a tranquil life. Although the atmosphere was still intense in Blapei, he felt that it had basically nothing to do with him. He was almost a "disabled man" now who was just doing nothing on a post in the Logistics Department while that job of chasing after fleeing saboteurs had nothing to do with him.

    With this mentality, Zhang Tie didn't feel restless at all. However, he didn't know that since he had not completely recovered, his sense for danger being close to him was not as sharp as before.

    Zhang Tie didn't perceive any danger drawing close to him. In Chevli, he was still the most popular person. Each day, after setting the earthworms free, he would go to the wheat straws drying site to have a hot kiss with Hanna before returning to his rental estate downtown.

    Using the special output function of the Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie only spent a bit of basic energy storage, aura value points, and merit value points before producing a packet of aura value yeast powder and gifting it to Hanna. The content of each indicator in that packet of yeast powder was only one third of the original content. Because Zhang Tie didn't know whether it would bring trouble if he took out the complete yeast, he only took out an abridged version. But even though he did that, it was still unique.

    With the exception of yeast powder, Zhang Tie also sent a small gift to Hanna. Based on his style, like how he had sent gifts to the girls of the Rose Association, this small gift also worked well at the critical moment, which could also capture girl's heart.

    He gifted Hanna with a pair of beautiful gold bracelets heavier than 200 grams that he bought in a jewelry store in Blapei. Hanna's skin was white and smooth, additionally, she was more plump than average girls. Zhang Tie felt that she should be more beautiful in this pair of bracelets as there was a sharp color difference between the gold and her skin, so he bought it. No matter what, Zhang Tie didn't lack money. If he was killed in a battle like that night's bloody fight one day, what would his remaining money be used for? For buying himself a cemetery?

    Only by spending all the money he had to satisfy his beloved ones could it be meaningful. Otherwise, there was no difference between a kilogram of gold coins and a kilogram of iron sheets.

    When Hanna received that pair of gold bracelets in that secret space under the wheat straw stack, she cried. Seeing such a sunny girl crying for the first time, Zhang Tie was so scared that he hurriedly comforted her for quite a while before managing to stop her tears. Hanna told Zhang Tie that even if she married someone later, she would not receive such expensive betrothal presents. This pair of bracelets could already be her family heirloom in the future.

    "If you take this pair of bracelets to propose to me in my home, I'm sure, my parents would very willingly take you as a son-in-law to bear the bride's family name, although you don't seem like able to work harder than my elder brother in the fields..." Hanna said.

    However, after saying this, before Zhang Tie could open his mouth, she had already giggled as she supported his face and kissed him, putting it straightforwardly and honestly, "However, I know you won't stay too long in Blapei. From the first day I saw you, I already knew that you were not meant for this kind of farming work.

    "But I am doomed to live here. It's impossible for you and me to stay together forever. Since the first time when we started carrying on with this clandestine love affair, I've know that you must have a lot of women. Perhaps your women are waiting for you back home or maybe you like to thrust your bad thing into different women's bodies to conquer them. You want to let them beg forgiveness in front of you and heavily f*ck them so that they can obediently kneel down before you to drink your milk like me. Is it true or not, my little man?"

    Hearing the words "little man", Zhang Tie's d*ck became so hard that it instantly became crazy. When he entered Hanna's body, he hadn't even taken off his pants. He just raised her skirt violently and pressed her onto the wheat straw stack. The next moment he pushed away her underwear and revealed her vagina. With Hanna's exclamations, a crazy storm arrived...

    That day, Hanna cried twice: once for her soul being moved and once for having collapsed physically.

    However, since that day onward, Hanna and Zhang Tie had carried out their clandestine love affair in a braver way. She usually stimulated Zhang Tie with the words like "little man", after which he always became rude and violent.

    Zhang Tie liked that stimulation and excitement brought by the clandestine love affair between him and Hanna. He usually immersed in the limitless pleasure brought by her body. Additionally, when Hanna brought him pleasure, she also touched the most hidden side of their love affair.

    Since he heard the appellation "little man" which triggered his passion on that day, each time they stayed with each other, Hanna would always stimulate Zhang Tie's nerves and tap the hidden source of excitement in his inner heart. From this, Hanna seemed to obtain the greatest pleasure and an unspeakable satisfaction.

    If the girls of the Rose Association and Pandora, Beverly, and Alice had slightly opened one door inside Zhang Tie's body, Hanna had completely pushed it open.

    In this average village, Zhang Tie felt that he was living in an absolute paradise these days. When he set the earthworms free, saw them drill into the soil and avoid becoming fodder, he really felt energy converging in his body. It immediately made him feel like he was filled with pleasure and lightness both mentally and physically. He felt like he was taking a bath in a river of pleasure, which made each of his cells cheer up, bringing him a sense of new birth.

    That was the pleasure from the earthworms which was transferred to him, making him cheer up through a mysterious link pattern.

    Whether it was a pleasure from setting the earthworms free or from staying with Hanna, Zhang Tie felt cool physically and mentally and had an impulse to immerse himself into it and never change.

    Everyday, he would try his best to set free earthworms, take off his pants to f*ck a woman, and go back home to eat fruits. Such a life made Zhang Tie feel like living in a paradise. He thought that this might be the right lifestyle that people should have-redemption, pleasure, recovery and growth everyday. To please both oneself and others and to not harm anyone, isn't such a life better than the life full of intrigues and plots?

    Go to hell, motherf*cking Kalur; go to hell, motherf*cking war!

    In this happiness, Zhang Tie's wounds were rapidly recovering. Soon, his wounds had recovered by about one fifth, reaching 21.8% of his original physical condition. Although the strength of his burning points and his hidden strength of the Iron-Blood Fist skill were still not available, the effects of the numerous Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits that he had eaten could already slightly be seen. At this moment, Zhang Tie's strength had almost reached that of LV 2 Glaze...

    "Is there a mature woman who's much older than you in your heart? She's tall with plump breasts and buttocks. She's very womanly and might be the senior in your life. She's your teacher, right?"

    Today, after making love, when the two put on clothes in the wheat straw stack, Hanna who was buttoning on her bras suddenly asked Zhang Tie.

    Hearing Hanna's presumption, Zhang Tie became abruptly dumbfounded, stopping midway putting on his pants. With an amazed expression, he stared at Hanna.

    "How did you know?"

    "Each time I treat you as a kid these days, you want to prove yourself to me. At that time, you would always use more strength when grabbing my breasts and butt. You would try to grab me as a whole and would f*ck me forcefully. Today you wanted to prove it more than before..."

    Hanna pointed at several marks left by Zhang Tie's hands on her plump breasts, which were caused soon after she said, "little man, come for your teacher",so today, Zhang Tie had become more barbarous than before.

    'Are women born to be psychologists? How could she think of this?'

    After being dumbfounded for quite a while, Zhang Tie became bashful and forced a smile. "I'm sorry, I don't know how could I become like this, is it painful now?"

    Hanna shook her head and smiled.

    "It doesn't matter, you're just taking me as that woman in your sub-consciousness. I also like this..." Hanna replied, squatting on the straws.

    When she finished putting on her corsage, she grabbed Zhang Tie's mummy and swam her little golden fish around it. After that, she put it in her mouth, forcefully sucking and spitting several times. After that, she helped Zhang Tie put his pants back with a giggle and pulled up the zipper. She then slightly patted it.

    "You bad thing, you most like to f*ck those mature women, right? I'll show you something next time!"

    Being stimulated like this by Hanna, Zhang Tie almost could not stand it. However, as it was a bit late now, he held it in. Besides, Zhang Tie remembered something.

    "Oh, I almost forgot it, do any people in your village want to lease their house?"

    "What? Do you want to rent a house in our village?"

    Hanna cast a weird eye at Zhang Tie before she quickly put away the apron that was spread on the ground.

    "Yes, I feel like I'm wasting so much time on the way from the downtown to your village. I want to buy all the earthworms in your village and since there're many households queuing up, I have to come to your village everyday, which is too troublesome. I'd better just live here and go back to the downtown once a week from then on!"

    After coming and going many times, Zhang Tie decided that he was a bit foolish. Why make it this troublesome? Why not just rent a room here in Chevli? Given the recovery of his body, Zhang Tie felt that he had to come here quite often. If he rented out a room here, it would not be necessary for him to spent a couple hours each day traveling back and forth. More so, it would not even cost him a gold coin to rent a house for a year here.

    Hanna rolled her eyes in a witty way. "I can find you a house, but what's your reward?"

    "Isn't this enough?"

    Not knowing what Hanna was thinking, Zhang Tie felt very funny and forcefully pinched her butt twice.

    "Of course not enough, I want you to give me a gift!" she said like a spoiled child.

    "What gift?"

    Zhang Tie became a bit curious. He knew that Hanna was not a greedy woman. As long as they've been staying together, unless he took the initiative, she had never asked for anything before; it was Hanna's first time asking him for a gift.

    "You can buy me a set of clothes that your favorite woman always liked to wear," she whispered in his ear, exhaling.

    Hearing her words, Zhang Tie was dumbfounded. He had never imagined that she might want this.

    "All right!"


    When he left Chevli once again, Zhang Tie was still recalling Hanna's requirement. After Hanna let him know that he likes most those mature and much older sexy women, Zhang Tie also realized that she had some weird hobbies of her own these days. When she made love with Zhang Tie, she seemed to treat him as any other person while fantasizing some scenes. The more rude he became, the happier she would be.

    Hanna let Zhang Tie understand that perhaps everybody had a bit weird and utterly different thoughts about sex. He liked mature women while Hanna liked weird fantasies. Zhang Tie wondered whether those sanctimonious people liked some even weirder things or not.


    Zhang Tie walked alone on the country lane from Chevli to Tonikas this time. Although he hadn't been familiar with the route when he came here some time ago, now, he could already return even in darkness.

    As there were not many plants and chimneys, the sky of Blapei in the evening was more resplendent than that in Blackhot City. In a nice mood, Zhang Tie whistled as he walked on the country lane alone, thinking some weird thoughts inside. He was trying to recall in which set of clothes Miss Daina looked most beautiful. After carefully thinking it over a couple times, Zhang Tie still couldn't decide as Miss Daina was always the most beautiful no matter what she wore.

    'What kind of clothes should I gift Hanna?'

    Zhang Tie was puzzled by this problem. That goblin must be thinking of playing some tricks. However, thinking of the pleasures that Hanna brought him, Zhang Tie's heart pounded. No matter whether it was sprinting by embracing her butt or riding on her to enjoy a special tenderness, Zhang Tie would always feel that Hanna made him more comfortable and excited with her more mature tenderness than the girls of the Rose Association or Alice, Beverly, and Pandora.

    While he was considering what kind of clothes he could send to Hanna, an image of a woman in a skintight skirt and high-heeled boots, full of temptation, suddenly appeared in Zhang Tie's mind. She was feeling helpless, and was covering her breasts while standing in the shadow.

    It was the female tenant who had vomited on Zhang Tie the first time she saw him. She lived on the third floor of Mr. and Mrs. Green's house.

    The moment he thought back to that mature and alluring woman, the 15-year old mummy suddenly became hard again. Hanna was right. He liked most those mature women who were much older than him as they were extremely attractive to him. He didn't know whether all male adolescents thought so or not.

    A person seemed to be sitting on the roadside up ahead. That person who looked like a farmer was groaning, hugging his feet. He seemed to be suffering from a wound on his feet.

    Walking closer, Zhang Tie didn't think too much about it. He just paused for a second before directly walking towards him, squatting down. "Hi, do you need help?"

    That person then turned and stared at Zhang Tie with no pain in his expression. When Zhang Tie felt that something was not right, that person suddenly revealed a thin pipe in his mouth. Soon after that, a needle blew out from that fine pipe. Before Zhang Tie could make any response, he felt that his neck was stung. Moments later, heavy sense of dizziness attacked him like a huge wave. Squatting on the ground, Zhang Tie swayed twice before falling down.

    "Come on, we got him!" that farmer said in a low voice.

    A moment before he passed out, Zhang Tie saw people rushing out of the reeds next to the roadside and walking towards him.

    Motherf*ckers, I did nothing these days, whom have I offended...

    An irresistible darkness suddenly attacked him.

    Zhang Tie was put into a bag and hefted up. The group of people then quickly disappeared from the country lane.

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